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Employment Relationship Management Assignment Sample

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Employment Relationship Management Assignment Sample


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“A Review of Emerging developments in approaches to employee voice and engagement”

Employee voice denotes how employees communicate their views to their superiors and influence workplace behavior. It helps employers in both countries build open and trusting relationships with their staff, which can help their companies succeed. Effective speaking benefits employers because it increases employee trust, creativity, efficiency, and organizational improvement (Wilkinson et al., 2018). Professionals who use their voices should communicate to feel more respected, have higher job satisfaction, have more influence, and have more prospects for promotion. In addition, employees must be involved to promote inclusive and safe workplaces. Consequently, the review for employee engagement is based on creating a positive working culture for REBU so that the personnel feels inspired and enthusiastic about their work. Therefore, engaged employees tend to take an optimistic approach in their work and take positive initiatives that develop the reputation and inert of the REBU.

“Three recommendations on how REBU can improve approaches to employee voice and engagement based on your review. The recommendations must include clear and actionable justifications”

Recommendation One

Based on the review cited above, employee voice has typically been suggested to encourage more employee-centered leadership styles (Buras, Kulhan and Improvisations, 2020.). It can be justified that employee voice emerges when employees feel able, to be honest, and trustworthy. Senior leaders in REBU should ensure that personnel voice mechanisms are built into decision-making at the highest level.

Recommendation Two

Based on the above review of employee engagement for REBU for better working lives, which suggests that can ensure that REBU employees are well informed. Feedback or the encrypted review for employee engagement holds (Arifin, Nirwanto, and Manan, 2019). REBU employees crave feedback about their services for food delivery and transportation. The feed tends to influx the level of engagement. It is the REBU mid-level management establishes a regular review session for their team over the impending initiatives to improve employee engagement.

Recommendation Three

Employees must be given information in a non-discriminatory manner. It may be unrealistic to expect employees to contribute meaningfully if senior management is seen as sitting at their desks gathering and assessing data alone. Workers with a b voice are placed in inherently dialogic situations. Further, it is not only about employees providing input to the firm. It’s also about educated dialogue, co-created concepts, and the transmission of management knowledge down to build a well-informed staff that feels invested in its success.

 “The interrelationship between employee voice and organizational performance focusES on high-performance work practices” 

 A powerful voice subsidizes construction through the worker, revolution, efficiency, and administrative upgrading for the owners. The perspective that impacts the organizational outcome tends to include employee behavior in more particular and encourages the employee to act in several ways. Consequently, when the employee voice channels work, the employee feels more valued, trusted, and influential. This will increase their job satisfaction and performance (Miao et al., 2020). For the worker, a compelling employee voice can mean a better relationship with the employer, and ultimately, it can improve organizational performance.

Further, the relationship tens to suggest that, in time of a higher voice that makes informed decisions making, the organizational performance increase. Workers who raise their voices are often are is tend to like the process for better work. The linkage between worker speech and organizational presentation has been recognized.

Employees can influence work decisions by using HPWPs to improve their knowledge, skills, flexibility, and motivation, expecting the firm to provide them with the capacity and opportunity to do so (Della Torre, 2019). Organizations want their staff to be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, increasing their productivity and effectiveness

The following are the primary characteristics of HPWPs in organizations, according to Pfeffer (1998):

  • Hiring is highly competitive, and the selection process is complicated.
  • Local labor markets and job security
  • Education, training, and growth are all available to you.
  • Employee participation, information exchange, and employee voices are essential factors.
  • Identity groups work collaboratively(Brinck, Otten, and Hauff, 2019).
  • Intelligence and ego
  • Inequalities in rank are no longer an issue.

Higher performance work practices over the rating between employee voice and organizational performance matters because it benefits from reduced employee turnover while cursing. Their productivity and financial performance. It also indicates the HPWPs, which can be the source of competitive advantages as long as the managerial follow to align with the existing organizational feature with the steric and opting objective (Sheehan and Garavan, 2021).

“An assessment of surveys, suggestion schemes and team meetings as approaches that can be used drive employee engagement”

Survey approaches to drive employee engagement. 

Employee engagement goes past events, games, and activities and is defined by commitment and enthusiasm. Employee happiness has a bearing on business performance. The benefits are priceless. Personnel who are involved have a general interpretation for a corporation to comprehend their function for where they are suitable and what they can subsidize. Further, participation is a crucial differentiator for growth and innovation. This firm needs an engaged workforce to understand for corporation’s wants improved. A gratification review has been set up for this. Therefore, they are conducting employee engagement surveys frequently.

