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Teaching Effective In Behavior Of Students Studying Assignment Sample

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Teaching Effective In Behavior Of Students Studying Assignment Sample


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The educators in the classroom settings are mandated to look after that the students meet the standards of the state and for such purpose; the differentiated teaching strategies can be helpful to meet the needs of all the scholars and help them exceed the established standards. Differentiated Teaching is considered an educational strategy adopted by the teachers to meet the needs of every student in the class. The idea behind this differentiated teaching approach is to assure that the curriculum of the school reflects the diversified needs of the students (Morina, 2019). 

This research project is focused on understanding the effectiveness as well as the impact of the differentiated teaching strategies in relation to the improvement of the scholars' behavior in the classroom setting. There is a crucial need to differentiate as failure to engage the students in the classroom contributes to the deterioration of the learning behavior and attitudes of the students. It further results in behavioral problems for the scholars. The focus of this study is on the 9th class students learning mathematics and the researcher is already familiar with the class as he has already taught the class (Molbaek, 2018). He also has developed his understanding of the learning needs of each and every student in the class. The researcher has observed an issue that while there is an ongoing class, there are very limited differences in the curriculum expectations. There is a requirement for some frequent summative assessments to be completed by the students. The aim of the researcher is to identify how differentiated teaching strategies can help in improving the behavior of 9th class students studying mathematics. The researcher is aimed to take on a flexible approach to instructing the students and responding to their needs in real-time with an effective teaching strategy (Tzanni, 2018). 

Literature Review 

Background of differentiated Teaching Strategy 

According to Chua et al. (2021), differentiation is defined as the responsive reactions of the teachers to the needs of learners within the classroom setting. There can be different needs of the scholars such as to express their humor, the need for extra attention from a tutor on a particular skill, the need for working with a group or to delve more deeply into any specific topic of their interest, etc. The teachers here are required to meet these needs and respond to them actively as well s positively on an individual basis or with the help of a small group of students. As per the opinion of Ma’youf and Aburezeq (2022), the ultimate goal of the differentiated teaching strategy is to maximize the growth of students and ensure their individual success. The key principles guiding the differentiated instructions also include effective and continuous assessments, flexibility in the goals of learning as well as grouping of students, respectful activities and effective arrangements of learning as well as a b collaboration between the students and their teachers. 

The key elements associated with the curriculum which can further be differentiated include the content, process, products as well as the learning environment. The key student features for which the tutors can facilitate the differentiation include the learning profile, readiness as well as interest. According to Keuning and van Geel (2021), there are some teaching strategies that facilitate differentiation. These strategies include the interest groups, learning centers, complex instruction, learning contracts, compacting, tiered products and activities as well as the group investigation. As per the opinion of Ismajli and Imami-Morina (2018), this differentiated teaching also integrates the knowledge and understanding of the constructivism learning theory, and brain development with the experiential research on the factors of the readiness of the learner, learning styles, interest as well as the intelligence p

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