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Introduction To Health And Social Care Assignment Sample

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Introduction To Health And Social Care Assignment Sample


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Assessment 1

Concept and role of marketing in the 21st century

According to Ocado& s annual report, the demand for online groceries is facing numerous challenges in the 21st century. The supply chain of the organization is able to develop business growth by utilizing knowledge and innovation. In order to improve the proportion value of a business is necessary which is launch three new warehouses in 2021. The product and launch of joint ventures of Ocado attract almost 98% of existing customers. The driving strategies are necessary for the business growth of Ocado, which is to increase the basic demand for online groceries (Ocadogroup.com, 2022). In order to, maximize the efficiency level of business includes innovation and which is abv to meet key business objectives. Although Ocado group operates business in Spain, French, Canada and England it is necessary to develop business demand for the existing customers.

The concept of innovation is mandatory which is attract almost 98% of existing customers in the business. The innovative business technology increases the efficiency level of business which is meet key objectives of a business. As a junior marketing analyst marketing development is a major goal that is initiated through the test trials. Gathering potential information which is necessary to identify the role of competitors by conducting an analysis of their price methods and sales. The key business areas are following some important rules which are necessary to develop an organizational concept (Karimova, 2020). Ocado's retail division has the following tactical approaches which are mandatory to increase sales volume and contribute to its success. In 21st-century marketing, roles are totally following to develop key business trends to maximize the overall business process. The main role of a marketing department is to conduct management campaign for marketing initiatives with monitoring and managing social media. Producing internal communications are also integrated by the marketing department in a large manner.

Marketing functions in the supermarket

A clear aim and objectives are followed by the Ocado group which is continuously transforming the industry by creating innovative experiences. A more efficient and easier stage of evaluation has been followed by the company and increasing digital market of business. Ocado Group is the world& s biggest online grocery platform and almost 98% of customers are attracted due to develop a supermarket chain business. Customer experience depends on the superior and sustainable supply chain of the market. Knowledge and understanding are necessary to maximize business efficiency, which is improving the opening performance of the business (Azharet al. 2019). The term mission, vision, a strategy of the business is followed by the Ocado group which creates a wider performance level for the business. The marketing functions are necessary to achieve business success and create a wider business performance. Identifying the customer's needs is necessary which is creating positive support for the company. 

Renew marketing e-magazine and blog post is introducing to the younger audience which is easily develop selling proportion with an exciting career pathway. The unique knowledge and understanding of individual people are necessary and the company also provides possible services to their individual audience (Sattlegger, 2021). Clear mission, vision and business goals are necessary to increase customer satisfaction and innovation is the biggest opportunity to attract individual customers. The tangible advantages are necessary which are involved in the innovation and improve customers' experience. Corporate responsibility always focuses on stakeholders' engagement process and Ocado group provides unique services to their potential customers. Strategic approaches are necessary for the business and Ocado group continuously improve shopping experience of individual customers. As the biggest online grocery platform always focuses on a business solution that is necessary for the customer engagement process.

Key trends in the retail sector and marketing role

Personalized experience in the web shop and contributing products to the lowest rate involves tailor-made solutions to potential customers. Real-time control of the business is necessary, which is adopted by important approaches and easily enhances the sales volume of the business. In order to, identify the marketing impact on the business, innovative planning is necessary and Ocado retail has the following innovative strategy which is necessary to increase the sales volume of the business (Grewal et al. 2018). The aspect of the machine learning process is important and focuses on the innovative business process. Identifying the competitive strategy of the business is essential which is involved in a clear-cut decision-making process. The company continuous focusing on maintaining accuracy which is necessary to identify and involve business growth. The quick development process is involved by the management which is need to be more efficient to achieve business goals. 

