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Teaching, Learning And Assessment In Education Assignment Sample

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Teaching, Learning And Assessment In Education Assignment Sample


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Task A: Report 


The report adheres to the main focus on the analysis of the roles and responsibilities in education and training. The analysis of the boundaries and relationship between the role of teaching and the other roles of professionals. The third part includes the headed attention on following the role and use of the initial and diagnostic assessment in agreeing on the individual goals. The final part includes the description of the referral points in meeting the needs of the learner with a focus on the summary and the concluding statements. 

Roles and responsibilities in training and education

The trainer and teacher role mainly includes the focus on training and teaching the subject in a way that actively engages and involves the learners in every session. It is not just about training and teaching but also learning which includes the focus on the needed results. The key to being an effective teacher in the process of teaching is planning. The teacher's role is to align the emphasis on making intelligent and informed decisions about the practising in achieving the different outcomes with and for the students in the class. The role of the teacher is to make judgments about how they can help the students in the learning environment in which they are teaching. The role of the educator is to focus on the various responsibilities which include the promotion of the effective development and growth of the students, facilitation of the achievement in the upgrading, and academic goals in the entire system of education (Reid 2021). 

Relationship and boundaries between the role of teaching and other roles of professional

There should be teaching without stereotyping and discrimination. There should be maintaining the confidentiality of the information of learners. This includes the act of integrity and professionalism. Being a professional teacher includes being enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the creation of the support, and materials, being respectable in the classroom environment, being in an authentic relationship with the students and advocate, being planning and organized ahead, and being open to the new ideas and leaning should be continued. Teachers are considered to be educated as professionals but paid and treated as labourers. This includes the blend of the dynamics which is between the qualifications of professionals and focusing on the creation of the consciousness among the teachers. The challenges include the problems in families of students, lack of funding, understanding of various learning challenges among the students, and many more (Bettini et al 2019). 

Use and role of diagnostic and initial assessment in agreeing on individual goals

The initial assessment is considered to be the important process in which the learner should focus on undertaking the new course of study at the starting. This includes the imperative tutor who focuses on checking the learner about the needs of the learning. This should take place when the students are commencing the course on the right path. The following assessment includes the focus on providing the tutor with the information about the current knowledge and the experience with providing an effective starting point for the commerce learning. 

The diagnostic assessment mainly focuses on occurring after the initial assessment. The following is used in highlighting the key areas in which the learner needs extra support. The learners should have the access to the online platform that focuses on clear indications which require further development. The learner's weaknesses and strengths help in the determination of the targets and goals which is the major capability of the achievement. It includes the focus on enabling the focus on the creation of a learning plan which is agreed upon by individuals (Franklin and Harrington 2018). 

Description of the points of the referral in meeting the learner's needs 

In most schools, there are various types of referrals which include the focus on the evaluations and special education, disciplinary issues, and the services of counselling. The teachers focus on completing the referral when they believe that the student focus on requiring the additional intervention. The referrals mainly include the support in the study, housing, and financial advice, searching for a job, counselling, meeting the various needs, and focusing on mentioned importance in gaining the different purposes. The referrals help in meeting the needs of the learner by effective analysis of the needs and focusing on the same (Bergmark 2020). 

Summary of the key aspects of requirements, legislation, and code of practice

Teachers should always focus on protecting themselves and the best way in doing so include following the code of practice and its rules. The code for the professional practice mainly helps in supporting the teachers with guidance on how there should be a focus on being a good teacher. In a society that is changing continuously, there should be a focus on ensuring and taking complex decisions. Diversity and equity act (2010), focus on following the legislation that is linked with the standard of LLUK. Disability Act (2010), focuses on referring to the people who should focus on the medical condition which requires effective attention and also taking care and help with treating the teacher's equality and following the effective advice. 

Summary and conclusion

In a nutshell, the report concludes that both the diagnostic and initial assessment are considered to be important in the establishment of the starting point for the learners which helps in allowing the tutor and learner in agreeing to the smart goals and creation of the individual plan in specific and attainable for each of the learners. 

Task B: Investigation Report 


The investigation report focuses on the various investigations which should be given the head control on following the best practices for meeting the needs of the learner. The report focuses on the needs and planning of the learner which helps in promoting the individual behaviour and learner needs.

Importance of identification and meeting the needs of the learner

Meeting and identifying the needs of the individual learner focus on boosting the morale and encouraging them. This includes that the learner should focus on gaining the instruction from the mass which includes teaching and providing the individual with the prescribed instruction which helps the learner in understanding and grasping the concepts of education. There should be a focus on providing effective information about the various learning of the student (Hardy et al 2019). 

Own planning helps in meeting the needs of the learner

The own planning helps in meeting the needs of the learner as it includes the headed focus on inclusivity, styles, learners' p

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