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Marketing Communications Assignment Sample

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Marketing Communications Assignment Sample


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Task 1 – The Principles of Marketing Communication

1.1 Introduction

The current presentation discusses the fundamental principles of marketing communications to train the team new Marketing Communications team set up by Tibbetlan.com. As a part of this discussion, the essential theories and concepts related to marketing communications, an assessment of the requirements of a marketing strategy, the nature of research related to this field, and the need to do the same are discussed in detail in the forthcoming sections. People who are just starting out in marketing have a similar challenge: learning how to utilise all of the many marketing communication tools and strategies that are now at their disposal (Falahat et al., 2020). Unless people are a consumer, they have probably received some kind of marketing message at some point in the life, and most of people can attest to that. An ad that grabs the attention is different from one that doesn't, and it's easy to tell.

When it comes to receiving marketing-related emails or texts, the organisation has already crossed the "persistent" and "annoying" lines. Individuals know which buy-one-get-one-free bargains are a terrific value and which ones seem like a swindle to each other. As with any other IMC campaign, effective advertising begins with establishing the target demographic and the campaign's goals. The strategic function of advertising in a wider IMC effort must be considered when advertising is used in conjunction with other marketing communication methods (Palmatier and Crecelius, 2019). After determining the target demographic, marketing approach, and budget, the following stage is to devise a creative plan for generating attention-grabbing ads. The message and the appeal are the two most important aspects of the creative approach.

1.2 Explanation of the Theory and Concepts of Marketing Communications

Marketing communication is the process through which organizations and consumers interact with the purpose of gaining the confidence of the target audience (Krizanova et al., 2019). The following sections will talk about certain important concepts and theories related to the mentioned area. 


Advertising is by far the most important component of the marketing communication mix, and it would be insufficient if it were not included. Advertising and promotion are considered to be synonymous by the vast majority of people. Any type of sponsored marketing and promotion of an idea, product, or service by a recognized sponsor that is not done on an individual basis is considered marketing and promotion (Amin and Priansah, 2019). Despite the fact that this is a broad definition of advertising, it highlights its most important quality, which is the sponsorship of a certain product or service.

Advertisements may also assist in the building of a company’s long-term brand image as well as in the creation of early awareness. Companies invest millions of dollars in advertising their goods across several platforms, including television, radio, social media, and video sharing sites like YouTube. They hire advertising firms or create their own advertisements in order to reach a large audience and persuade potential customers to buy (Bernyt?, 2018). The procedure is pricey, but it has been shown to be beneficial. Companies may get a high return on investment (ROI) by advertising on a variety of channels.


It falls under the public relations subcategory of relationship building and corporate image, which is where sponsorship fits in. Businesses offer money or in-kind to achieve their marketing aims through sponsorship, which is a form of marketing approach. In recent years, it has gained in popularity and differentiation from public relations, demonstrating that sponsorship is becoming more prominent and that new forms of sponsorship are emerging (Bayazovna, 2020). This kind of communication involves corporations planning material and personalising their messaging to specific clients in advance. A brand already understands its customers and what they need at a given time. Coupons, special discounts, and other deals are sent out by companies.

Sales Promotion

Sale promotion is a quick marketing campaign that is aimed to encourage customers to make purchases. When compared to other components of marketing that are intended to develop long-term connections with customers, the objective of sales promotion is unique. Its primary objective is to maximize sales as rapidly as feasible. There are two strategies for increasing sales (Zephaniah, Ogba and Izogo, 2020). One is to urge current consumers to make further purchases, while the other is to capture potential customers’ attention and persuade them to make a purchase.

As a result, one of the defining characteristics of sales promotion is the use of simulated offers to entice clients to make a purchase within a specified time frame. Sales, discounts, coupons, free gifts, loyalty programmes and referral programmes are the most popular reasons for individuals to sign up for e-mail updates from a company. Companies that are just getting off the ground might use this strategy to draw in customers and boost revenue (Bernyt?, 2018). Increasing numbers of individuals will find the brand and become engaged. Well-established firms should also consider sales marketing. Old goods may be sold and new ones can be added to the inventory.

Words of Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing has shown to be quite effective. In order to compete with the recommendations of friends, advertisements and other kinds of communication must be creative. 

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