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Reflection Upon Self-experience In Health And Social Care Assignment Sample

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Reflection Upon Self-experience In Health And Social Care Assignment Sample


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The health and social care employability skills can improve the health outcomes of the patient. Quality of life is the main approach of this care to integrate better outcomes in the health condition of the patient by giving them the best treatment services. This paper will evaluate my own values and principles that are necessary for the professional health care practitioners. The principles that have to be possessed by care practitioners will conclude in this paper. The code of conduct that is adopted by all care practitioners is self-evaluated in this paper for a wide understanding of the responsibility of health and care practitioners. This paper is a reflection of my experiences related to health and care practises of a practical ground practice with patients. 


The values have to be regulated in these care practises because values impact practitioners’ behaviours. These values include creativity, dignity, courage, honesty, friendliness, independence and a positive attitude in practitioners. The value in this health and care industry influences practitioner contributions towards their patients. It is necessary for them to adopt effective values that are enriching to give the best caring treatment to the patients. The Social Services and Well-being Act are regulated in 2016 in the UK (Unisus.org.uk, 2022). This act establishes a legislative framework to give needs and support to people who need this emotional support. This support is referred to as social services in the UK. The help and support to individuals are the main aim of this act to establish maximum happiness in all people of the UK. The values that have to be adopted by practitioners are given below. 

Voice and Control

The values like voice and control are the main values of the health and care field because they assist to put the needs of individuals to the centre instead of their carer's own thoughts. It is very important to control your own behaviour, emotions and thoughts at the time of care practises (Healthandcarelearning.wales, 2022). The voices of needy people have to be raised and the control to overcome their needs is the main responsibility of health practitioners. In my opinion, their voice has to be raised without any hesitation because they are exhausted mentally and physically and need emotional value support from the carers. 


The other main values are identified in the wellbeing of the people to achieve wellness in health conditions of the individuals. Both physical and mental health conditions come under this value to make people revive to live their life (Unisus.org.uk, 2022). This value is a relevant service to involve all practitioners to support the health of the individuals in the UK.


I have lived in the United Kingdom since early childhood and I have had health and care experiences in my life. 5 months ago, I met with an accident while travelling with my friends and family. I want to share my care experiences as a patient in the UK. According to the Human Rights Act 1998 of the UK, it's necessary for care practitioners to give treatment with their full potential to needy people (Hcpc-uk.org, 2022). In this critical situation, I experienced high-quality treatment in medical institutions. The safety and patient-centeredness are the main things that make patients not feel a burden above anyone. A constant and inherent care practises are adopted by health practitioners to improve my health from those accidents. It has to conclude that I am treated as the best quality care in medical institutions. 

High-quality care for all patients is the main strategy of the NHS to improve the quality of their national health services in the UK (Pickard, 2020). The improvement of the health infrastructure of the country is a profit asset for the UK because health is the main treasury of the county's government and a healthy population contributes more to the development of the country (Nhs.uk, 2022). The standards of quality treatment by health practitioners are of high quality and the specialities for each field are giving their full potential to make individuals revive again as their previous form. The safeguard of care with the maximum guarantee of revival in the patient is the main asset of the care values that gives assurance to the patient for their wellbeing after any accidents (Austin et al. 2018). The progressive strategy to improve the health of patients is the unique strategy to take people alive once again after losing their hope to live their life.

Code of Practices 

The HCPC is a regulator of 15 professions; its function is mainly to set the standard of those 15 professions that are concluded in this regulation. The main objective of HCPC is to protect the people of the UK. This is established under the Health Profession Order act 2001 in the UK. This regulation gives guidance to different health professionals to protect patients with the best treatments (Bak, 2021). This regulation guides the various stakeholders through different mediums. HCPC gives me practice notes on how to flourish in the health and care field by using different tools to treat patients in a better way. The health standards guidance is also proved by this regulation in the entire UK for different professionals that are related to this health and care field. The standards in my proficiency and guidance are also provided by this regulator to make me more agile in my work (Mallin, 2018). The Code of Conduct sets the standard of care workers to how to support individuals in their care work. This conduct is mainly focused on what attitude and behaviour have to be adopted by the care practitioners that give the right support to people in the UK (Lucas et al. 2019). This conduct provides a care certificate according to my profession that allows me to do things that I am able to do. This Code of Conduct gives security to measure the standard of care practitioners’ work that meets their professional standard or not. From this conduct, get my certificate to start giving support to needy people that need care. These social services are able to give maximum happiness to the people (Skillsforcare.org.uk, 2022). The Professional Standard Authority improves the regulation to give allowance from this to operated health and care certificate (Morton and Sellars, 2019). According to this rule, the registered people from the authority have the right to give their services and the health and social care field in the UK. This authority allows people that are possessed the skill to give standard care services to the people (James et al. 2021). This authority also gives me registration after checking my service that I am able or not to give services in this care industry. This authority provided me with a registration certificate that is proof that I possessed the skill to give my full potential towards social services. The Children Act 1989 is regulated in the country to give the best care to children from their families (Snelling and Quick, 2022). If the family is not able to give effort to the kids it is the responsibility of the care practitioner to give them the best care. This care act gives me authority to do child welfare by improving the upbringing needs and their wishes to be fulfilled.


It is concluded from above that my experiences in health and care services are tangible. I possess all the skills that need to be possessed by a care practitioner. This paper reflects my own experiences as a patient at the time of the accident; therefore, I realise that rules and regulation related to health and care are b in the UK that provides the best care treatment. Overall, this paper demonstrates my all experiences related to the social and health care sector in the UK.

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