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Impact Of Covid On Tourism In The Uk Assignment Sample

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Impact Of Covid On Tourism In The Uk Assignment Sample

Introduction: Impact Of Covid On Tourism In The Uk

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WHO said that covid is a pandemic, expanding all over the world. The UK country was affected by this pandemic. The tourism Industry is a famous industry in the UK. This industry aims to provide entertainment for tourists and to develop its business. During the covid situation, the tourism industry is highly affected so at this time all traveling industry is fully stopped.

Background and rationale of the study

The tourism industry is highly profitable and reputed in the UK and it is globally the third largest category in the export business. All over the world, the tourism industry accounted for 7% of global trade (unwto.org, 2022). After the covid, this industry is highly damaged because people are locked indoors and many rules and regulations are announced by the government. As a result, the economic industry of the UK is damaged and suffered many economic challenges. The tourism industry takes a major part in the economic condition of the UK, but this industry did not run without people or tourists (Ulak, 2020). In this study, it is to be noted that the industry of tourism is highly affected by the covid situation and economically damaged all over the UK country so this country recovers this situation gradually, what strategies are followed are discussed all over the study.

Aims and objectives of the research

This study aims to how covid situation is affected the tourism industry and how to overcome this situation.

Objectives are

  • To understand the different situations that arose in the UK business of tourism during covid
  • To find out the impact of Covid pandemic on the UK business of tourism
  • To recognize the strategies taken by the tourism industry to overcome the effect of the pandemic situation

Problem statement

This study will be discussed what types of challenges faced by the tourism industry during the covid situation. This industry faced many challenges such as infrastructure issues, and security issues and many goods are inflation at a high rate at this time. Therefore, this study gives a clear vision of how this industry faced challenges and what types of strategies were used to overcome this.

Literature Review

Challenges faced by the tourism organization during covid-19

Many challenges are faced by the tourism industry during the covid pandemic. Challenges are damaging the tourism industry, all over the world are damaged at that time. All types of businesses are affected by this. Lack of infrastructure and many security issues are created during this situation. All types of goods and services are inflation at a high rate so it is impossible for most people (Kumar, 2020). Taxation of every place is high at that time, even many rules are created if tourists cross the country's border and many security issues are created in this situation.

Impact of pandemic on worldwide tourism business

The tourism industry is a highly reputed industry all over the world. Most of the economiccondition depends on the tourism industry. The tourism business is profitable at a high rate and it is an impact on the global economy. Many employees lost their jobs during the covid situation, and 62million jobs employee lost their jobs (Statista.com, 2022). After the covid, this industry's reputation is low rate and highly damaged. Governments announced some restrictions all over the world and aim to control the virus. Lockdown is announced for three months, and as a result, people are locked indoors, so the tourism business stopped at that time. Economical damage is created all over the world.

Timeline of study

Figure 1: Timeline

Timeline of study

Figure 2: Gantt chart

Gantt chart


It is to be concluded that covid pandemic situation is affected all over the world so the economic condition of the world is decreasing day by day. The tourism industry is a reputed industry all over the world so this industry tries to overcome many challenges. The UK country is affected and tourism is a famous business in the UK. Therefore, it is hoped that this industry is improving as soon as possible.



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