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Academic skills and studying with confidence Assignment Sample 2

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Academic skills and studying with confidence Assignment Sample 2


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Section 2


I had this realization that reflection can help me to be aware about the weaknesses and how it's affecting my studies. Reflection can help to identify these weaknesses such as the lack of interest in specific subjects. Reflection can help me to focus on my weaknesses so that I can develop interest in those subjects and improve my studies. Reflection also helps me to understand what I have been doing wrong that is affecting my studies such as I became aware of my poor writing skills which affected my studies.

Communication Skill

The three communication skills that I need for my studies are active listening, feedback and verbal communication. It is important to take feedback from the teachers so that they can tell me what subjects and skills on which I need to focus so that I can improve my studies. Active listening will help me to closely pay attention to what my teachers are saying which will help to deeply understand how to improve my studies (Ruiz de Azua et al. 2022). Verbal communication will help to resolve my queries of studies and clear all the doubts of studies.

Essay and Report Writing

The three qualities that are required for writing essays and reports are research, planning and writing skills. Writing skills is essential in choosing the correct words, terms, and having the proper language. Writing skills helps to create an attractive, impressive and influential report or essay. Research is the most important tool of report writing which helps the researcher to provide relevant information, data, graphs and charts so that it can enhance the quality, objectivity, accuracy, reliability and validity of the report. Planning helps to the entire body or structure of the reports.


A debate is generally organised where individuals or groups can participate to have an argument or contrast of ideas, opinions. Debate creates a platform to discuss a particular topic between two opposite parties. Online debates are generally happening with the use of digital tools such as Google meet or Skype. Online debates are a way of engaging the students in research in the online classrooms. Online debates have helped the students to develop critical thinking about a particular topic and enhanced their research skills as well.

Presentation Skills

The three qualities that are required for good presentation are great body language, verbal communication skills and confidence. Verbal communications and confidence will help to speak clearly with confirmation and without any nervousness or stress (Jones et al. 2019). Great body languages helps make the person look confident even if they feel nervous or anxious.  

Time Management

The strategies I use for time management are planning, decision making, prioritisation, setting boundaries and multitasking (Aeon et al. 2017). Initially, I make a list of the tasks that are most prior to me so that the important tasks do not get delayed and then I begin my planning of doing all the tasks. Decision making helps to set helps me to be specific about the allocated time for every task. Multitasking is an effective way that has helped me to increase my concentration and also complete the task at the same time.

Revision Strategies

The most effective approach for revising an exam is planning. It will help to decide what are the most important and difficult chapters that definitely need a revision so that time is not being utilised for the less important topics. Planning will also help to decide how much time will be required to revise a certain topic. This will cover the entire syllabus with a specific time scale.

Reference List

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Ruiz de Azua, S., Ozamiz-Etxebarria, N., Ortiz-Jauregui, M. A., & Gonzalez-Pinto, A. (2020). Communicative and social skills among medical students in Spain: a descriptive analysis. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(4), 1408. Retrieved on 15.02.2022 from https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/4/1408/pdf

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