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Study Skills Assignment Sample

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Study Skills Assignment Sample


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Task 3

Assignment plan

Planning for assignment includes a review of learning aims, goals, and objectives that I want to obtain from the assignment. Choosing and designing assessment procedures come after reviewing goals and objectives. Additionally, developing assessment criteria as well as marking rubrics is important to mention in assignment plan. As stated by Hurtado et al. (2018)

determining feedback strategies for the assignment must be included in the planning. On the other hand, one can make planning for assignments with a proper schedule. I have chosen assignment planning that starts with reviewing goals, objectives, and aims. 

The aim of the assignment is to improve my knowledge area regarding mental illness by studying and learning different journals, articles, and books. The objectives that are included in the assignment are-

  • To learn about different mental illnesses among people
  • To understand the environmental causes behind mental illness
  • To know interrelationships between eating disorders and mental illness

The format that is chosen for the assignment plan includes reviewing the aims and objectives, designing and choosing of assessments, choosing of right tools for assignment, determination olf feedback strategies, and others. As opined by Qie et al. (2019), the assignment plan includes tools for analysing data and outcomes of the decisions and others. I have utilised marking rubrics for analysing the decisions that I have made during the assignment plan. Additionally, assignment plans can outline tools and methods that define standards and expectations for quality in performance and products. It can also define checkpoints of project monitoring and methods for streamlining learners with planned assignments.

Task 4 

Self-reflection essay

Learning methods can be classified into four different styles such as visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and writing and reading. All of these methods include certain advantages and disadvantages and learners need to analyse them prior to choosing a particular learning method. As stated by Isensee et al. (2019), visual learning provides a good opportunity to retain data and information for a long period. Visual learning makes learners efficient to know and understand the depth of a particular topic by remembering each detail of visual interpretations. The method of learning includes proper infrastructures that are also expensive to implement in classrooms. Auditory learning methods include listening to data and information presented through audio. The method suggests that learners prefer to read aloud the provided information to enrich their knowledge. However, the method includes disadvantages such as knowledge retention capability of learners decrease and they have to remember information by repetitive listening to particular audio. Kinaesthetic learning procedure includes physically active responsibilities where learners learn by a hands-on method. The method helps learners to be creative and understand hidden facts in scientific studies. Writing and reading methods contains focussing on written information and learners are good at working with written data. 

Methods to identify my learning p

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