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Consumers� Perception Of Fast Fashion In Sustainability Assignment Sample

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Consumers� Perception Of Fast Fashion In Sustainability Assignment Sample


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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction

Social networking websites and digital platforms have become an integral part of the human lifestyle. Being an important part of the human lifestyle, the specifications of customers and their behaviour toward a particular brand or product is eventually facilitated by social media posts. Most customers these days are acquainted with some fast fashion products that are associated with digital media platforms in which different types of advertisement are displayed by brands and organisations that eventually influences the purchase decision of the customers. The scope of creating and awareness among the customers are typically evaluated in the fast fashion industry platform that acts as a major proof in terms of deriving the buying decision of the customers with a touch of sustainability in the UK fashion industry. The study will be focusing on the UK fashion industry and the way it is incorporating sustainability in its first fashion production services that are extremely impactful to understand the perception of the customers. This is when the integration of product sustainability and customer perception awareness can be incorporated with the touch of digital media platforms that are reliable in the UK fashion industry.

1.2 Background of the study

It has been observed that social media being an integral aspect of human activities it is even a better aspect for business orientation that focuses on the creation of awareness among the customers who are acquainted with social media platforms. The intense development in the UK fast fashion industry has influenced a better approach of technology incorporated into the human lifestyle that has eventually perceived the way customers take their decision in terms of investing or buying a product. With time online shopping and purchase attributes have increased intensely and most of the customers are accessing some of the other forms of online shopping. This helps to draw attention to the fact that customers are using social media platforms a lot these days and concentrates on the fast fashion sustanability. The framework of these social media networks is integrated with advertisements of different online shopping websites that are intensely creating awareness (Voramontri and Klieb, 2019). Moreover, social media focuses on the consistent evaluation of information and ensures a product sustainability that eventually acts as a better approach for optimising customer acquisition and retention. Therefore it can be specified that the customer interaction on the social media platforms has become a clear concept for the optimization of creating brand value and awareness of the UK fashion fashion companies. This differentially helps to decide the scope of customer decision in terms of purchase over the online shopping platforms in the UK fashion industry. Therefore, it can be stated that customers these days are heavily influenced by social networks that eventually help to perceive the online purchase decision and it certainly has both positive and negative aspects on the UK fast fashion brands.

1.3 Rationale of the Study

The selected study focuses on the perception of social networks and platforms and the way these attributes are helpful in deriving the customer perception. Through the study, the understanding of the UK fashion industry framework that has been incorporated by the social media platform and the number of customers using it has become a prominent reason that helps to understand the intense growth of fast fashion shopping options. In addition to this, the study will be focusing on the major underlying factors that have consistently been used by the social networking platform to ensure customer retention and attraction at its best (Cao et al. 2021). It is important to mention that the behaviour of customers and their aspect towards the making of purchase decisions are heavily influenced by external factors and social networking sites are one of them that has eventually made online shopping extremely common for the customers. These are the main facts that will be discussed in the selected study. 

1.4 Research Aim

This research aims to explore the consumers perception of sustainability and how this awareness influences customers purchase behaviour regarding first fashion products. The research also covers the ways the fashion industry of the UK can enhance its products sustainability.

1.5 Research Objectives

There are some valuable objectives based on which the researcher will be proceeding with the study. The following are the objectives for the selected study that are listed below.

  • To explore consumer expectation and awareness of sustainable fashion.
  • To identify the significant factors that affect the consumers purchase behaviour.
  • To uncover fast fashion brands activities in implementing sustainable practices.
  • To explain the importance of sustainability within the fast fashion industry.
  • To recommend ways and which fast fashion companies can enhance sustainability.

1.6 Research Questions

The following are the questions that are associated with the selected research based on which the research will be answering the questions in order to evaluate a successful outcome by the end of the study.

  • How do consumers' perceptions and actions impact the future of fast fashion?
  • Why do fast fashion companies need to enhance their sustainability practices?

1.7 Significance of the study

The selected study focuses on the main idea that helps to understand the perception of the UK fashion industry and the way it has helped to understand the behaviour of the customers especially when it comes to fast fashion purchasing options. Moreover, the study signifies the inter-relationship between social media and online shopping websites that has collaboratively helped to create awareness among the customers that have eventually derived their purchasing decisions (Akar and Dalgic, 2018). The study will also help to understand the background of factors that influence the purchase decision of the customers who are associated with some of the other social media platforms and network accordingly. The study will also synthesise the advantages and negative factors of the UK's fashion industry sustainability in terms of deriving online customer behaviours and purchases. 

1.8 Structure of the Dissertation

The following is the structure of the dissertation.

1.9 Summary

The chapter of introduction has helped to focus on the background of the study that helps to specify the significance of the selected topic of the dissertation. Additionally, this chapter has helped to introduce the topic followed by the evaluation of the research aim, questions and objectives that will help to provide a better structure and approach for the upcoming chapters of the dissertation.

Chapter 2: Literature review

2.1 Introduction

This chapter of the literature review focuses on the evaluation of different things that are associated with the selected subject matter. Understanding the perception of social media p

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