Suggestion scheme approaches to drive employee engagement

The different suggestive plans for the approaches would tend to cause employee engagement as the model of this firm’s core values and empty their mission, need to prioritize the feedback (Wang et al., 2019). Should concentrate on engaging the management to coordinate volunteer appointees and the top performance and reward achievements.

Teams meeting approaches to drive employee engagement

Collaboration is the central cohesion of this firm team, leading directly to a rise in employee engagement. Individuals will be more excited about the work if they are excited about it.

“discussion of the differences between employee involvement and employee participation” 

The chief difference between employee participation and employee involvement is that participation refers to the actual business activities that employees perform, whereas that is above the level of input for mining informed decisions about employees having to rage for the commercial actions to accomplish. Also, worker contribution fosters the team approach in which e group of staff completes a project. It used diverse skill sets to achieve the common set goals (Wang et al., 2019). It is also that employee involvement requires establishing a direct line of communication between employees and management to communicate and engage people in work-related activities. Both strategies can help individuals become more committed to attaining a shared goal. It is also that stabilities sensibly between contribution and participation would ensure that the employee tends to complete the project on time with greater efficiency. Both processes invite the leading player to the work process that defines when the contribution against participation for the heights is ideal, further for REBU participation and contribution, which involves policing all the chance to share the knowledge. It also ensures the realties with the leaders and the melee it also opens up the idea for acceptive each other ideas and makes the workplace a better place.


An employee concept powerfully depicts the individual hired to work for this firm for better pay in return for the quality of work. Therefore, to design better working life for REBU by promoting sensible physical and mental health work practices that mainly encourage and advertise the mental health promotion. Further, prevention for everyone involves physical exercise, proper nutrition, utilization of green space, volunteering, and giving (Oakman et al., 2020). Also, decent parent, a social newt. Further, a better work-life balance needs to be provided. Further, Physical activity is not only good for the body but also for emotions. Physical activity generates hormones in the brain that make individuals joyful, which improves general self-esteem while also helping you concentrate, sleep better, and feel better.


“An explanation as to the differences between organisational conflict, misbehaviour and what is meant by informal and formal conflict (AC2.1) and an analysis of the key causes of employee grievance within REBU”

Workplace misbehavior is defined as any purposeful employee who is possibly harmful to the company or those involved in the process. A grievance is a formal complaint raised by an employee against a fellow employee or the manager or even against the employer. (Smith et al., 2020). Two potential issues of grievance in REBU are Working condition grievances and Bullying grievances. It is thus inevitable that the members of REBU employees will almost certainly fight. That isn't to mean you should put up with abuse. A strict zero-tolerance policy is essential.

Ensure that everyone is aware of your anti-bullying and pro-bullying policies, and communicate any changes or updates through email. These rules should spell out the repercussions of submitting a bullying or harassment complaint. Next for the working condition grievance where nobody wants to lose a valuable employee because of the issue with the workplace donation, it can be thus prevented by the cleanliness on the office floor, desk etiquette, bathroom condition, health, and safety hazard. (Larson, 2021). While some individuals associate conflict with violence, economic repercussions, and even warfare, others, especially in the workplace, associate conflict with differing opinions, personalities, and ideas, which may cause stress and negatively impact job performance. Also, Conflict might be disruptive hurtful, and costly to deal with in immediate repose. Misbehavior, however, knowingly doing something by the choice is not acceptable in the workplace and might disrupt something like the process or system.

What is meant by informal and formal conflict? 

 In informal if problems cannot be addressed via individual dialogues, employees might begin a systematic complaint management approach by filing a complaint or grievance. A legal disagreement can be resolved by a factual inquiry, a hearing, or judgment. Formal conflict resolution is a method of settling problems that allows all parties concerned to maintain control over the situation while debating and deciding on solutions that benefit everyone. The effectiveness of this method is contingent on all sides’ goodwill and commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the crisis (Sheranova, 2020).

Analysis of the key causes of employee grievance within REBU 

  • Insufficient wages and bonuses.
  • Working in physically challenging settings is a must.
  • There have been some unannounced adjustments.
  • The level of employee motivation is low.
  • Increases in wages that are just unjustified.

“An Explanation of at least two skills required to successfully handle grievances and disciplinaries at work and the importance of handling these effectively so REBU can avoid legal claims”

Two skills required to successfully handle grievances and disciplinaries at work

Skill one – For Grievances

Taking the decision and acting accordingly

Making the decision and sticking to it: Now is the time to make a decision. You must make a conclusion once you’ve gathered all of the necessary information and properly assessed the situation.

The user has the option of accepting or rejecting the complaint in whole or in part. It would be advantageous if you wrote down your plans for the worker (Seifert, 2021). At the same time, you may provide the employee advice on how to handle similar situations.

