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Assignment 1 � Cyber Resilience Assignment Sample

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Assignment 1 � Cyber Resilience Assignment Sample

Introduction (2nd Slide) 

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  • In a business organization, the strategy is to address the information or financial risk in a manner to grow the drive of business. 
  • “Cyber resilience” is the ability to prepare for the recovery and response to cyber-attacks
  • . In the emergence of over a few years from the past tradition of security measures.
  •  Enough protection of no longer spate of an organization. 
  •  In an organization, the protection against the severity of ensuring an attack continues the survival of attack detection. 

S.N: In the strategy of a business organization the informational or financial risk management to grow the drive of business. In the focus of keeping the response on the cyberattack, the organization suffers a lot of insecurity. The first element of the programmed involves the system of information in access to unauthorized systems. Without enough protection for an organization the organization spate no longer. 

3.0 Principle of Cybersecurity in design (3rd Slide, 4th Slide, 5th Slide)

3rd Slide

Principle of Cybersecurity in design (3rd slide)

  • In the principle of a cybersecurity design system, the creation of a system is designed securely.
  •  The design is accessed in the identification of a short time address. (Kott et al. 2021)
  • Making difficult compromise design with the security of applying concepts using harder techniques for the systems or data.

S.N: The principle of design in cybersecurity creates the system of design securely. In the access of design, the identification can be done in a period of a short time. In the access of design, the identification made for a short period of time addresses the access of cybersecurity design. 

4th Slide 

Principle of Cybersecurity in design (Continues)

  • In the making of disruption, the services rely on the value of critical technology in terms of delivery.
  • In the high value of critical services, the technology relies on the delivery of essential technology which is available for hard attack in data systems. 
  • In the detection of critical services on technologies, the case of percentage gives down time in making zero. (Kott and Linkov 2021)
  • In the reduction of natural design the severity of impact compromises the chances of best positions. 

S.N: In the high value of critical services the technology relies on the terms of delivery. In the reduction of natural design the natural design shows the hard attack of the data system. 

Principle of Cybersecurity in design (5th Slide) (Continues)

5th Slide

  •  In the minimum setting of attack in the system of production exploit the growth of the network with new features.
  • In the existence of production the system increased into the features of risk in security for the features and interferences. (Huang et al. 2021)
  • In the system of production the number of roles reduces and avoids the shortage of confidential data.(Zhu et al. 2022)
  • In the operation control of web applications in the firewall intrude the detect system among the prevention. 

S.N: The minimum setting of attack in the growth of production exploits the network within the confidential data. 

4.0 Principle of cybersecurity analysis (6th, 7th, and 8th slide)

6th Slide

  • In the principle of cybersecurity, the information provides the oversight and leadership of cyber security.
  • In the value system of identification data can be determined on the basis of identity. 
  • The integrity, availability and confidential data can be determined with documentation. 
  • The risk of security and the process of managing risk networks into the framework.(Zhang et al. 2020)
  • In the identification of documents and risks throughout the life of operational data.

S.N: The information of principle and security oversight the leadership of cyber security. In the value system the identification can be determined on the basis of system analysis. 

7th Slide (Continues)

  • In the protection principle of cybersecurity, the deployed and maintenance value required integration.
  • In the system of application, the suppliers are trusted by the cost of services.
  • In the reduction of attacks in systems, the application configures the attackers.
  • In the system of manners, the mitigated applications are turned into software for time management. (Lin et al. 2020)
  • The encrypted data supports the application of code in the execution of systems. 

S.N: In the cybersecurity of principle the maintenance and deployed value is required for the process of integration. The communication between the systems is inspectable and controlled. 

8th Slide (Continuous)

  • In the multiple methods of authentication, some data with responsibilities required the duty of authentication.
  • In detecting the manner of cyber security for the event of analysis in time.
  • In the incident of cybersecurity and the recovery plan of disaster enacted with the required business for the plan. (Shah et al. 2022)
  • In the incomplete security of cyber principle, the poor and HOC levels of management develop the principle of ad hoc and poor manners.

S.N: In the method of authentication of responsibilities required for the duty in an authentication manner analyze the detection of time analysis. 

