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Business Performance Analysis Assignment Sample

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Business Performance Analysis Assignment Sample


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Part 1

Task 1

Question 1

Based on the given case, it can be identified that the restaurant chain business Beef Shake is operating in London with 12 restaurants. In addition, This business started the operation in the year 2000 with a vision to grow faster in the UK market and in the first 14 year it grew faster. Add to that, Beef Shake has gained 6 % of market share between the years 2014 to 2019.

In this growing business operation, the major issue faced by beef shake is decreasing revenue due to sudden shock of Covid19 and its continuous waves (Dzenopoljac et al. 2018). In addition, Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the restaurant business managed the profitability but the expected growth has not been met. In the current business environment, the major problems facing the beef shake are generating greater value than the existing competitors in the market so that a large number of potential customers can be acquired. Apart from that, it can be found based on the report of 2019, that the employee turnover rate in the hospitality sector in the United Kingdom is around 12%. A higher turnover shows the efficiency in employee hiring process and ineffective management of human resources within the business therefore this increased turnover rate in the hospitality sector is a great problem of the business.

Question 2
In evaluating several available issues in the business environment, the issue tree can be effective. Add to that, an issue tree assists in showing several dimensions of risks and inefficiency in the process. Therefore, designing an effective issue tree in the business process of beef shake, it can be found that budget inefficiency, employee turnover rate and some external environmental issues such as covid19 and increasing competition are the major aspects. In the context of making an issue tree MECE-”mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive”, different sub issues are needed to be directly or indirectly linked with each other so that solving one issue can assist in solving others (Gholipour and Foroughi, 2020). Based on the issue tree for the beef shake, it can be found there are several sub issues that are interlinked where mitigating one can bring efficiency in other activity.

Question 3
This section is associated with the report of showing essential ways for solving all the issues.
Effective Budget
It is an essential task to bring efficiency in the budget in this dimension; it needs to focus on the efficiency of “labor rate and quantity variance” and “materials price and quantity variance”. It can show the minimum required input to gain maximum output.
Employee Turnover
In this context, effective succession planning is required to estimate the future requirement of employees. Apart from that, it needs to consider employees, satisfaction factors, policy, environment and others.
External Environmental Issue
In dealing with competitors and set back of Covid19, it needs to create value for the customers with an augmented level of services.

Task 2

Question 1
Based on the given case, it can be identified that the client Grimini is associated with produces magazines and its lines consist of women’s and men’s health as well as pre-teen magazines. In addition, based on the market report of 2020, it has been observed that the magazines related to women’s and men’s health are going down per year by 20% and 14% respectively (Esmaeel et al. 2018). Add to that, based on the same year report of 2020, it has been found that pre-teen magazines have grown by 12%.
In this dimension, it can be found that the UK magazines market size is very large, based on the data of 2019to 2020 around 44.2 million people read magazines every year. In this dimension, it is needed to estimate the potential market share for Grimini for meeting the targeted sales revenue. In this portion the goal is to gain 2 million GBP as revenue from UK circular. In this dimension, it has been identified that UK magazines have gained 2.5% of market share by media advertising. In this aspect it can be said that Grimini can gain an effective market share of 4 to 5% by conducting effective marketing campaigns based on change in interests or behavioral changes of the target audience (Varadarajan, 2020). In achieving this market share, effective content is needed to produce based on customer groups where creation of effective posters and conducting media advertisements can influence buying behavior of customers.

Question 2
Based on the findings of the above section, it can be identified that effective content is needed to be produced for making an effective fold poster. In addition, in generating this poster images and infographics are required to be included based on age, perception, belief and interests of customers so that strong personalized communication can be generated. Based on the findings in the above section, it can be understood that UK magazines have achieved 2.5% of market share by media advertising where the role of personalized communication is the crucial aspect (Varadarajan, 2020). Therefore, based on the age, gender and interests of the target audience, all the key aspects are needed to be included in the poster for gaining an effective engagement rate and to meet the expected revenue of 2 million GBP.

Question 3
According to the above analysis, it can be observed that the UK market size of magazines is very large where the client Gemini has a large opportunity to attract an effective market share with propeller market research and marketing strategies. It has been identified that customers engagement rate is an essential aspect for retaining them longer to gain long term value.
In this context, Gemini needs to consider the application of powered AI tools in producing effective contents for more targeted personalization. Add to that, implementation of AI in marketing activities can assist in generating content based on customer profile and also assist in conducting market surveys to measure the satisfaction level of customers.

Task 3

Question 1
The business process of Zonder is associated with producing plant meat that is made by soya and fungi. The market size of the UK is very large where it is the projection that this size would reach 726.8 million USD by the year 2025 (Malesios et al. 2021). In this dimension, Zonder requires a penetration pricing strategy to enter into different new markets in the domestic environment.

Question 2

Question 3
The plan food industry is fast growing in the UK environment where there is great opportunity for Zonder for enhancing sales revenue. Add to that, there are a number of people shifting towards veg food where plant based meat can be a great alternative. Based on the data of 2019, UK plant based food market size was around 489.2 million USD and it is the projection that the CAGR- “compound annual growth rate” of this market would be 6.8% between the year 2022 to 2025 (Kumar et al. 2018). Therefore, making an effective value proposition strategy has a great opportunity to gain a large number of potential costumes. Apart from that, there are some threats regarding competitors and substitutes available in the environment. In the UK environment there are some major competitors of Zonder such as Vbites, Beyond Meat, Gardien, Tofurky. Add to that, these existing competitors are the major market forces that can resist in penetrating the market. In this dimension, any close substitution product based on quality, taste and price can increase substitutional threat for Zonder.

Question 4
Based on the above discussion, it can be observed that applying a porter forces model several market forces for the business can be evaluated so that a future positioning strategy can be developed to gain a competitive advantage.

Part 2

Task 1

Question 1

The grocery delivery company Zap is associated with delivering local groceries within 15 minutes in London. Based on table 2.1, it can be identified that 60% of people are comfortable with mobile technology and 40% are not. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the issues of customers in the online business process so that solving all the issues, huge revenue can be generated by increasing the order.

Question 2
Based on the data of table 2.2 regarding binomial tests, it can be said that the total number of respondents are 120 for the collective view regarding mobile technology. In this test, it has been observed that 72 people are comfortable and 48 people are not. In this aspect, it can be found that the proportional value for No is 0.4 and for Yes is 0.6 that shows most of the customers knows to use technologies to make order, track order, give feedback and others (Varadarajan, 2020). Add to that, the proportion of No can be observed also high where effective strategy is needed to make such as developing a team to guide and teach customers regarding operating new technologies and to solve other challenges facing. In the current business environment, the business process of Zap is involved with issues regarding inefficiency in service delivery that must be resolved effectively to gain a competitive advantage and to expand business operation faster in the UK environment.

Question 3
According to the Chi Square test, it can be observed that the value of the comparative measure is 0.385. In this dimension, it can be said that a number of people are not comfortable with mobile technology. Therefore, an effective step is needed to be taken regarding guiding or teaching about new technologies for making and tracking an order (Varadarajan, 2020). Generating effective service delivery an strong physical evidence can be generated in the competitive environment.

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