Key trends of Ocado Group easily identify marketing impact in UK market and marketing strategies are following how business is contributing to their individual customers. Sometimes tactical business approaches are extended the sales volume of the market which improves the succession plan of the business. Global changes as well as improving payment platform economics is an important key strategy which is followed by Ocado Group. Innovative marketing strategies are necessary and are followed by the company to attract potential customers into the business. The prevailing tendency is the current trend which is followed by the company which is attracting new customers to meet their goals. Understanding the requirement of potential customers is essential and is considered a micro-trend of the business (Rust, 2020). Business trends are a major part to identify accurate directions of the business and technical analysis trends is highlighted new mobility as well as climate changes in the business. Hence the key trends promote a positive impact on the marketing role and other departments in the division of Ocado retail by making improvement in their business operation in a large way.

Compare the extended marketing mix

Developing problem-solving factors in the business as well as an effective decision-making process is allowed by the transferable skills which are necessary for the business. The extended marketing mix is involved by 7P& s model which includes price, promotion, place, people, product, process, and physical evidence. Marketing mix helps in analysing the marketing scenario which can help the company to fulfil its accomplishment in a quick time. Promoting a brand or product into the market marketing mix is necessary to identify competitors' objectives and the marketing mix is important to set action plans against competitors (Hanssens et al. 2018). A marketing mix is necessary to improve decision-making plans and set action plans against difficulties. Sainsbury is the biggest competitor of Ocado group which is considered as second largest supermarket in the United Kingdom (sainsbury.co.uk, 2022). The marketing strategy of Sainsbury has the following efficient approaches which involve 14.9% shares of the supermarket sector.

Another close competitor is Tesco Plc which is considered a multinational grocery and the third largest retailer in the world (Tescoplc.com, 2022). Sometimes customers' needs are rapidly changed due to innovative strategies and most of the customers are diverted to another brand due to changes in the business. Ocado Group has followed a lower pricing strategy in the business and maintains promotional business activities. Marketing mix refers to setting an action plan against the competitors and promoting companies brand image. The marketing mix refers to the foundation model which is necessary to identify the business strategy of major competitors. The “type of product also dictates in part how much it will cost, where it should be placed, and how it should be promoted. In few cases, business decision-makers may raise the price of a product to give it the appearance of luxury or exclusivity”. On the other hand they may lower the price so more consumers will try it as per their demand.

There are four important elements such as price, promotion, product and place and the promotional activity of the business is depending on that (Marcial, 2021). A controllable business process is important which is followed by the marketing mix and development of the brand image of the company.

Evaluate marketing strategies and tactical approaches adopted by the business

Individual companies can easily achieve marketing goals and objectives due to tactical approaches. A marketing mix is necessary to identify customer demand by conducting social media campaigns. In order to, achieve a succession plan for the business is necessary which is fulfilling the demand of each customer and also generated a market target which is almost £9 billion. The continuous succession plan of Sainsbury also follows a marketing mix strategy which is necessary to identify the future opportunity of the core business. A marketing strategy ensures an efficient business process at every stage (Camilleri, 2018). Prevention and intervention are the important tactical approaches that are followed by the company to ensure potential customers meet their requirements.

Promotion as well as restorative, are considered tactical approaches which are followed by the company to meet the demand of their potential customers. Tactical ideas are important which is achieve business objectives by involving tactical business planning. Marketing strategies represents the upgradation of the norm through which it can be readily evaluated as per the requirement.

Meet various business objectives succession plan of the business is mandatory which is involved adopting tactical approaches to business. Each business organization are following different types of tactical approaches which is important to meet customers' requirements (Moisanderet al. 2018). Interpretive tactical approaches are followed by the company to meet business requirements and are also useful to contribute to succession plans in the business. Digital innovation is necessary to enhance the brand image of the company and tactical approaches are improving the business processes. Marketing strategy is another way to meet the potential requirements of the business which is necessary to meet customers' requirements. Sometimes short-term tactical approaches are played an innovative role to meet companies' long-term goals and objectives. There are some major steps such as planning, decisions making which are fulfilling strategic business goals and objectives. 

Assessment 2

1. Strategic marketing plans link with the business organization

Organizational mission, objectives and corporate strategy are involved in the strategic marketing plan which is linked with efficient planning. There is a key difference between marketing and corporate strategy which is to provide clear direction to fulfil the business requirements of the organization. In order to, increase sales volume by maintaining competitive business advantages is necessary to meet sustainable business requirements (Morgan et al. 2019). Ocado group is focusing on interpretive marketing research to identify future difficulties of business. A business plan is included in a marketing plan to achieve sustainable business requirements.

