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Essay Assignment Sample


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The course that I have taken has been very beneficial to be as I believe that I learnt a lot from the knowledge I received and the activities that I did. In order to gain a better understanding of what was learnt from the experience and what are the few points that I might have missed out on and if I did a reflection it would help out in providing such points. Use of the Gibbs reflective cycle will be used in the essay so that I can properly identify the learning from this course out of the various topics that were taught. I have chosen to use this cycle as it will not only highlight what I have learnt through my experience by identification of the skills but also show what I felt during each situation that I was faced with along with. I would also be developing an action plan through which there can I can see what are my weak points and how I can make them better. This essay will be focused on focusing on one situation and having the whole cycle linked to it accordingly. This will help to cover as many situations as I faced during my course. 

The first part of the cycle is known as description and it is in this part that I can present the situations that I have been through. One of the activities that I did was to identify how the rules based approach was by reading through various articles. I was able to use by research skills in order to find out how ethics is involved in rules based approach. I had to make sure that key words were used in order to make sure that I got the correct areas for effective work done. I did feel that I needed to focus more on finding various researches for the work that was done and also looking at the situation I felt that I would need to further increase this search (Menkel-Meadow, 2018). I felt like I was going to nail this situation but I found out that I actually needed to look more in-depth on the data. The best part about his experience was that I was able to understand how much ethics is important for morality to be present for any action being done. I want to be a barrister and for this I need to understand what actions are needed to be judged based on rules. From this situation I understood that I had a good research skill and that there was not too much of issues that had arisen here. However, I did learn a lot about ethics and how I could adopted the concepts in the barrister job role that I wish to achieve one day (Middleton and Levi, 2015). The action that I am going to take is make sure that whatever work I do, effective research is done accordingly. 

Another situation that I faced was to understand and evaluate certain steps for commercial awareness to be improved. In this activity there was also effective research that was required to be done. This was a fun activity that I liked because understanding how to get customers attracted product, making the business more profitable and serving its customers well had got be excited. This is because I could help in bringing in more clients for the organisation that I work for. The activity required me to look into different areas on how commercial awareness could be improved. Since I have described my feeling already I can say that it was indeed a learning experience for me. I even asked my colleagues on what they had got in order to make sure that I had picked out the right steps. What went well was that indeed found a number of improvement concepts and factors that I could use for increase commercial awareness but it seemed that I did not know which ones to prioritise accordingly. I believe that this did not go well because I have low confidence on seeing whether I made the right choice or not. This can end badly for me because in my future job as a barrister, I would need to be quick and confident decisions or else I would not be able to rise up to such a level (Stache, 2015). For my action plan I need to attend seminars on how to boost ones confidence and go to business events where decision making games can be played in those events for further increase my leadership skills. I also learnt from this that when coming to a certain decision it must be backed up with valid research in order to prove a certain point. I have come to realisation that this can home in hand in my career as I can provide innovative ideas for a given situation at my job role if I have enough data to back it up hence improving my chances of attaining a higher place in the business environment (Sherlock and Connor, 2015).

I think that the topic that we covered being Rules of Professional Conduct was one of the most important ones and I got a lot of learning from it. This was an important topic according to me as it helped me to clear out that sometimes my ethics can get in the way of the rules and regulations that have been set out by Bar Standards Board. This was an important topic to be looked at as through this I could make sure that there is effective outline of what decision I would need to take during such a time period. This week there was a more of a self-activity that was carried out in which researching on what are the duties as a barrister that needs to be done both in the courtroom and with the clients. I felt that this was important to learn and also a bit intimidated that there was a lot to take in at once, this was because there were some codes which left me confused as they seemed to clash with my personal ethics. One of was that a lawyer was not able to appeal before one’s own family and I believe that family is important and it must be fought for. From this it seems that there was a lot of learning that was achieved on how a lawyer must act in front of clients and in a courtroom (Craig and De Búrca, 2020). My action plan for this is to further read into this area so that I can further increase my understanding of how to speak and act with a client. I need to look about to see what can be how there will be further development that I can do in order to meet the standards that are present for a barrister accordingly. 

