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Internship Reflection Assignment Sample

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Internship Reflection Assignment Sample


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Introduction In every stage of life it is important to reflect on the life incidents. Getting places as an intern is one of the best experiences of my life which has helped me a lot in learning new skills and developing core skills and knowledge for being a professional (Tanaka et. al. 2018). In this report I will focus on reflecting on the experience which I have received while working as an export manager at Hermolis & Co London. Along with this internationalisation strategy of the placement firm will be discussed with the link to the theoretical frameworks. Reflection Reflecting about the learning relates to internship is very important. For making the reflection in the systematic manner it is important to focus on making use of an effective reflection model. Here I will be making use of the Gibbs reflective model for reflecting on my experience related to the internship in an appropriate manner (Adeani et. al. 2020). With the help of this model I will be able to work over all the different experiences and will reflect on my life skills and knowledge which I have received from the internship journey. As I have started my internship journey at the Hermolis and Co London I was quite nervous and excited at the same time. I was quite excited to apply the knowledge learned during the academic years to the practical business world. But at the same time I knew that working as an export manager will be a challenging task as it is difficult job role. Let’s reflect on the experience by focusing over the different stages of the Gibbs reflecting model for reflecting in a systematic manner. Description Getting into an internship program and start working in practical world is a new thing for me. As I have started with the internship all the job roles and my responsibilities were being made clear to me. Along with this the induction process also went good as I have better communication with all the colleagues and all the senior staff members. This has made me learn that how important it is to focus on the being more social and interactive in the classroom while working with others. When my work is being started then at the initial time I have faced a lot of issues in managing different tasks which are being assigned to me. While working i have realized that being less effective in financial equations and budgeting is one of the important weakness for me over which i need improvement. But one of the important strengths of mine is that I am having goof technical skills which has helped me in understanding that how the different software are being used by the company for better management of their order processing and other export activities. I just focused on having better interactions and communications with all the team members. This has helped me a lot in working effectively and solving the issues by having discussions for addressing the issues. Along with this i have focused on collecting regular feedback from all the team members, colleagues and my senior managers as well. This has helped me a lot during my internship journey in learning new things and working over my weaknesses by taking corrective actions in an appropriate manner. I think that the overall experience of the internship had helped me a lot in learning a lot about the job role. Along with this I have received better experience that how the international firms work and how the businesses are managing their cross border trade and business operations in an effective manner. Feelings The overall experience of the internship was quite positive for me. I have learned a lot of new things and was quite happy during the entire internship journey. All the team members were quite cooperative and have helped me a lot in learning new skills and applying my knowledge in an appropriate manner. I would say that I was quite happy with the team and has learned a lot from this experience. Although there were the situations during which i am facing issues in addressing the issues. But i am having good analytical skills which have helped me in addressing the issues and solving the issues in an effective manner. Not only this I think that some of the important personal skills had helped me a lot in working with the team in the practical business world in an effective manner. Along with this I believe that I just need to focus on sharpening some of the important core skills or the professional skills for becoming more effective employee for the employers in future. Thus I will focus on using the experience in an positive manner in my future job roles. Evaluation Through this experience I have learned that there are some of the important strengths which can help me a lot in doing well in the practical business world. But I think that as the business world is changing so I just need to have some of the advance skills and knowledge which can help me in doing well in my future. As per the report of the World economic forum it is important for me to understand that the business world is changing to a greater extent. For towards business world labor productivity is very important. This makes me understand that if I am not so good in my personal and professional skills then it will not help me out in being an effective employee for my company. Not only this if I will not be able to have better skills then I would not be able to get better jobs in future. From the report of the world economic forum I have learned that the basic skills and abilities are very important for working in any of the field. On the basis of my experience I have learned that I am good at having the cognitive skills such as creativity, problem sensitivity, cognitive flexibility and logical reasoning. I think that all these skills are my strengths. Apart from this I am also having some of the important social skills such as coordination, communication, negotiation and better decision making. I am also good at technical skills but there is a lot more scope for improvement as the technology is changing with a fast pace. Along with this I also need to be good at complex problem solving