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Business Strategy Assignment Sample

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Business Strategy Assignment Sample


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A strategy is the set of activities or decisions that help a firm accomplish its goals and strategies. By executing operations, fulfilling customer needs, and achieving intended outcomes, managers gain an advantage in the marketplace (Birnleitner and Student, 2013). In the corporate world, a long-term strategy is used to achieve a certain goal.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited’s internal and external environments will be examined in order to develop an effective business plan. This research focuses on the macroenvironment’s influence and impact on the development and progress of organizations. Due to its key shortcomings and advantages in the market, the internal environment of the business ought to be accessible by a diversity of concepts and theories (Szyliowicz et al., n.d). To assist readers, understand the organization’s strategic approach, ideas and practices are explained in depth.
Among my duties at Jaguar Land Rover is to perform an environmental assessment and draught a future strategic management plan based on acknowledged internally and externally analytical methods while also taking JLR’s development and expansion objectives into consideration as a trainee Strategic Planning Manager.


“Macro Environmental Impact and Influence on Organisation”

When attempting to assess the viability of a firm, researchers should consider several factors that give important insights and information for obtaining desired goals, as stated by Makadok, Burton and Barney (2018). In order to build a strategic plan, a company must first determine its mission, vision, and key objectives. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) seems to be the UK’s largest which is one of the world’s most well-known automakers, with a worldwide presence. Coventry, England, serves as the company’s headquarters as well as being a subsidiary of Tata Motors (Bryson and George, 2020). Jaguar’s custom automotive bodywork is produced using high-quality machinery and technology.
After the Second World War, Jaguar and British Leyland began creating luxury saloons and sports automobiles, which later included Rover. With the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) by Tata Motors in 2008, JLR became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Indian automaker.

Mission of Jaguar Land Rover: 
Jaguar Land Rover’s aim is to make people happy by anticipating and surpassing their requirements and aspirations via its focus on innovation and design (Rezmer, 2018). To them, quality and excellence go hand in hand with providing excellent customer service.

JLR’s Vision:
Jaguar Land Rover’s idea for a luxury tiny on-demand automobile in 2040 after that is the Future-Type concept, created to suit the mobility needs of future generations. A revolutionary narrow-body, fully automated yet drivable vehicle with semi-tandem 2+1 seats is being launched to optimise city driving and parking even while introducing novel amenities such as face-to-face “social” seating (Bosco-Santos et al., n.d). New technology makes it safer to drive with another person behind the wheel.

JLR’s Objectives:
It’s important to Jaguar Land Rover’s long-term strategy that environmental innovation is a top priority. When pursuing their goals, organisations must be in harmony with their environment.

Analysis of JLR’s Macro Environment

Internal and external influences on a firm’s ability to perform comprise all of the elements that not only shape opportunities, but also represent threats to that organisation (Darvizeh, 2018). These factors have a direct impact on decisions, outcomes, and strategy. The PESTLE framework is used to analyse the external environment of JLR.
The PESTLE framework is used to analyse the external environment of JLR.
As Mukherjee (2022) points out, political situation is a crucial factor in attracting a large client base on a global scale. There are several Jaguar Land Rover locations across the globe. As a consequence, rules must take into account the unique political and governance structures of each nation, as well as the demands of the Finance & Accounting industry. The transfer of management and the implementation of new regulations in the most important market provide a significant challenge for JLR (Boccacino et al., 2018). Reduced tax policy from the local government may be available to companies who are innovative and ecologically friendly. For Jaguar Land Rover, political unrest or other industry changes that might lead to a shift in goals are always front of mind.
Positive: This may be seen as a benefit for Jaguar Land Rover, since it is a worldwide company with ties to countries throughout the world. As a consequence, the company may easily accept any political shift.
Negative: JLR’s existing markets have grown more volatile as a consequence of dealing with multiple legislation and international pressure.

Economic factors:
When it comes to the production of commodities or the advancement of technology, economic considerations impact payment methods (Aula and Mantere, 2020). Growth in JLR is affected by government spending reductions or limits on lending and borrowing on a day-to-day basis. Because of the upgraded infrastructure, JLR is able to use more effective transport and communication systems. Profit margins as well as pricing will have to increase as a result of a rise in inflation.
Positive: Jaguar Land Rover has a healthy financial position and also helps other countries’ economy, which allows JLR and these nations to cooperate (Mulcahy-Ernt and Caverly, 2018). It is also assisted by the company’s opportunity to reach financial markets and the existence of liquidity in stock markets, which aids in its global growth.
Negative: Since current countries have varied tax rates and economic instability, JLR’s corporation is negatively affected.

Sociological factors:
A company’s daily operations are shaped by a myriad of social factors, such as the general public’s altering tastes and p

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