One of the topics that I got the most out of was business communication and dispute resolution. There are a number of different types of clients that I as a barrister would be facing and in order to interview them I need to have proper communication skills present. There was an activity done during this topic in which an interviewing practice was held. I had become the interviewer and my friend was the client. I knew that I needed to focus on my active listening skills here in order to decode all of the information that was being given to me. This exercise was set up to see whether I knew the basics of interviewing which are necessary for a barrister. I felt that I was very cautious during the whole meeting in which I was able to comprehend the information given to me. I was not feeling too much of confidence during the meeting which is not effective for a barrister which got me thinking that I needed to pick up my game more. It seemed that the interview part went well but when it came to problem solving I did have problems because again I had many options present before me and I did not know which the right choice to make was (Menkel-Meadow, 2018). My friend did complement me on my communication and active listening skills as I was able to get a lot of information out of him but still needed to work on my confidence and decision making skills. Since my goal is to become a barrister, I know that I am going to be dealing in common law hence interviewing many clients in a single day would be done. I have also realised during this specific activity that I am good at coming up with solutions regarding dispute resolutions. In order to hone my interviewing skills more and to increase my confidence levels I would read and further see real life examples of Law Society guide on Questions to ask at the initial client interview. This is necessary because if I can get a first-hand experience of how such is done it is only then I would properly understand how to take an interview of a client (Lola and Tzetzis, 2021). This was necessary to be learnt as after interviewing a client I would need to start a negotiation technique.

There was a week in which a seminar took place and it was understanding how negotiation was an important concept to look at different types of negotiators. During the seminar I had learnt a lot about how to become a competitor negotiator and for this I needed to make sure that there would be effective work that could be done accordingly. I took notes during this seminar so that I could refer back to them in order to look at what could be the better outline of how to make sure that there is effective use of the seminar that was done. I felt that I learnt a lot during the seminar and realised that there was still a lot of learning that I need to do in order to become an adequate barrister. This made me feel motivated because I got a lot of knowledge about how the Herring identity was a major ethical issue in negotiation. The good thing about this experience is that learning about negotiation skills was important because as a future barrister I would need to understand the perception of the client and to impose them in the court accordingly. This would help the satisfaction of the client. In my experience there was not anything that went wrong and but though I think that my low confidence skills may cause my negotiation skills to go down. This was not a situation that I would have to upgrade my skills for but instead this situation taught me that I need to increase my skills for making sure that my negotiation that I am doing can be done (Nzomo and Fehrmann, 2020). The action plan that I have developed for this is to take an online workshop for increasing my confidence. This workshop will be of 2 days and then further work on increasing my confidence would be taking workshops on negotiation so that further understanding about the topic can be done and also there can be an increase in my confidence skill as well. 

The week that we learnt about advocacy was important I believed that how there could be effective communication held during the court. The activity that took place here was that a short film clip had to be looked and see how mediation had to be looked at. I felt that advocacy is the most important skills for a barrister for making sure that there could be effective cross communication to be developed. I had to also look at Magistrates Sentencing guidelines with driving with excess alcohol and prepare a plea mitigation. This made me feel like an advocate as I could come up with a plea in order to develop a strong case. The good thing that was learned here is how to develop and effective case and I did develop some effective points. But the issue seemed that I was not able to communicate my points effectively as I wanted. I had gained feedback from my peers and found out the exact same thing that I was not up to the mark in presenting my points due to lack of communication (Burke et al., 2016). This is a huge issue for me because as a future barrister I would need to make sure that I am properly able to communicate the needs of my client and help to develop and effective case so that their satisfaction level can increase. In order to make sure that my communication skill increased I would need to look at workshops that offering proper increment that there could be further development to be done. It needs to be understood that such a skill would be paired with my advocacy so that I can improve cross communication can be done accordingly.

I had taken the Walter Glaser Test which was probably the highlight of the all course that was done. This was because it helped me to develop my CV better. This test had helped me to see whether I was able to think critically regarding various law practices. I had done a well job in this test and it had seemed to help me a lot as it boosted the level of my confidence. I had aimed for a 70% or more but I had scored a 70% which was still better than what I had expected. This test could be added to my CV so that there is effective work that could be done accordingly for further development to take place. 

It can be seen that there were a number of learnings that were achieved from the course that was done. I had realised that there were still a number of skills that I needed to achieve and some of them had to be honed. This was highly important because it seemed that there would be further development that there could be proper steps taken for me becoming an efficient and adequate barrister. I had realised that the reflection had helped me to look at the points that I have missed and I should further use reflection in other parts of my life as well. This is important because it would help me to achieve more out the various situations that I faced and what I gained out of them. It can be concluded that ever situation that is faced and experienced there can be a learning gained from it. 

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