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Health And Social Care Unit Assignment Sample

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Health And Social Care Unit Assignment Sample


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P1: Implications of duty of care 

The healthcare sector is one of the most delicate industries in a developing industry, and every little process in it is crucial. The duties and responsibilities of a social healthcare worker include very specific tasks for which they need to be highly professional (Darbyshire et al. 2019, p.1018). Considering the given case, 10 people are said to be taking shelter in residence, all of whom are above 25. 

Budget regulations

Older people require more care that includes both mental and physical assistance. It is essential to consider several factors beforehand to ensure for the proper well-being of those individuals. When such a residence is inaugurated to take care of certain people, the primary consideration should be monetary planning (Gerth et al. 2019, p.100). A budget must be decided based on the number of people taking shelter, and that plan might include the recruitment of workers. 

Health requirements

The requirement of medicines and several other health requirements will be counted under this budget. Legal considerations must be thought about before opening this kind of sector because it should have proper authorization from the government. 


The laws on which opening a nursing home and maintaining it for several years depends must be considered. The Human Rights of old persons should also be taken under consideration and it is mandatory to have their authorized signatures (Brooks et al. 2018, p.248). This would conclude their permission to stay in the nursing home, and in case any of them have families, their signatures are required too.

P2: Discussion on addressing failure in complaints

The given case provides the issue of a smaller number of workers than required and how that affects the ongoing within the residence. The people staying under supervision are old and face several personal issues. The fact that they are old already makes it difficult for them to communicate properly and talk about their issue. When they are facing a minimum number of workers against them, they might tend to hide certain situations in fear of not being able to have access to any of the workers. The fewer the workers compared to the people being taken care of, the less maintenance the home undergoes. 

  • There have already been complaints about certain people being unable to take showers for several days because they are incapable of doing so alone (Case Study). In cases like these, the primary step would be to inform the workers who are already working and keep complaining till they are forced to inform their higher authorities (Raberus et al., 2019, p.556). Priority should be given to the persons who require immediate care, and their situations can be used to raise immediate concern among the higher authorities. 
  • In case there have been several complaints, but no response has been generated yet, legal proceedings can be taken as a joint initiative. As mentioned by Gillespie, A. and Reader (2018), there are laws under Human Rights for older people that give them the power to take such steps. With the help of a proper advocate as their representative, they can sue the organization if their complaints are being neglected.
  • There have been cases of discrimination against same-sex couples, and they have been facing certain mistreatment by other people (Case Study). As mentioned by Lu et al. (2020), in case the behaviours get worsen and become unbearable, they are liable to take legal steps under the LGBTQ rights. 
  • Also, there have been reported assumptions about abuse hidden and passed on in the name of a wound (Case Study). Mental assistance should be provided to the victim by the other members of the care workers to regain confidence and courageously take action against the abuser.

P3: Types and signs of abuse and neglect 

Abuses can be physical, mental, verbal, financial, cultural or sexual (Storey et al. 2020, p.101339). There are several distinct signs that represent each abuse, and it is essential to have a proper observation to identify them. The following incidents of abuse have been reported from the given case, and they can be identified separately:

  • The first case shows the discrimination of same-sex couples because of the narrow mentality and unawareness of other people (Case Study). The signs of mental trauma are clear indicators of the couple being shamed or discriminated against (Heath-Kelly et al., 2019, p.89). The urge for the couple to ask for a double room clearly explains how badly they want to be isolated from the others. This is a sign that shows their sexual orientations have not been well appreciated, and it has become unbearable for them to live with others.
  • The second case involves the abuse of a woman by either some other member of the facility or any worker (Case Study). The clear sign of abuse, in this case, would be the bruises observed on several parts of her body and the sign of fear of being asked about the question.
  • The third case is of neglect by the workers that have led to many of the residents not taking showers for several days and spilt food not being cleaned for a long time (Case Study). The absence of a cleaner has led to the overflowing of the bins as the care workers are already busy doing their jobs. The spilt food and drinks working stations are clear proof of this incident and enough to prove the negligence of the authorities.
  • The fourth scenario reflects another neglect where several old residents did not receive proper care and waited a long time for assistance in bathing (Case Study). On failing to be provided so, they could not take showers for several days, and the sign of neglect, in this case, would be their skin conditions. Older adults get affected if there are slight irregularities in their daily routines, and their worsened skin conditions, in this case, might serve as evidence of negligence. They have also been suffering from distress which might count as another result of their care being neglected.

P4: Factors helping to reduce abuse and neglect

The factors that might help in reducing cases of abuse and neglect in the facility are:


The workers associated with such professions must be highly experienced and have proper knowledge of every little detail of the residents individually (Douglas et al. 2020, p.369). The complaint by some people about not being able to take a shower and having distress could have been avoided if proper safeguarding was ensured (Case Study). The safeguarding of these vulnerable individuals is in the hands of these workers and their little efforts can go a long way.

Public awareness:

The situations of abuse can be tackled if proper measures are taken at the proper time. One important step in such cases would be raising awareness among the people present within the facility. As said by Decker. (2018), the signs of abuse should be observed crucially and the victims should be provided mental stability and courage to take steps. The couple going through mental abuse for being discriminated against and the victim being subject to physical abuse both can be taken care of if public awareness is considered (Case Study).

Financial planning:

The decision on a budget has to be taken before starting the facility and proper planning on expenditures is required. This is because old people required more access to healthcare and more support which indicates more expense (Seddhighi et al. 2019, p.176). The situation of fewer workers in the given case leading to people not being able to take bath for lack of assistance can be avoided if proper planning can be done (Case Study). Also, the increase in salaries would make it easy to recruit more persons in the profession and imply better and advanced healthcare.

P5: Methods of responding to concerns about abuse and neglect 

The provided scenario points out that the situation of every other person in this residence is critical and distinct. It falls under the duties of a worker to take care of each of those issues individually and failing to do any of them might result in serious implications. 

  • There has been provided information of a couple being discriminated against on the basis of having a relationship with a person of the same sex (Case Study). The first duty of a social worker, in this case, would be to take the initiative to make people aware of the situation and help them realize that it is not illegal (Ryan et al. 2020, p.1404). Considering the fact that all of the residents in the home are old, it is obvious that they are unaware of the sexual orientations that have come to people's notice nowadays. Earlier, when they existed in their times, people were unaware of these facts, and they forced themselves to accept the way they have been born. Therefore it is essential to make them aware of the situation so that they no longer intend to react the way they do.
  • Another incident points out a person having marks of obvious abuse by some other member or worker but taking the hide and declaring that as an injury (Case Study). It is essential for a trusted worker in such a case to have conversations with the victim and try to acquire the true fact (Kim et al. 2020, p.251). In case the assumed incident is true, immediate steps need to be taken against the accused.

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