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Unit 11: Research Ethics Approval Form Assignment Sample

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Unit 11: Research Ethics Approval Form Assignment Sample


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Section Two: Project Summary

The research methods that were used in my project are:

  • Questionnaires
  • Use of Personal Records
  • Data Analysis
  • Action Gap

Section Three: Participants

Question: Will your research involve human participants?

Answer: Yes

Question: Who are the Participants?

Answer: Adults- 25-50 years

Question: Describe the process you will use to inform participants about what you are doing.

Answer: The process of informing the participants about what I will be doing will be broad. The first step will be identifying the firms from which the participants will be selected. I would aim to find a firm that will cooperate with me while I ask questions to its employees. After choosing the firm, the next step would be to select the employees. I will try to select some of the old experienced employees as well as some fresh employees who are new to the company. This will help me to obtain a wide variety of information. Once the choice of employees is done, I will start the process of informing the employees. I will approach each of the participants one by one and I will explain to them what the purpose behind the questions is. After explaining, if the participants agree I will start questioning them. Also, I will bring my official documents with me like my college id, student id, etc. which will help to prove my cause.

Question: How will you obtain consent from participants? Will this be written? How will it be made clear to participants that they may withdraw consent to participate at any time?

Answer: The consent will be in a written manner. I will draft a letter of consent which will contain all the details regarding the interview. I will also make sure to add every minute detail regarding the interview. The bottom of the page will contain this line ‘The participants can decide to withdraw their content at any time.’

Question: Studies involving questionnaires: Will participants be given the option of omitting questions they do not wish to answer?

Answer: Yes

Question: Studies involving observation: Confirm whether participants will be asked for their informed consent to be approved.

Answer: Yes

Question: Will you debrief participants at the end of their participation?

Answer: Yes

Question: Will participants be given information about the findings of your study?

Answer: Yes

Question: Confirm that all personal data will be stored and processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998)

Answer: Yes

Question: Who will have access to the data and personal information?

Answer: Access to the data will be given mostly to the participants of the interview and the researcher who is conducting the research. Further, the data can also be accessed by various university professors who will be researching the same topic in the future.

Question: Where will the data be stored?

Answer: Most of the data gathered will be stored in mobiles, laptops, files, and Pendrive.

Question: Will mobile devices, such as USB storage and laptops, be used?

Answer: Yes

Question: If yes, please provide further details:

Answer: The researcher will store all of the data collected during the data collection stage will be stored in Laptop, mobile, Pendrive, files, etc. The researcher has decided to store the data in the following devices because it will make the data easily accessible and usable. The researcher can open the laptop, Pendrive, or file anytime he wants and can easily study the data.

Question: Are there any particular features of your proposed work which may raise ethical concerns? If so, please outline how you will deal with these:

Answer: The following are the ethical concerns that were raised during the research:

  • confidentiality/anonymity- The participants were concerned about the confidentiality of the data, so the researcher decided to keep the data gathered from the participants confidential.
  • disclosures/limits to confidentiality- The data will only be provided to other researchers with proper cause and proof.
  • data storage and security, both during and after the research- During the research, the data will be stored and maintained by the researcher and after the research, it will be made available to other university students and professors who will be researching the same topic.

Question: I have read, understood and will abide by the [insert name of college/ centre] Research Ethics Policy:

Answer: Yes

Questions: I have discussed the ethical issues relating to my research with my tutor:

Answer: Yes

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