2. Marketing research to support new product line launches

Marketing research is played a major role during new product launching and makes positive support by analyzing important business issues. The company will be identifying the market position, and unique proportion value as well as determining marketing strategy is essential during new product launching. In order to, identify the major roles of different marketing campaigns is necessary to monitor the product lifecycle before launching a new product in the market (Pauwels et al. 2018). Sales promotion is also an important goal of new product launching and marketing research also finds out major business difficulties.

3. Situational analysis

Marketing audit

A marketing audit is played a comprehensive role which is improving the marketing environment of a business. Internal as well as the external business process of Ocado Group is connected by the specific purpose and also improves organizational performance. 

PESTLE analysis

5C analysis

There are important five steps in this section such as sort, set in order, standardize, shine and sustain. In order to, identify the necessary elements of business are considered by the 5C by setting up clear objectives of a business.

SWOT analysis

Competitor analysis

Specific analysis examines the features of individual competitors depends on the pricing range, strength and product or services.

Articulation of new product

Targeting, segmentation as well as positioning rationale is necessary, which are involved in accurate product articulation. Individual customers of are easily trust marketing strategies that are involved in the accurate articulation of products.

5. Develop marketing strategies to extend the marketing mix

Effective marketing strategies are necessary which is set clear goals and objectives of the business. In order to, develop marketing strategies for business is mandatory to determine unique selling proportion. An extended marketing mix is identified competitors' strategies and easily fulfils customers' requirements (Dost et al. 2019). Ocado Group has applied a marketing strategy by using a marketing mix through developing sustainability products, which will be enhancing customer satisfaction.

6. Marketing budget including allocation

A budget allocation is an important chart that is necessary to identify the spending money of a business. Budget preparation, approval, execution and evaluation are major elements of the budget cycle. The actual capital is almost £25642 and budget capital are almost £25000 and the variance is around £642. The difference between the total receipt is around £3032, which is included in the capital and sales. [Referred to appendix 1]

7. Tactical action

is those leads who are achieving business goals and objectives by using strategic choice. Tactical planning and decision-making process are involved by the tactical approaches which will be applied by the company to identify future opportunities for business. Most business organizations are focused on tactical approaches which are able to meet business requirements (Kunrath et al. 2018). Tactical action is necessary to meet business requirements. Tactical action is defined as long-term business goals and objectives and tactics are always focusing on concentrating on future opportunities. Hence plastic packaging will be removed in order to maintain sustainability of the product through using advance technology with the aim to improve quality of life.

8. Control and monitoring to achieve marketing objectives

Return on marketing investment are the contribution of profit that is attributable to the market. In order to calculate the investment return of the business, it depends on the product line which is divided by the marketing cost. Marketing expenses are common and calculating generated income from the individual campaign is calculated marketing expenses.

Customer lifetime value is measured by business experts and generated revenue of the business depends on CLV. Contributed net profit of a business depends on the relationship with the customers and understanding of the primary matrix are depending on the particular factor. There is a key difference between marketing and corporate strategy which is to provide clear direction to fulfil the business requirements of the organization.

Assessment 3

Media budget

Slide 1

A media budget is an estimation of companies' promotional expenditure over the actual time period. Brand profit situation, as well as margin rates, are necessary which is calculated by the media budget. A media budget in marketing is necessary which is calculated the spending money for advertising purposes (Le Quéréet al. 2018). The spending money of the business is calculated by the media budget and which is necessary to describe the total income or expenses of the business.

Slide 2

Set a realistic budget is involved by the marketing budget which is necessary to identify and monitor spending money. Ocado retail also follows the budget process to calculate the differences between actual expenses and the budget cost of the elements (Rogeljet al. 2019). A budget-making process is important to identify the spending money and that can able to formulate individual marketing campaigns for the business.

Slide 3

Average social media budget identifies the difference between actual and budget price which is necessary to calculate the effective marketing budget of a business. In order to, identify or calculate the spending amount of business is easily described by the variance.

