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Designing The Customer Experience Assignment Sample

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Designing The Customer Experience Assignment Sample

1. Introduction

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1.1 Context and background

The customers will be able to enjoy multiple activities such as boat riding, canyoning, spa, cocktail part, live music and eco-friendly lunch. In addition to this, the respective property consists of other facilities, including a casino, bar, and garden (Tigerpalace, 2022). Under the package of TPR, different types of facilities such as presence of the effective level of adventure, spa and message, welcome drinks and a warmed welcome, breakfast in bed or the floating breakfast, experience of live music and ability to meet with new personnel are included. 

1.2 Contents of the report

The report's main aim is to provide information to the package, regarding the experiences of the package of TPR. The resort is responsible for explaining the importance of applying the packages at the operation level and its way of satisfying the demand of target customers. 

2. Description of the package

In the respective package of TPR, the facilities that are provided are a safety box, bathroom shared with a shower, flat-screen TV, electric teapot, minibar, and fridge (Tigerpalace, 2022). In the package, there is mention of adventure as well which includes canyoning, climbing, white water sports, hiking, and potholing. In case of performing the activity of canyoning, it will allow the customers to continue the activity at David Fall. The adventurous activity is expected to be occurring in the western part of Nepal. In addition to allowing customers in participating in canyoning, there is the presence of guides as well along with proper equipment for canyoning such that the safety of the customer is maintained properly. In the package, there is the presence of other additional facilities such as a spa which includes massage. The massage is done on full body with two types of ingredients such as sand which is pearly white and mustard oil which is organic.

The foods that are served to the loyal and target customers are made as per customers' choice, and the time of serving is decided by customers only. As stated by ?tefan et al. (2020), two types of breakfast are given to the respective tribes, including buffet and continental. Apart from this, the breakfast is served to them in their favorite place, such as floating breakfast in the swimming pool that is present in the outdoor area or bedrooms. The package is for mainly sensation-oriented tribes and mainly focuses on adventure-oriented audiences and prefers to have different adventures on their trips. If customers book the resort for marriage purposes, it has an accommodation capacity of more than 100 guests, where it costs less than NPR per head 3200.

The price of the resorts is based on the occasions and festivals, which are seen to be different with the availability of discounts and offers. The hiking that is to be performed on the 2nd day of the tour includes exploring the old market of west Nepal. On the same, day boating is done in Lumbini Lake followed by having lunch in an eco-friendly outlet. The tribes will be able to acquire knowledge regarding environmental concerns and ways to protect it. In the evening at a cocktail party, different types of drinks such as classic food are to be done. The facilities of floating breakfast, boating, and canyoning and hiking will not only allow them to spend quality time, yet able to post the moments on social media such as Instagram.

3. Ways the package meets target groups' needs and fits with current trends

3.1 The experience and the tribe

Sinus Milieus is known as the motivation that is provided to society that is comprised of multiple lifestyles such as life goals and values and therefore it is easier to obtain the respective tribe.In contrast to this, the price of the package that is for only two nights amounts to around ?11,000 whereas the change in the price of the package occurred based on the up gradations of the total number of days the clients are waiting in the hotels. In addition to this, another important factor that matters the most is the individual's accommodations. One of the significant reasons behind choosing the particular package of TPR is the presence of greenery as well as adventure related task which is an exceptional concept in the package. The advantageous clients have never been able to enjoy and achieve such kind of package that is provided by TPR and hence are overwhelmed. The people who prefer adventure in vacation time are found to be more eager the package as it provides them relaxation and a better feeling advantage due to the presence of a spa. The up-gradation in services and packages has been efficiently being able to include innovation which completely filled the gaps such as the lack of digitalization in hotels. The package has a b connection with hygiene as in case of the hospitality sector, customers prefer hygiene mostly. It is directly associated with the health aspects of the individual and based on this; the satisfaction level of customers also varies. 

In order to make the trip of the clients more enjoyable, memorable, and excited, the entire tour package is designed accordingly with an innovative idea. The target customers primarily demand being welcomed by the hotel authority, which is present in the package of TPR (Tigerpalace, 2022). A warm welcome is provided to the clients with not only a welcome drink, yet Namasteyis performed by five kids, all of them are girls. The girls are used for welcoming as it is counted to be a lucky charm in Nepal. Therefore, before starting the vacation, good luck is provided to all the guests. One of the most important duties of TPR as a hospitality selector is to permit the employees permission such that they can achieve their love and belonging needs properly. The respective needs can be fulfilled by selling rooms based on customers' p

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