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Consultancy Project Proposal template Assignment Sample

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Consultancy Project Proposal template Assignment Sample


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Project Description

Offices of marketing firms are often known for their high levels of activity. It's as near to an assembly process as one can get to creating and administering marketing strategies for one customer after another. Workers at numerous companies are not unusual to stay late or skip their lunch break (Judge, Zhang and Glerum, 2020). By necessity, digital marketing professions are creative ones. When one is generating the content, whether it's verbal, visual or video or collaborative, he or she is doing it for the audience (Berliana, Siregar and Gustian, 2018). It is also possible to go outside the box when it comes to how they promote the material, goods or services. It can be said that the profession demands excessive focus and sometimes can get extremely hectic. Multiple factors such as ambience, authority, organizational approach, benefits and work nature all contribute or regulate the professional satisfaction levels of the individuals. Job satisfaction is a crucial aspect that needs proper identification and evaluation in terms of its relevancy and importance (Ali and Anwar, 2021). Especially in dynamic industries like digital marketing, job contentment is highly prioritized considering the demand for a consistent and driven workforce. Thus, this research will attempt to bring out these factors affecting or influencing job satisfaction in a comprehensive manner.


With headquarters in Belfast, Dublin, London, and Glasgow, Loud Mouth Media has won several awards since its inception in 2011. The Loud Mouth Media team focuses on digital marketing strategy, searching, SEO, display ads, multimedia, social advertising, e-commerce, and performance creativity.  In addition to offices in Belfast, Dublin, London, and Glasgow, Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award-winning performance marketing firm. In the UK and Ireland, they are in the top three per cent of Google Premier Partners.

Core Literature

Uyun, A., Sekarhati, D.K.S., Ibrahim, M.Y.D., Lusa, S., Sensuse, D.I., Safitri, N. and Elisabeth, D., 2020, September. Investigation of Job Satisfaction and Worker Performance on Digital Business Company. In 2020 3rd International Conference on Computer and Informatics Engineering (IC2IE) (pp. 330-335). IEEE.

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Aim and objectives

The research will attempt to understand the factors that affect job satisfaction in the context of Loud Mouth Media.

To understand the importance of job satisfaction

To realize the aspects of job satisfaction in the dynamic industrial context

To identify the factors affecting job satisfaction in the company context of Loud Mouth Media

To rationalize whether job satisfaction establish relevancy in work performance enhancement

Methodology and Data Resources

The research will be conducted by using the mixed method approach (Pandey and Pandey, 2021). This research will be carried out by both primary qualitative and quantitative methods

Data Collection Approach

The primary qualitative data will be collected from an interview conducted among 3 HR managers at Loud Mouth Media and the primary quantitative data will be collected from a survey among 30 employees at the company.

Data Analysis Approach and Methods

In order to analyse the data, the thematic analysis technique will be applied in this research (Snyder, H., 2019).

Ethical Considerations

Ethical consideration refers to the set of rules that are adhered to while conducting research. This research will comply with the set standards of norms and conducts to assure that no non-consensual data or non-agreed participation is encouraged.

Referencing system to be used

Judge, T.A., Zhang, S.C. and Glerum, D.R., 2020. Job satisfaction. Essentials of job attitudes and other workplace psychological constructs, 207, p.241.

Ali, B.J. and Anwar, G., 2021. An Empirical Study of Employees’ Motivation and its Influence Job Satisfaction. Ali, BJ, & Anwar, G.(2021). An Empirical Study of Employees’ Motivation and its Influence Job Satisfaction. International Journal of Engineering, Business and Management, 5(2), pp.21-30.

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Pandey, P. and Pandey, M.M., 2021. Research methodology tools and techniques. Bridge Center.

Snyder, H., 2019. Literature review as a research methodology: An overview and guidelines. Journal of business research, 104, pp.333-339.

Confirmation of Originality

Please confirm that this project and the final report will be your own work and will not be copied, written by another or plagiarised. Should this be suspected, the work will be referred to the University of Chichester in line with item 8E of the Academic Regulations.

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