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Essay Writing Assignment Sample


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Essay 1:How technology and social media developments have impacted on the way how companies and organizations market their products and services in the last ten or fifteen years

Social media developments along with technological innovation have changed the way an average person sees life; people have started spending more time in the virtual world than in the real world. They are easily influenced by what they see online and want that in reality. This has greatly impacted the companies which provide consumers with commodities and services as well. Companies like Amazon thrive on the concept of virtual sales. Many other companies are attributed to technological developments as well as social media developments. This report will attempt to identify such changes which have taken place in the last decade.

Changes and Developments in Marketing Attributed to social media and Technological Innovation

Marketing is the art of understanding the motivations of people (consumers/customers) and then further using them to create campaigns to influence the people to buy products. It is a very intuitive and creative process (Christou, E. and Chatzigeorgiou 2020). The creative part here holds more value. Nevertheless, technology plays a major part in this process. This is because the entire mapping process of capturing the audience using their motivations is fulfilled by using an ample amount of technology, some of the most commonly used technical methods to do this are given below:

  • Digital Footprints: Digital footprints occur when we casually search or check any product or service online. There can be many ways of doing that, the most common ways are Facebook and Instagram feeds. There are many instances where such occurrences have taken place where a consumer has simply clicked on an advertisement and unknowingly left their digital footprint there. Companies in this how to get an idea about what kind of advertisements or what kind of products or services the customer likes and will now show advertisements and campaigns of same kinds of products or services through the very same social media. This psychologically impacts the human mind, a product or service which the consumer likes when continuously shown whenever they are on any social media page with vibrant offers and discounts will automatically tempt the mind to purchase it.
  • Accepting Cookies: This happens mostly in content marketing, many times when a reader searches for some bit of content or information on social media or any website, a survey says that 64 percent of users do not even read what is written in the pop-up box, they just click on accept. This permission allows these sites to follow the user wherever they go on the internet and collect data about their searches. This helps the content marketers to produce content as well as show the consumers more websites and pages according to the user’s liking.
  • Filling out online survey forms: This feature is vibrantly present on YouTube, several times before a video can be viewed, YouTube demands surveys, initially, these surveys were shippable but gradually nowadays they are more un-skip-able in their nature. These surveys help the internet and the markets understand the different p
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