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Organisational Practice Assignment Sample

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Organisational Practice Assignment Sample


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The briefing paper has stated about the need for the wellbeing program in the organisation. In report will focuses on preparing a report on explaining that what are the different stages and steps which are required to be taken by the organisation for the development of the wellbeing program for the organisation. In this report range of wellbeing practices will be explored and then the best one will be recommended for the company. Along with this the implementation plan will also be represented in this report in an effective manner.

Section 1

Overview for shaping the wellbeing approaches in the organisational context

Wellbeing of the employees is very important for all the businesses operating in diverse industries. Businesses having different practices and ethical practices in their work culture. There are diverse ways through which the business can promote wellbeing of their employees (Warr and Nielsen, 2018). For an instance Google one of the leading firms of the company is offering more control to the employees related to the way they work. For this they are offering flexible working to their employees and this is helping them in having an positive influence on wellbeing of their employees.

Not only this there are several other organizational approaches such as flexible working, better ethics for controlling the discrimination and conflicts among employees and effective working environment, etc are the different approaches which are being adopted by the businesses. The present case company is having a good number of employees due to this it is important for the firm to focus on different practices and approaches for promoting the wellbeing at work. As the company is struggling with the issues related to increased turnover and increasing absences so there is a need for the company to look after the wellbeing of their workers.

Internal and external factors affecting the organisation

The present case company Orchard group need to manage 150 employees. There are different internal and external factors which are affecting the company in the way they are managing their employees. One of the most important internal factors which is affecting the company is the increasing issue related to the poor performance of the employees. The issues related to the more absences is creating the issues relate to resourcing which is affecting the service users and overall performance of the firm. More absences and the poor performance reflects that there are chances that the company is not having effective work culture or the employees are not feeling good at work. Apart from this, lack of proper ethical code of conduct for controlling the discrimination or inappropriate behaviour of the employees in the workplace.

The external business environment is changing at a fast pace. The changing labour market trends are having higher impact on the organisations as the company needs to make changes in their salaries as per the market trends. The company is also facing the issues related to the higher turnover which shows that the increasing competition and better job opportunities are dragging the attention of the employees and this is resulting in high employee turnover. With the increasing competition in the private Home care sector the concern for the better services is increasing for the customers. This is increasing the demand for the company to focus more over offering high quality services to their residents. As per this factor also there is a need for the company to look forward to improve the performance and wellbeing of their employees at work. It is important for the company to understand that all these internal and external factors are affecting their people management. All these factors are required to be kept in mind while developing the effective wellbeing program for the company.

Explaining the integration of wellbeing with other areas of people practice

The HR team of the company has to focus on developing effective integration among all the different people practices in the firm. Wellbeing needs to be an important part of the people practices of the organisation. For example managing the health and safety of the employees is one of the important people practice for the company. The businesses can interested the wellbeing of their employees within this people practice by focusing on all the areas related to the physical health and wellbeing of the employees which are affected by their surroundings.

It is important to have clear conversation related to the wellbeing needs of the employees while focusing on people practices. Pay and benefits is one of the important areas of people practice which is essential for the company. The company should integrate the wellbeing approach for this area (Redekopp and Huston, 2019). The company just need to focus on offering the pay and benefits which can help the employees in living a better life with better facilities which can promote their well-being. In this way the company can integrate the wellbeing with the other areas of people practice. It is important to understand that all the different people practices need to be well integrated with each other. This can help the company in focusing over mutually reinforcing and focusing over the development of effective integration between different practices.

Section 2

Wellbeing initiatives and the value they can add to meet organisational needs

An effective wellbeing program needs to be based on better wellbeing initiatives which can help the businesses in achieving their organization goals. If an effective workplace wellbeing program would be created then it will provide mutual benefits to the organization and the employees both. It is important for the company to understand that investing in the employee wellbeing can help them a lot in increasing the productivity and performance of the company which are the important organisational needs of the firms (Cooper and Leiter, 2017). There are multiple wellbeing initiatives over which the businesses can focus such as mental wellness, physical fitness, healthy productivity, collaboration working environment, offering better rewards and pay, developing the employee recognition program, balanced work, professional development and many more.

Working over the different wellbeing initiatives can help the businesses a lot in managing the human resource in an appropriate manner and improving their performance. When the employees are delivering high quality work to the company then it adds value to the company and helps them in leading the firm towards success. Focusing on the professional development can help the businesses in having more talented pool of employees (Imran and Shahnawaz, 2020). Along with this by working over the wellbeing of the employees the overall work environment can be improved in an effective manner and the firm can have more productive workforce. Businesses operating in the diverse industries need to understand that focusing on the employee wellbeing can help them in having and healthier and happier workforce. Along with this it will help them offering a better work life balance and inclusive working culture to their employees. It can be said that the wellbeing initiatives can add the value to the company by working over health of the employees and managing stress and work life balance for the employees.

Existing organisational practices and value they add to organisational needs

Currently the organisation is focusing on ensuring that they should offer better pay and benefits to their employees. The Orchard group is offering gift vouchers and high street discounts to their employees for keeping their motivated and dedicated to their job roles. Not only this company is offering the pay as per the national living wages which can satisfy the employees with their pay. The company is focusing a lot over keeping the employees satisfied with their pay and benefits. This is helping the company in getting more productive workforce and adding value to the overall performance of the company. As the company is already facing issues related to poor performance so the company should focus on reviewing their rewards systems and should focus on multiple factors related to motivating the employees.