Skill two- For Disciplinary

The appeals procedure is as follows:

If your employee disagrees with the decision, he or she has the option of filing an appeal. In addition, the terms and circumstances of the appeal procedure must be specified in your complaint policy.

Skill one – For Disciplinary at work

Holding a meeting that includes a meeting with the worker of REBU. It is the employee who should know to wish to discuss the performance or behavior concern. 

Skill two – For Disciplinary at work

Taking preparation for the employee discussion. It is vital for REBU would write out an employee warning notice for gathering all the evidence with the staff before participating in the disciplinary meeting (Acar et al., 2019).

Disciplinary Procedure

It involves the graduated steps

Step 1- Verbal warning

Step 2-Written warning

Step 3- Final Written Warning

Step 4- Dismissal 

Procedure for grievance 

Step 1: Let your employer know about the problem. 

Step 2: Write a complaint handling letter to raise the matter. 

Step 3:The third step is to investigate the complaint. 

Step 4: To analyze the facts and conclude, a complaint hearing may be required.

Importance of handling these effectively so REBU can avoid legal claims

Both Grievance and discipline at work can be handled to avoid a legal claim is not only dealing with the grievances effectively to avert the tribunal claim by enabling the problems that are to be resolved internally, but it can also impact the stage of compensation that is being bestowed by the tribunal.

The risk associated with REBU would be the Data Breach Risk and Ridesharing sharing problem with Flexible pickup.

“A table, outlining one official and one unofficial action an employee might take during the conflict, explaining their key features and distinguishing between them”

“An assessment of the emerging trends in conflicts and industrial sanctions”

Industrial sanctions and conflicts are growing increasingly regular. In terms of labor conflicts and fines, the modern era has seen significant developments. Unions are today seen as having friendly connections with corporations, in contrast to the past. As a result of labor issues, the focus has shifted from just paying salaries and issuing harsh performance reviews to cultivating employees. Organized manifestations of dispute presented by a labor union or other employee representative are referred to as formal workplace conflict. The most prevalent kind is the coordinated strike, which is a brief stoppage of work to avoid fines and win compensation or working-condition changes through collective bargaining with employees (Hashemkhani Zolfani and Masaeli, 2020). Official punishments, such as the right to work to rule, can strengthen a demonstration. Moreover, the unplanned industrial unrest is solely expressive, with no formal organizations forming out of discontent. In this view, industrial conflict encompasses a wide range of illogical industrial sabotage, as well as fundamentally individualized and even planned forms of protest, such as absenteeism, frequent job changes, negligence, and workplace mishaps (Hashemkhani Zolfani and Masaeli, 2020). As a result, walkouts or strikes, as well as persistent hostility toward management shown in workgroup norms, restrictive measures, and opacity, are examples of informal industrial conflicts.

“The distinction between the following three methods (conciliation, mediation, and arbitration)” Include similarities, differences and key features of your three chosen methods”


Negotiation is a voluntary, adaptable, private, and attention-getting approach, similar to reconciliation. Both parties seek to find an agreed solution to their conflict with the help of facilitators, who serve as both neutral parties and a mediator. 

The compromiser may only intervene as a mediator to provide both parties with reasonable suggestions and assistance in resolving their differences.


The mediator's job is to assist the parties in making their own decisions (Ibsen, 2021). “Mediator helps the parties define and understand the issues and each side's interests”.

Mediation has two different styles “pro se and conventional”.


Arbitration is more expensive while mediation is less expensive. process. Arbitration needs steps in advance while mediation does not need any kind of evidence.


That Arbitration is a process in which two parties designate a neutral third party to settle their dispute. Conciliation, on the other hand, seeks to bring parties together to establish an agreement on a solution to the problem (Krivokapich, 2019). In mediation, the mediator acts as a facilitator, assisting the parties in reaching an agreement. Both conciliation and mediation strive to identify and resolve contentious issues. All of these are non-judicial or semi-judicial procedures in which the parties cooperate to solve a problem rather than arguing.

Key features:-


  • Conciliation protects the autonomy of the parties. The parties have complete control over the conciliation process's timeline, language, location, organization, and substance.
  • The reconciliation ensures the judgment producer’s competence.
  • In terms of both time and money, conciliation is advantageous.
  • To protect privacy, conciliation is employed (Kazakova et al., 2021).


  • Include two or more parties in a consensual dispute regarding one or maybe more commercial issues for non-litigious conflicts.
  • In the sense that the mediator is non-coercive, he does not make decisions for the parties; rather, he aids them in reaching an agreement.


