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Unilever And Its Business Activities Assignment Sample

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Unilever And Its Business Activities Assignment Sample


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Mission statement

Unilever is a well-established company that provides consumer goods services globally. The mission statement of Unilever is the addition of variety in the life of people by meeting the needs of everyday nutrition, hygiene, as well as personal care to make the customer feel good along with getting more out of their life.

Corporate vision

Unilever has improved its business for people with the maintenance of a perfect vision. Their vision is to make a completely sustainable living place for people, as the belief of Unilever is that it is possibly the best selective way through which a business can experience growth in a long-term way.

Organization objectives

Unilever started its business with some important objectives such as:

  • To improve the health of billions of people along with the planet for improvement of tier confidence as well as well-being
  • To improve the sustainability of the supply chain along with the livelihood of people by reducing carbon footprint in business

Marketing activities

  • Website: Unilever uses websites as an important tool for the promotion of its services as well as products. Unilever uses websites mainly to provide information to customers for maintaining a sustainable as well as a customer-centric marketing strategy. Customer-led position theoretical approach is an important approach that indicates customers express their choice to marketers about their requirements. This theory helps understand insights of customers using which an organization promotes its services. Unilever has maintained its responsibility to inform people about their service in a sustainable process to achieve the target of business.
  • Social media: Unilever uses social sites for the promotion of its products in an innovative way. Unilever has the target to build trust for its potential customers by maintaining loyalty in information as well as in service. Social marketing theory can be a great example of this type of marketing strategy that indicates the strategy of promotion of socially valuable information. Unilever has maintained attractive social pages along with regular updating of information to achieve sustainable business goals.
  • Email marketing: Unilever uses email marketing for providing personalized promotional information to its customers. Unilever uses codes of international self-regulation to maintain the privacy of customers. Email marketing is an advanced digital strategy of marketing by Unilever through maintaining human rights as well as promoting a healthy image for maintaining sustainability.

Way of better marketing alignment

Unilever can upgrade its vision to be completely customer as well as environmentally centric through which the goals of the business can be aligned better. A vision of low carbon emissions along with the reduction of waste materials by using eco-friendly components can be useful to align all of their marketing activities. A proper vision in business planning can be helpful for Unilever to maintain sustainability as well as a competitive position by improving its marketing strategy with the maintenance of loyalty.

Personal insights

As per the outcome from the selected mission and vision of Unilever, I have understood that Unilever mainly promotes a customer-centric process in their marketing to maintain sustainability. Maintaining a healthy marketing promotion is helpful for Unilever to attract a large number of customers. Further, Unilever maintains loyalty by using rights codes for the safety of information of customers during marketing.

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