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Supply Chain Management - Design Audit 2 Assignment Sample

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Supply Chain Management - Design Audit 2 Assignment Sample


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Supply chain management is an entire production of flow of goods of an organization from a collection of raw materials to develop the final products. This study is going to focus on the transport system of Dubai to identify its current supply chain management and its relevant challenges. In the next stage, this study will provide suggestive design for supply chain management in Dubai. Further, this study will compare suggestive design with traditional design. Finally, this study will focus on google maps of Dubai to identify its contributing factors. 

2. Background

Dubai bus service network or public transport network is one of the largest service systems. It has been identified that public transport has around 1518 buses, which cover 87% of urban areas in Dubai (Rta.ae, 2021). It has been identified that the public transportation system in Dubai is recognised as one of the most reliable bus services across the globe. However, passengers in Dubai have faced significant trouble due to the improper service using public transport (Abouelhamd et al. 2018). It has been identified that Dubai has a frequently decreasing number of buses, which have a negative effect on economic and social perspectives (Abouelhamd et al. 2018). 

Above figure indicates that there is a huge number of a bus stop, however, a minimum number of busses is available which create a significant issue for the passengers. Further, it has been identified that slow speed is one of the common issues identified by the people in Dubai due to improper transport service especially in buses (Dubaihow.com, 2020). Further, lack of information in context of the Dubai bus route issue is also faced by passengers in Dubai, which affect their smooth travel. It has been identified that in the Dubai bus route, there are multiple bus routes, which overlap each other, passengers are lost on the map, and they failed to identify their bus and destination location (Dubaihow.com, 2020). Therefore, by keeping an eye on the above information, it can be stated that poor bus services are identified in Dubai, which affects its services. It has been identified that improper information gathered people in Dubai regarding their transport system. Therefore, bus service creates significant challenges for passengers in this city. 

3. Theoretical Discussion

Appropriate examination regarding the current designs of the bus stops needs to be maintained. These bus stops are generally implemented on the very right side of different urban streets. Some common types of buses are present for accommodation (Juma, 2019). Many different groups of users are present that generally have specific regard for the design of the bus. The theory of traffic flow information can be used in this. In this theory, the possible distance between the two locations is calculated. The position of the buses is recorded simultaneously. It has been noted that every day in the majority of Dubai millions of Journeys is made by different customers that paste various disabilities.  Even passengers with heavy luggage and even small children are present. Hundreds and thousands of them daily cover the journey. To make the journey even more comfortable, a design audit needs to be conducted. The process of the convention is always followed (Hussain, 2021). Some bus Rapid transit systems can also be followed to collaborate with the street bus stops. Another theory that can be followed is the general transit feed specification. In this theory, the table of the stop locations with the identifying name and the identification is mentioned. 

4. Wheel chaired Individuals

Various traditional services are present still Dubai does not focus on the individuals that are facing disabilities. Various Individuals have been facing problems like vision problems or different maternal problems. Dubai bus stops do not think about them. Staff should be properly recruited to access the service. To solve this suggestive design can be followed (AlRawi, 2019). This design looks after the development of the appearance of automobiles and their uses. Some possibilities as in some factors are present that can be taken into consideration for serving disabled individuals.  The first criteria that need to be understood are the integration and the coordination between the Intercity and intra city transport should be appropriate. Use of Wheelchairs should be initiated at the Dubai Bus Stop.  The Ontario Government has identified crucial barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities. The barriers are attitudinal, systematic physical or architectural, and lastly technological forms. Various policy debates have also been central to stating that about one-third of individuals with disabilities have no transportation at all. Some public transportation Agencies are present that look after the individuals that are suffering from disabilities. ADA has specifically Outlawed discrimination based on disability criteria. Some mitigation processes can be followed to serve the Disable individuals. Firstly the entrance side of the bus can be lower for individuals having disabilities. Secondly, mechanical lifts should be provided for those who cannot climb the stairs (Al-Ali, 2020). In the year 2002, it was found that all the bus stops have met the mandates but still, some bus stops do not work for the visually impaired or have difficulty facing elders. This is the sole reason that individuals facing problems or even the handicapped are left waiting at the bus stop. 

5. Compare and contrast universal and suggestive design

Now this section is going to focus on both suggestive design and universal transport design in Dubai and compare both of them. According to Abouelhamd et al. (2020), Dubai has around 1518 buses, which cover around 82% of urban areas. However, it has been identified that due to the minimum number of buses passengers in this city have faced significant transportation issues. On the other hand, suggestive design indicates that a bus service provider may increase the number of buses and implement a GPS to track the updated location of the bus. According to Taufik et al. (2018), smart cities implement GPS tracker systems in bus services, which allow cities to track the current location of buses. In addition, Patra et al. (2018) reported that location tracker bus-services improve awareness among people and it reduces the issue of long wait times and harassment of passengers. Therefore, by focusing on the above discussion, it can be stated that the implementation of GPS systems in public transport is one of the crucial methods, which allow bus services to reduce the waiting time issue and influence the entire transport services. In contrast, the universal bus services in Dubai do not have a GPS tracker system, which creates a significant waiting issue among passengers. Therefore, by focusing on the above discussion, it can be stated that suggested design for bus services would allow Dubai transport system to fulfil the demand of passengers and reduce the basic issues.

In addition, traditional bus service in Dubai has implemented the same floor system, which allows physically disabled people to access the services (Gulfnews.com, 2020). 