  • Independence and methodological flexibility are important in the arts
  • It is up to the arbitral tribunal to decide who makes all the choices, whether it is selecting a seat or even a discussion board.
  • The phrases “joining” and “exclusivity” are frequently interchanged.
  • The arbitration agreement is similar to the ones that led to conflict (Vannieuwenhuyse, 2018).
  • In arbitration, confidentiality, and privacy are crucial factors.

“Explanation of the principles of the key legislation relating to unfair dismissal law and outline the process an employer should follow with regard to with capability and misconduct issues within REBU”

For REBU an unfair dismissal is a saturator right available to the employee who believes that they have been dismissed unfairly or unreasonably where In the sphere of employment and employment law, is a legal phrase. It’s critical to appreciate the importance of such limits in our society when diving into the meaning of a phrase (Vannieuwenhuyse, 2018). In developing nations, unions are the most valuable asset since they can aid in the transformation of the country into a prosperous one. As a result, a member of staff may be removed without cause under UK law. However, it’s critical to understand that there are legitimate reasons to fire staff. There are five of them in total:

The employee might be dismissed right away, regardless of whether or not there was any misbehavior.

  • Insufficient experience for the position.
  • Because resources are limited.
  • If there is a contractual obligation. Consider a delivery driver who has been placed on indefinite unpaid leave.
  • Another possibility is that there is another main cause (SOSR)
  • Wrongful dismissal was not justified; an employee's dismissal should be justified. All of the examples provided are correct (Vannieuwenhuyse, 2018).

Process an employer should follow concerning capability and misconduct issues within REBU 

Capability Issues

REBU capabilities are recognized based on the thoroughly articulated term of how they shape, culture, leadership, competencies, training, or even performance management. Capabilities for REBE has been a subtle process of engaging leadership, defining the list for REBU capabilities, conducting organizational capabilities, and understanding the capability gap (Paruchuri, Han and Prakash, 2021).

Misconduct Issues

It is that unlike the performance-related issues employee misconduct in REBU issues re considered to be more resources and thus needs a more serious remedy compared to performance issues. Further, In REBU Misconduct must never be tolerated the manager of REBU has to make it clear that any unacceptable behavior will face disciplinary action.

Process involves- 

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written warning
  • Reprimand or suspension or dismissal (Paruchuri, Han and Prakash, 2021).





United Kingdom


I understand the need for this process for the employee benefit but, there are much wider perspectives towards the employee function for REBU. I would likely outline about similarities and differences between the union and non-union firms. It bly upholds that Members are required to pay a considerable sum in dues each year to support the Union’s activities. These are not permitted for non-union personnel. Even if they disagree with the Union’s choices, members are required to accept them. Further, In a union, the power is generally vested with the union of the worker. The worker might collectively ask for and establish a contract that is advantageous for the EBU staff. “More recently, under the Labour administration, there’s been the establishment of a statutory recognition procedure, the extension of European works council legislation to the UK, and the approval of the Information and Consultation of Employees (ICE) Regulations”. The most relevant pieces of the employment law involve are the employment rights Act Legislation 1996 and the Labour relation Act basic condition of employment Act. Unions ensure that job security for the worker unless in cases of any misconduct in REBU when the non-union, which is usually the private sector is in constant fear of being dismissed or laid off.

I would likely also add that similarities for union and non-union tens to state that representative interests for both are mutual which is a win situation. The bargaining strategy is integrative and distributive for unions and non-union. Further the similarities for their right and evidence-based consultation co-decision making and limed of the process. Next, the main provision for the statutory recognition involves the that if a corporation refuses to recognize a trade union voluntarily, the union may file a petition with the Industrial Court for a legal right to be recognized by an employer for trade unions bargaining on behalf of a group of employees under a specific “collective bargaining agreement”. It is that in certain circumstances the trade union might apply to the court for the relationship is being recognized by the relevant employer for the collective bargain on behalf of groups of workers for the social bargaining unit of REBU. The court would mainly apply the admissibility and validity tests that are laid out in the schedule which involves the where ten percent of the proposed bargaining are the union member with where the majority of the staff in the proposed bargaining unit are likely to support recognition. However, if the application is accepted the bargaining unit proposed in the union application has been agreed upon by REBU. Then, the court must determine whether the proposed collective bargaining agreement is appropriate (in particular, if it is consistent with efficient management). If the proposed negotiating agreement proposed by the Union is unsatisfactory, the court must establish what is right.

Lastly, I would say that substantive and procedural agreement that relates to collective bargaining. Where substantive agreement tends to regulate the jobs, pay, and conditions. And in procedural agreement for collective bargaining negotiation and conciliation must be done for REBU.

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