5.0 New online system of Acme Software (9th 10th)

(9th Slide)

  • In the new ways of customization the solution of creating technology for making the work efficient. 
  • In the discussion of the fresh angle, the emerging technology and latest technology provide the skills of high professions. (Jaradat et al. 2020)
  • In the skills of dedication, the performances can be done in the services and sales of highest level performances. (Hernandez et al. 2019)
  • The latest technologies give the skills of performance at the highest levels. 
  • In a lot of challenges, the success of knowledge can be faced with different activities. 

S.N: In the new way of customization for creating the technologies in work efficiencies required high skills solution of work in an organization. In the dedication skills, the performances of the highest level can be made with sales and services. In terms of the latest technologies, the services and sales can be qualified in need of esteemed customers. 

10th Slide (Continues)

  • Every fresh angle project can be discussed in the industry of IT and ITES in a unique combination of evaluation for the availability of different solutions.(Song et al. 2020)
  • Proving the training of projects in the means of effective cost and the technologies based on the department in increasing the work efficiencies. 
  • In the discussion of making the technology the solution of work in the team of 100 professionals maen to create the efficiency of technology in an organization. (Hamilton et al. 2020)
  • People with the latest skills and technology emerge with the highest exposure of current emerging people. 

S.N: In the fresh angle of protection the discussed industries of ITES and IT is termed as an unique combination for the availability of different solutions(Ganin et al. 2019). In providing new training for newcomers the technologies and cost increase the efficiency of work. 

6.0 SDLC Software development life cycle ensures the design and the creation of software system (11th, 12th, and 13th ) 

11th Slide

  • SLDC is the methodology for the creation of processes that refers to software of high quality.
  • SLDC focuses on the development of software in the creation of high quality software.
  • SLDC required analysis for the planning of software design like architectural, testing deployment.
  • SLDC is the flow of well structured phase helps in an organization to produce quick quality of high software. (Ji et al. 2020)
  • In SLDC six phases of models are involved.

S.N: In the creation of high-quality software the methodology focuses on the development of planning with the quality of high graphics software.

12th Slide (Continues)

  • SLDC is the software of the lowest cost in improving the achievement of projects for the development of industries in IT. 
  • In the new system of requirements anticipate the mistake of cost in failing the facts of foxes. 
  • In many organizations, the life cycle of software development requires analysis of development, testing and planning. (Bellini et al. 2020)
  • In the identification of current problems, the weakness and strengths of stakeholders improve the goal of current systems. 

S.N: SLDC is the software of the lowest cost for the improvement of achieving the project in the developed industries of IT.

13th Slide Continues

  • In terms of design in SDLC, it starts tuning for the design and specification of software in the planning of design specifications. 
  • In the crucial plan of stakeholders, the collection of documents failed in the stage of overruns cost. (Bagnoli et al. 2019)
  • In the certain cost of overruns, the total collapse and projects put them into the worst stage of the design. 

S.N: In the term of design SDLC it turns into the specifications and design for the planning of software (Bellini et al. 2019). In the actual design of practices and style, the code gives the accurate guidelines of the project. 

7.0 User registration using systems of PayPal and World pay (14th and 15th )

14th Slide

  • In the system of user registration in World pay in merchant configuration, there are different active menus for the set active payment type and edit gateway. 
  • Acceptance of PayPal and World pay required the credit of card statements in the name of the customer& s plan. (Ganin et al. 2019)
  • In the interval of retry, the attempt fails for the process of minimum cc is required to submit in the process of registration. (Linkov et al. 2019)
  • In the merchant bank of world pay, the installation ID is required to give for the system registration. 
  • By clicking the query in submit the settings page is in turn for the system of query to click in submit.

S.N: In the system of user registration the merchant group of Worldpay is required to activate the menu of different types of active payment(vugrin et al. 2018). In the interval of retry, the transaction of Worldpay declined for H-Sphere transactions.

15th Slide (Continues)

  • In settings of information about the payments the business account callback for the tools of business in the account of world pay.
  •  In the section of the installation, the option of configuration requires checking the callback of the enabled box. 
  • The setting of PayPal in the registered business account accepts the registration of PayPal.
  • In the registration of the world, the main setting of time is tuned as a false store of the main settings. In the checkout settings, the account of the online transaction is enabled in the configuration page of the merchant. (Labaka et al. 2020)
  • In the submission of payment, the customers check out with the store of main settings at the same time. 

