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Inclusive practice Assignment Sample

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Inclusive practice Assignment Sample


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According to the analysis, there are several factors that impact the learning process of students such as personal, social, cultural, motivation, styles of learning, age, gender, skill development and so on. These factors are directly or indirectly impact the learning behaviour of students. Some of the abilities will also be recognized that impact the learning process such as specific learning disabilities, reading ability, aptitude, physical disability, visual awareness, and so on.

Task 1

Factors that influence learning

Several factors influence the learning process of an individual. This includes:

  • Personal factors: According to analysis, it has been identified that the process of learning is influenced by a variety of personal factors such as perception, sensation, maturation, emotional condition, interests, motivation, aptitude, intelligence, etc (Lawrie et al, 2017). These are some personal factors that have an impact on the learning process of the students. It is dependent on an individual needs, interests, and emotional conditions of how one can enhance the quality and speed of learning. Motivation is an important personal factor that inspires an individual to get involved in the learning process.
  • Social factors include the things that affect people's lifestyles in terms of buying habits, religion, education, family size, population density, wealth, and so on. It impacts the learning process by creating an experience environment and a knowledge environment that stimulate the mind to grow. It has a positive impact on the learning process of the students.
  • Cultural factors consist of ecological adaptation, childhood socialization, biological effects, sociocultural tightness, and so on. It has an adverse impact on a student's learning process. It has been identified that culture can affect how children build language, belief systems, build values, and an understanding of themselves.
  • Styles of learning: This is also one of the factors that impact the learning behavior of the students (Coughlan et al, 2019). There are several types of learning styles such as verbal learners, social & interpersonal learners, visual & spatial learners, and auditory & musical leaner.
  • Attitudes: The learning ability of an individual is also influenced by the attitude of a student. An effective learning process depends on the learning attitude of a student in the classroom.
  • Motivation: It has been identified that motivation is a key to the learning process as without this an individual won't be able to have effective learning in the classroom. It produces an ability in an individual to learn something and to grow in the future. Based on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, a student pursues a learning task.
  • Barriers to learning: Some barriers to knowledge for a person include lack of previous knowledge and learning styles. Learning experience, challenges, environment, and overall presentation.
  • Specific learning needs and p
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