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Leadership-Success Factor For Transformational Changes Assignment Sample

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Leadership-Success Factor For Transformational Changes Assignment Sample


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The leader of the company is having an major role to play for the businesses. Due to this reason it is important to understand that the leadership is having an impact on the change management(Ioannidiset. al. 2019). This report will discuss about leadership as one of the success factor for transformational changes.

Relationship between leadership and change agents in transformational change

While makes changes in the firm it is important for the company to understand that the leaders and the leadership style used by the leader is having an significant role to play in making the changes successful for the company. If the leader is leading the change in an successful manner with the help of better leadership and getting better support from the team then it will help in getting better outcomes of the change(Alqatawenh,2018). When the leader is having better relationships with the employees and is having effective communication with them then only it will help the leaders in motivating the employees to accept the changes. The leadership style use of the leaders in the firm is also having major influence on the transformational changes.

The leader of the company needs to understand that managing change is an complex process for the company. Due to this reason it is important for them to take help from the change agents for making the changes successfully(Schell,2019). The change agents are the one who acts as a catalyst for the change management process within the organisation.Here it is important to understand that the leader of the company itself can also act as an important change agent. The leader is having the ability to work as an important agent for minimising the different factors which can resist the changes.So it is important to understand that the leader is the one who can ensure smoother execution of change management in the organisation.

Characteristics and attributes of change agents

The change agents needs to have effective knowledge and great attributes. The change agents firstly need to have diversified knowledge related to different business practices and industry. This is very important as it will help them in making the change management more effective for the organisation. Along with this the change agents needs to have better listening skills, responsibility skills, communication skills, decision making and soft skills such as empathy, honesty, patients and many more. It is important for the case company to understand that just having a change agent is not enough as the change agent needs to be effective. Either the manager or the leader of the organisation can act as an change agent or it can be someone from outside(Macdonaldet. al.2019).The change agent needs to understand the vision and the purpose for which the change is being made in the company. Along with this the change agents needs to have some of the important characteristics such as being accurate, enthusiastic, communicator, well respected, leads by good examples and should have better skills to form interpersonal relationships.

Relative importance of change agents and their role

Change agents are having a major role to play for the businesses for making the changes successfully for them. They just help the managers and the leaders with all the social support and the strategic knowledge which is required for adopting the changes and making them successful for the company.The change agents are having the major role to take the initiative for making the changes in the firm for increasing its effectiveness(Radziet. al.2019). But in the case company the change in the policies is acting as the major reason for adopting the change and making it well implementing in all the different day to day business operations. The change agent is having the role to communicate about the change and get support from all the important stakeholders for ensuring that they all should take active participation in the change management process of the company.

The change agents are the one who are responsible for communicating that how the change will be beneficial for both the employees and the employer. Along with this the change agents needs to understand the behaviour of the employees towards the change and should encourage them to support the changes. Moreover the change agents needs to collect feedback related to the multiple challenges which are being faced while managing the changes in an appropriate manner.

Advantages and disadvantages of using external consultants as change agents

The case company needs to understand that they can have both the change agent from within the organisation or from outside the organisation. The external change agent is referred as having the change consultant from outside the organisation or having the third party change practitioner who is having enough knowledge related to the change management. Having external change agents can help alot in getting honest feedback and managing changes without any restriction(Buicket. al. 2018).Along with this the external change agents are having more diversified knowledge which is also an important advantage of having external change agents.

One of the important disadvantages of having the external change agent is that they are not having enough knowledge about the organisational culture due to which they might face issues while implementing the changes in an appropriate manner. Along with this there are chances that the employees of the company do not work with the change agent and should not get motivated(Alagozet. al.2018). The cost of hiring the external change agents is also expensive and it increases the overall cost of the company. But it is important to understand that the change agents are having enough knowledge and experience in change management which can make them more effective in managing the implementation process for the company.


As per the above mentioned report it can be said that it is important for the case company to appoint an change agent for managing the changes in an effective manner. This is important for the company to make sure that changing the work schedule needs to be done in the best possible way.

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