skills. So I can say that I am having some of the important employability skills but just need to improve some of the skills and learn new skills as well. Improving my skillset is very important for me as my experience has helped me in understanding that there are different important areas over which the improvement is needed. Analysis On the basis of the experience i have analyzed that I just need to work over multiple skills for working effectively in the international firm. I have understood that working with the national firm and a firm with operations in multiple nations is quite different. I think that I just need to have some more effective skills. I believe that I have to work over my collaborative skills, professional skills, financial skills, customer handling skills and business analytical skills in an appropriate manner. Comparing my skillset with the knowledge I have received from the report of the World economic forum I believe that there is a scope for improvement for me. Financial skills, analytical skills, complex problem solving skills and effective planning skills are some of the important shortcoming for me and I should work over developing all these skills in an effective manner. I think that if I am good at all this then I would be able to perform the job roles in more appropriate manner. Conclusion I would like to conclude that this experience had offered me multiple opportunities to make use of my skills in an effective manner. Along with this it had helped me in categorizing my skills into my strengths and weaknesses so that the further I can work over improving the weak skills. I have learned that how the business environment is changing in the fourth industrial revolution and how I just need to be effective by having the best suited skills for increasing my employability and getting better job. In my view I am having good skills but there is an scope for improvement. Action Plan As my per learning from the experiences of an internship or the placement I think that there is a lot more scope for me to improve myself. I have understood that I just need to work more for nurturing my skills and becoming more effective in my profession. For improving over my weaknesses and getting over the entire shortcoming I just need to be consistent for focusing over them. I will focus on preparing an action plan for working over my own skills, abilities and knowledge expansion. If I will work hard over improvement my skills then it will affect my employability to a greater extent. I would say that I will be focusing on self-learning and self-reflection and will prepare an effective personal development plan for learning new things and becoming an effective employee for the businesses. Internationalization Element of the Placement and Recommendations Hermolis is doing well in the UK and is generating higher revenue as well. According to the company performance in the domestic market it can be said that the company should focus on going international. This brand is loved by the customers especially the travellers from across the world which makes it a popular brand in the world. High quality and taste food served by the company is well known in the world and due to this reason the brand is one of the popular brands among the travellers and in the world as well. As a result of it the company is having better opportunity to expand their business by focusing over the internationalization (Oliva et. al. 2022). When it comes to internationalization then there are different options which can be opted by the company for going global and entering into new market for trade. Currently the company is focusing over managing their global sales by sending the food all over the world in a processes and appropriate manner. This is one of the most basic approaches that the company is selling its products to the different markets by focusing on exporting. But I think that my placement company needs to understand that there is an systematic approach which needs to be followed while going global and entering into the global markets for moving towards internationalization. My company is managing exports in different nations where the need for the Kosher meals and the demand by the travellers for the food from Hermolis is more. The company has opted one of the simplest method to went international and sell the food to the customers in an effective method. This is helping the company in ensuring that they are filling the demand for the Hermolis food in different nations. In my view this method of company is limiting the opportunities for the company as the firm is not able to expand their operations complete to the new market and they are only selling their products to the new market through the method of exporting. Here it is important for the company to understand that there is a need for ensuring that they are using the correct strategy and method while going global or setting up a firm to the new market. There are different important theories or the theoretical frameworks which focuses on internationalization and explaining that how the businesses can focus on going international and entering into new market. Hermolis and Co London needs to focus on adopting an effective theoretical framework for working over its internationalization in an successful manner. The Uppsala model of internationalization is one of the effective models which is widely used by the businesses across the world. My placement company also needs to focus on understanding the Uppsala model and then focusing on internationalization. According to this model there are different stages which can be followed by the businesses while going global and operating at the international level. When it comes to enter into a new market then the company should focus on the systematic approach. As per the Uppsala internationalization model there are four different stages or the different steps which are being used by the businesses for entering into the new market such as no regular export activities, export via the independent representative, establishing a foreign sales subsidiary and foreign production (Vahlne and Johanson, 2017). All the four stages can be followed by the company step by step. As per the Uppsala model there are four different stages which can be used by the