Recommendation and rationale

Slide 4

The term multimedia activities is necessary to identify effective communicational techniques. Videos, images as well as presentations are the only way that is needed to be followed by an individual business organization. There is a broad definition of multimedia which sometimes includes commercial software which is directly engaged, with customers.

Slide 5

Budget statement is important to meet marketing objectives by following some important rules and regulations. Individual social media campaigns are involving advertisements that are important to improve customer satisfaction in an entire business organization. An individual digital media campaign is following some important rules and Ocado has followed a creative business strategy.

Slide 6

The marketing plan and development factors of the organization are followed by the marketing campaigns which are necessary to meet organizational goals and objectives. In order to meet customers, requirements are necessary to be involved in the advertisement or another social media campaign.

Digital and social media communication for communication

Slide 7

Individual digital and social media campaigns are necessary to meet new business requirements. Order to, identify sustainable business requirements is mandatory and able to meet organizational values through efficient communication. Social media campaigns are necessary to identify the customer's requirements and enhance more sales volume by using innovative strategies. An individual digital media campaign is following some important rules and Ocado has followed a creative business strategy. 

Slide 8

Social media campaigns are necessary to identify and meet business requirements. In order to, maximize the creative performance of the business is mandatory and can easily meet important business requirements. Digital, as well as social media campaigns, are important to identify systematic business growth and customers easily get the product details by using a digital strategy. Individual marketing media activities always following with the organizational rules and regulations and social media channels are easily communicated in a digital way.

Slide 9

For the company concerned with Ocado retail is considered to be an important aspect of the existing business strategies. Multimedia plans can be further classified based on the imposition of new-age advertising techniques, which facilitate suitable business credentials. Role of digital and multimedia facets is further signified in the modern day and age, leading to business organizations implementing new-age strategies. In multimedia plan, Ocado retail can further capitalize usage of social media marketing to facilitate a favourable business growth and development. Divisions of multimedia plans further include advertising through Facebook, instagram and LinkedInand suitable implementation of advertising strategies shall further lead to increased customer orientation in the near future.

Justification for multimedia plan

Slide 10

Multimedia planning is the Activity to provide affective multimedia planning to improvise growth of business. Additionally, acquisition of business has been depending on marketing planning. Although advertising of marketing improvises by productive approach through digital media platform. Social media platform and digital media are both use to prompted product to potential customers.

Slide 11

Multimedia elements are audio and videos files to promoter organization products to customers. Although productivity and importance of products are being highlighted to attracted customers. Features highlighting of products help to gain revenue through more customer engagements.Multimedia is the essentiality performed in digital marketing. Although proves of activity has been identified aby promotional inputs of products features and uniqueness.

Slide 12

Multimedia is an effective tool that helps to establish effective communication. Through multimedia the organization can able to do promotional activities which will be beneficial for the company to increase the products demand. Moreover, through multimedia the organization can attract more customers. The use of social media marketing by Caddo Retail can be further leveraged to support positive business growth and development. Customers' requirements must be met in order to participate in the commercial or another social media campaign (Valente 2021). 

Marketing campaign mock for digital channel

Slide 13

Marketing campaign is a strategy that used by the companies for promote their products through different digital channels such as "online platforms, different type of media". Further, marketing campaign is beneficial in order to create the brand image for the company, increase the sales, and attract new potential customers. Marketing media operations always adhere to corporate standards and regulations, and social media channels provide for simple digital communication.

Slide 14

Effective communication and feedback processes in marketing campaigns are beneficial. Effective communication with customers will help to analyze the needs and demand and the companies can make the products as per the customer's choice. In order to launch the new products, digital media and marketing campaigns can best option to attract more customers and upgrade new products (Rowles 2022).

Slide 15

Feedback process through the marketing campaign and digital media will help the organization to understand the demands of the costumers and through the feedback process the organization can upgrade its products. Marketing campaign is kind of important to meet the business requirements. Also, through the digital media campaign the company can easily provide the detailed information of products to its customers. For creating a successful marketing campaign, identification of potential costumers is necessary. 

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