Above figure denotes the same floor system for wheelchair people to continue their bus services and reduces the issue of service accessibility. However, the traditional services in Dubai do not focus on other physically disabled people for example hair impaired, vision issues or maternal services (Gulfnews.com, 2020). In this regard, this study has suggested accessibility services, which allow transport services to recruit staff, which will help the physically disabled people to access the bus services and reduce the accessibility issue for physically disabled people. Therefore, by focusing on the above discussion, it can be stated that suggestive design for transport service will reduce the issue of passengers and improve the entire process.    

Al Quoz Bus depot instantly helps in tracing and monitoring the efficiency of the Volvo buses that are fitted under the telematics system. Further, this helps in enhancing the operational and maintenance regarding the alerts. The alerts cover all the mechanical parts like the consumption of fuel. The condition of safety equipment is also considered on board. 

6. Universal Design

The universal method is a method of designing that is based on the 7 universal design patterns. Those patterns consist of environmental services more than products and lastly the highest number of individuals. Dubai Bus service is one of the largest service systems that have around 2000 buses that cover the urban areas in Dubai. The universal designs include different flexible use of the tolerances and simple uses of criteria (Nguyen, 2019). The proper orientation regarding all the principles is the basic goal of removing all the barriers to the customers. The designers create a solution that is a single solution for reaching most of the customers. This is called the design philosophy. This further helps in accommodating different individuals with different needs. The universal design has its originality regarding the architecture and the design that is Industrial including digital products. 

7. Accessibility 

The criteria of accessibility are focused on ensuring that there are no barriers to serving an individual. Various accommodations are also created for example technical design, physical and various cognitive barriers to engage regarding a product in the Transportation system of buses.  Further, accessibility also includes testing various products for the different groups that are present (Dubaihow.com, 2020). Various factors including the behavior context and environments are included in the criteria of accessibility. The accessibility processes include the evaluations that are ongoing for maintaining and testing the products and the services. Adding to that the traditional bus service in Dubai they had implemented the same floor system, which allows the physically Disabled people to access all the services. 

8. Inclusive design

Inclusive design is a method or different kind of philosophy that includes the prospectus of designing.  These designing criteria help engage authentically with the organization for welcoming diverse individuals. Social, cultural, and other needs are also extended to perceive the average user range (Dubaihow.com, 2020). This further complies with the access code and settles legal considering the content is clear. This further takes into account usability. Inclusive designs also help in understanding the intersectional needs that are complex which provides diverse segments to the market. The market than can access the products and the services. The outcome of the inclusive design helps in reaching the targeted market and reducing the potential market.

9. The difference between universal design and inclusive design 

It has been stated that inclusive design focuses on exploring the ways to serve a full spectrum of individuals making up a diverse market. Various solutions might be involved in the process of different groups of people (AlRawi, 2019). Compared to that, Universal design only solves the broadest range of individuals rather than trying to access everyone individually. The inclusive objectives are maintained which does not provide additional support instead a single solution is served for every user. Moreover, added that the universal design has a historic focus on the architectural places related to a transport system. The inclusive design is applied to all the systems and services. 

10. Difference between inclusive design and accessibility 

The accessibility criteria take over the account, which makes an equivalent experience regarding the physical as well as digital space related to the disabilities. This takes place usually through various accommodations like navigation through the keyboard, curb cuts, and captions (AlRawi, 2019). Different standards for the term accessibility are included for user testing. The inclusive design extends the solution into a broader spectrum for the intersectional needs, behaviors, and perspectives. The term accessibility necessity does not take into account the focus on adapting the content to support more interaction and engagement. 

11. Analyse contribution factors towards suggestive design

This section is going to keep an eye on google map and identify the bus stations in Dubai and the result is presented below. 

The above outcomes from the google map indicate that a lot of bus stations are identified in Dubai including DMCC metro bus station, Emirates metro bus stop and many more (Google.com, 2022). Therefore, by focusing on the above data, it can be stated that multiple bus stops are identified in Dubai. 

By keeping an eye on the above bus map in Dubai, it has been identified that a collapse of the entire bus network including bus station, number of buses and route of buses in Dubai. By keeping an eye on the above data, it is difficult to identify the route of the local buses (Ontheworldmap.com, 2022). On other hand, it has been identified that passengers in Dubai have faced significant issues due to overlapping bus routes on the map (Dubaihow.com, 2020). Therefore, the suggestive design is significant to continue the bus operation in Dubai.

Now this section is going to focus on both contributing and detractor factors and their impact on suggestive service design in Dubai those are discussed as follows. 

12. Design Audit 

Shelter of bus stop 

According to this table, the approximate dimensions including the height, width, and breadth are included. Other points in the checklists are present in the shelter of the bus stop. 

Use of Wheelchair25%
Visually impaired 5%
Limited mobility 10%
Elderly Individuals 20%
Others Percentage5%

According to this table, an audit has been considered regarding those individuals that face problems at UAE bus stops. Various people face such problems every day while traveling from one place to another. 

13. Risk Register 

14. Results of the Audit for improvement

The failure mode and effects analysis is a model that helps in prioritizing the defects that are potentially based on the frequency severity and the detection (Abouelhamd, 2020). This model is performed on a design to prompt actions for improving the design or process robustness. 

15. Conclusion

This study can be concluded that supply chain strategy will help the bus network in Dubai to reduce the issue of poor service and improve the satisfaction of passengers. This study has been focused on bus transportation services of Dubai and identifies issues in supply chain management. This assignment has been identified that the bus network of Dubai has poor service due to improper management; passengers in Dubai have experienced a slow and minimum number of buses. In this aspect, this study has provided suggestions including implementing technology to track the location of buses and reduce the waiting time. Further, equality among people promotes the same service for every person regardless of their physical stability. This report has been identified that economic factors and technology factors will influence the implementation of suggestive strategy for the US network service in Dubai. 

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