companies for going global and it needs to be followed in an sequential manner. Here my placement company needs to focus on understanding that they are at the initial stage of internationalization as per the Uppsala model as they are focusing on export via independent representatives this is an simple method as per the model and this is the second stage. My placement company is doing export via independent representative. This shows that the company is doing well and managing the firm and its international operations in an appropriate manner. Hermolis is doing well for some of the markets so here the company needs to focus on selecting more effective entry strategy while setting up their business in the new market. For a food production company it is very important for them to having an foreign sales subsidiary which help them in having more effective physical appearance as compared to the export activities. Here it can be recommended that my placement company should also focus on ensuring that they should identify the most effective market for their which is having better opportunity for the company to expand their operations. Along with this detailed market research also needs to be done for doing well in the foreign market. As per the views of Vahlne (2020) the Uppsala model needs to be followed in a strategic and step by step manner. When the company is already doing the export through the independent representative then it should move towards working over setting up an foreign sales subsidiary. One of the important advance of making use of the Uppsala model is that it helps the company in managing it's finances appropriate and then making effective decision related to internationalization with the help of better strategy and following a systematic manner. But in today's business world this model is being considered as one of the oldest methods which is not so effectively for the present business world (Schweizer and Vahlne, 2022). But today also different businesses are making use of this model while focusing over internationalization. According to the born global model of internationalization it is important for the businesses to focus on taking ensuring that they are making effective use of their resources. As per this model some of the firms which focuses on making use of their resources effectively and enjoying better sales through having operations in multiple countries are known as an born global firms (Madsen and Servais, 2017). There firms focuses on ensuring that they are working hard for managing the business operations in multiple markets from the beginning itself. Here it is important to understand that this method is effective for the firms as it allows them in moving with better idea of internationalization and helps in enjoying better revenue. Hermolis is not a type of born global company but it is important for the company to now focus on entering into multiple markets and generating higher revenue. As I am working with Hermolis as an export manager I believe that the company is having enough potential to enter into new markets. But not having physical outlets in multiple countries is one of the important weaknesses related to the internationalization strategy of the company. Here it can be suggested that now the company should focus on setting up their physical store in the different nations (Paul and Rosado-Serrano, 2019). It can be said that as like the born global firms my placement company should also emphasize on entering into multiple new markets for doing business and enjoying better sales as well. Thus it can be recommended that my placement company needs to make major changes in their internationalization strategy which can help them in being more effective. Along with this the firm just needs to be more focused towards their long term goals while working over internationalization. Conclusion I think that this internship journey and the entire MBA had helped me a lot over my career and leading me towards bright future. Firstly I just wanted to have MBA for learning effective business skills and getting appropriate skillset and knowledge which is required for working in the big firms or the MNCs. I think that my MBA plan went well and has allowed me a lot in boosting my confidence level and making me understood that I am having enough potential to work in the MNCs and fulfilling my dreams. During the MBA I have worked over different projects and have worked as a team member with the classmates. I have developed the effective social skills and collaborative skills in a successful manner. Not only this has my MBA program helped me a lot in making use of my existing knowledge in an effective way. I believe that this entire program has helped me a lot in learning a lot of new things which are significant for working effectively in the fast changing business world in an appropriate way. I have understood that how the industries are moving towards the forth industrial revolution and how the business world is changing for the workforce. I always wanted to work for the MNC and this MBA program has helped me in getting placed in an firm which is working in the multiple nations and focusing over internationalization. For me getting this opportunity is very important as it had developed scope for me to get better employment opportunities in future as well. So I would say that getting internship and having the best suited placement company as per my long term goals is one of the best thing happened to me. The internship journey had allowed me a lot to learn from others and collecting feedback from others to understand my own strengths and weaknesses. Also I have learned that how reflecting on the life experiences can help in self-evaluation. I have learned a lot about my own skills, knowledge and abilities during this module and I have learned that how I can develop my skills and can focus over improvement. Both the personal and the professional skills of mine are well developed and improved during this entire journey and I will focus on continuous improvement of my skills. In my view this entire MBA journey was quite good for me and has helped me a lot in improving my employability to a greater extent which is important for my future and career goals.

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