For ensuring that the employees should feel recognised for their work the company is focusing over their recognition program. This program is helping them keeping the employees motivated and increasing the employee engagement as well. All the different current practices of the company are helping the employees in getting better pay for their jobs and keeping them satisfied (Dewe and Kompier, 2009). It can be said that these current practices of the company are focusing on keeping the employees satisfied and managing then in an appropriate manner. But there are different important areas over which the company needs to work for working over the overall well-being of the employees at the work.

Recommendation for wellbeing initiatives and implementation plan

When the company is focusing on developing the wellbeing program then it is important for them to focus on the important wellbeing initiatives. There are multiple wellbeing initiatives over which the company can focus. But it is important for the company to make sure that their well-being initiatives are based on the existing issues they are facing related to the people management in the firm. The employer needs to understand that it is important for them to adopt the holistic framework related to the wellbeing. The holistic approach will help the company in focusing over all the different factors of the wellbeing and not only focusing over the mental health needs of the employees of the company (Laine and Rinne, 2015). It can be recommended that the case company should also adopt the holistic approach which will help them in working over all the factors of physical, social and mental well-being of the employees.

One of the important things which is being found in the case company is that they are facing issues related to higher sick leave and absences. There are chances that this is due to the poor work life balance of their employees. So it can be recommended that the company should focus on implementing the flexible work hours or reducing the shift time as one of their well-being initiatives. This will help the company in helping their employees in contributing to a work life balance and reducing the work stress as well. According to the report of CIPD the issues related to the mental health of employees at work has become an important challenge for the businesses (Williams and Smith, 2018). The case company is also facing issues related to the high employee turnover which might be due to the mental stress or the mental health issue. From this it can be recommended that the company should include mental wellness as one of the important wellbeing initiatives in their well-being program of the company.

The company is also struggling for the poor performance of their employees. For this it can be recommended that the company should include healthy productivity as wellbeing initiatives. This will allow them in focusing over the productivity and improving the work culture of the firm which will have positive influence on the performance of the employees. Along with this there are several other wellbeing initiatives which need to be included such as physical well-being of the employees at work, safety measures, better pay, collaborative environment and professional development of the employees. All these initiatives needs to be included in the wellbeing program of the company for ensuring that the company is satisfying their employees and fulfilling the individual and organisational needs in an appropriate manner. The company needs to understand that implementation of the wellbeing program needs to be systematic and appropriate for getting better outputs.

Section 3 

Steps for successful implementation of wellbeing program

For implementing the wellbeing program in an successful manner it is important to understand that it is basically the set of policies, services and benefits which would affect the health and wellbeing of the employees in positive manner and will add value to their performance. But while implementing the wellbeing program it is important to make sure that the employees and all the stakeholders are well known about all the initiatives and are ready to work according to it (Savvides and Stavrou, 2020). For an instance Google is having the textbook known as "how we care for googlers" and this provides the employees with all the details related to the wellbeing program of the company. In this way the case company also needs to have clear conversation related to the wellbeing program of the company. For implementing the program in the successful manner it can be suggested that the company should focus on following systematic stages.

Firstly the company needs to focus on working with the senior leaders related to the wellbeing program. When the top level management team agrees on the different initiatives and decides that what all different wellbeing initiatives needs to be included then they should focus on hiring an expert. The professional working for people management or as an HR manager should be involved for ensuring that what different practices can help in working over all these initiatives. When the wellbeing program is created and all the initiatives, policies and practices are includes in it then it should be made accessible to all the employees (Clifton and Harter, 2021). The program needs to be effective and should include the practices which are same for all the employees. After this it is important for the company to engage the employees and ask for recommendations that what they are expecting from their well-being program. After this the clear goals related to the wellbeing program and it's implementation needs to be made clear to all the important stakeholders. Lastly the plan needs to be communicated to all and the company should start working over change management related to better implementation of the wellbeing program.

Effective stakeholder contribution and its impact on wellbeing at work

Every single stakeholders of the company is having major role to play in the company. Whenever the company is working over a new initiative or a program then it is important for the firm to have collaborative efforts from all the stakeholders. When all the stakeholders would contribute to the wellbeing program then it can help in making the change management process more effective and easier. Along with this when all the stakeholders will contribute to the wellbeing program then it will motivate the employees to work over the new initiative and improving the work culture for working in an effective manner and this will led positive impact on their performance. It can be recommended that for getting better support from the stakeholders the company should focus on involving them in the decision making related to the wellbeing initiatives (Pagán-Castaño et. al. 2020). Along with this communication all the details related to the wellbeing program can also help the company in getting better support from all the important stakeholders.

Evaluation and monitoring of wellbeing programme and measures to review the quality of recommended initiatives

Evaluating the effectiveness of any of the plan or a program is very important. The case company needs to focus on monitoring the effective of the wellbeing program in an systematic manner. For this it can be suggested that the organisation should set up the Key performance indicators related to the employee turnover, sick leaves and other important parameters. This will allow the company to evaluate the effect of the well-being program. Apart from this the company can also focus on conducting the questionnaire survey in the firm with the employees related to the work stress, work life balance, rewards, pay, benefits, physical wellbeing and all the other factors related to the well-being. All this can help the company in reviewing the overall effectiveness of their well-being program.


From the above mentioned report it can be concluded that there are multiple factors over which the company needs to focus for making the wellbeing program effective. The company needs to focus on following all the important recommended wellbeing initiatives in their program which can help them in addressing the existing issues and leading the firm towards organizational goals.

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