S.N: In the business of payment the information callback into the tools of account for the World pay in business(Jacobs et al. 2020). For the settings of a registered business, the registration accepts checking the callback of enabling boxes. 

8.0 Lifecycle of software development system( Lifecycle of software development like agile, spiral, and waterfall)(16th, 17th and 18th Slide) 

16th Slide

  •  Lifecycle of a software development system in Agile the series of products in stages goes into the six phases of a system like interaction, inception, maintenance, release and retirement. 
  • In the cycle of depending on the chosen period the team scrums into the interactions of roles defined as the scrum. (Hernates et al. 2020)
  • In the end of teams the goal of every software development user developed the software on time. 

S.N: In the software system the development is agile in a series of stages and those are inception, interaction, release, maintenance and retirement. The cycle of depending on the periods of chosen interactions, roles and retirement defined the life cycles. 

17th Slide (Continues)

  • In the design of spiral models, the business gathers from the baseline of spiral models to identify the systems of phases in the analysis of deployed products. 
  • The phases include the identification of the market in the analysis of systems at the end of spiral products. 
  • In the phase of design in the spiral model, the proof of concepts can be done with the higher quality of built-in feedback from customers. (Carías et al. 2020)
  • In the risk of analysis the customer's slippage the model of spiral activities among each phase of spiral models. 

S.N: In the construction of building the spiral model is used widely in the industry of process for the product of development in the firms of minimum risks of development firms. The higher quality of the building requires the budget of constraints for the evaluation of high risks projects. 

18th Slide (Continues)

  • In the waterfall model, the design of SDLC is used as the success of the approach in the separate phases of business. Typically act as the development of illustration in the sequence of input among the model of the waterfall. 
  • In the analysis and gathering of the requirements within the possibilities developed the capture system helps in the definition of capture in the system of architecture. In designing the systems the overall systems of architecture specify the hardware designing systems to develop in-unit testings.(Arrizabalaga et al. 2020)
  • The function and non Function of the testing done with the enhancement of the product required the issues of purchase in doing the maintenance among the customers. (Ji et al. 2020)

S.N: In the track of the waterfall the design of SLDC required the development of an illustration model in the waterfall. 

9.0 (Identification of securities flaw) (19th Slide, 20 Slide)

  •  Flaws of security freaked out in the pros of security for the vulnerabilities of the state based on the hackers of Iran rogue to the cryptocurrency.
  • In the detection of utility the extension of consumers in the electronics or the digital species of the password that allows the free password to the attackers can be accessed easily
  • In the development of maintained platforms the devices of the medical navigation system claims into the security of draunting the malicious start of exploitation. 
  • In case of featured the storm of security believe in the terms of matter into the exploitation of start in hacked 

S.N: In the flaws of security the state of security freaked out in the base of hackers for the rogue of cryptocurrencies. In the utility of detention their attackers and free passwords are accessed easily in the maintained development for the draunting of exploitations. 

(Identification of securities flaw) (Continues)

  • In terms of white box testing the quality assure the inform testing box of security in the part of documentation allows the efficiency of tester in the system of threat model. 
  •  Most efficient security of vulnerabilities complete the generation of interfaces in the test of quicker Obstrucity. 
  • In the security services for the determination of design in the software attacks the mitigations of white boxes. 
  • In the session of randomness, the small and usual mistakes are made to generate the session of the white box. (Hossain et al. 2018)
  • In the case of black-box testing, the leak free program can be made with the manipulation of complement in the swear of white boxing test.

S.N: The test of white boxes in the assurance of quality allows the efficiency of the tester in the system. In the services of security, the complete interfacer of the generation tests the obstruction of quick security.

10. Conclusion (21 Slide)

  • In the current technologies, the connections of the network are crucial for the connection of cybersecurity. 
  • In the firm of IT the company protect the equality of new technology behind the attcakers fall behind the better usage of hacking. 
  • In the process of sensitive data the software and cyber attacks are the application of resources in cyber attacks.
  • In the process of sensitive data and networks the system can be accessed for the systems of data that cab be exatrcat in the point. 

S.N: The current technologies of the network connection are in the point of crucial in cyber security of current technologies. In the firm of IT the quality of protecxtion can be done in the form of better usage in hacking. The data of sensitive software and hackers required for the resources among the software attacks. 

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