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Meeting Customer Needs Assignment Sample

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Meeting Customer Needs Assignment Sample


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This journal is to elaborate specific details as well as important of customer needs. Part 1 is based on 5 different journals elaborating several factors such as importance of quality and inventory management, identifies of customer needs, customer relationship manager and communication skills to meet customer demand. Part 2 is report elaborating customer needs and its important and skills to identify it, challenges in service and operation, theoretical perspective is also include which helps to produce recommendation to mitigate the issues facing by the ASDA and Sainsbury. Many information have been attached to this file according to the journal and described.

Part 1

1. Importance of Quality Control to meet customer needs

While considering any products or services, quality of the product is an essential factor. It is the most important factor that helps in satisfying customer needs. Quality has been the major differentiator indicator within the market with high competition. It is dependent on all services and products. Quality control can be essential as it helps the business to reach the height of success. It is noted that maintaining proper quality of a product can meet up the customer demands or even exceed those. Quality control is being determined to reduce waste production of organisations and help in operating at higher productivity levels (Nguyen, 2019). The International Organization has published a specific recognised standard that has helped to achieve a wider range of operational and marketing benefits. All manufacturers strictly lock out their production unit for maintenance and to enhance the quality of products.
Quality control and quality assurance are two standard processes for maintaining the customer's demand of meeting the exact quality of products. Several methods are there that an organisation can follow for maintaining and achieving the required quality level. One Such process is total quality management or TQM and many others have their faith in external and internal standards. ISO has helped in defining the quality standards of products. Therefore industries generally adhere to previously defined standards. As it has been noticed that standards play an important role and therefore customers are keen to buy products from standard service providers or certified manufacturers (Nguyen, 2019). Quality control has been practised by following standard manuals that outline focus on quality. Every working employee is responsible for maintaining and managing all such products which are produced by the industry according to customer needs and requirements. Different functions and departments are instructed to do several specific functions every working member should be aware of their responsibilities for delivering higher quality products.
Several advantages are there for maintaining high standards of quality especially based on customer needs. The prime advantage of quality control is consumer satisfaction. It will highly benefit customers as better quality control will assure better quality products. Furthermore, it develops consciousness of quality in both consumers and manufacturers. Organisations producing satisfactory quality products will have a good competitive position in the market in terms of sales and consumer support. The consumer will be more able to differentiate between various quality products and will reject the lower quality graded products. It can also be advantageous to the company as any disturbances in quality control will be foremostly identified by the customers. In return for their feedback, the company can keep a check on product quality. Quality control has a severe advantage in reducing the cost of the product. It grows the overall productivity and improves the overall business based on the used business plan or strategy. It ultimately increases customer satisfaction as one can buy the products at an affordable cost thus increasing the demands of a product as well. Every resource is efficiently converted into a product will consumer-friendly cost therefore waste production has been minimised along with increasing consumer satisfaction. Quality control is successful in increasing the goodwill of concern of the people's minds (Nguyen, 2019). A reputed concern will satisfy consumers' needs and raise funds from the market. The relationship between consumers and with organisation officials gets highly improved that can be utilised in improving the satisfaction of customers.

2. Customer relationship management to meet the needs of the customer

Customer relationship management as in the CRM is an important structure that is required for meeting the needs of the customers for future purposes. There is also a role of strategic integration that arises in the places of multinational specific integrations that are required for attaining the nature of the customer relationship management. Due To this the exploration that takes place also turns out to help attain the success peak. This turns out to be even more helpful regarding the exploration that takes place in a specific organisation. Due to this reason, there are specific and an important improvement has been done for the industry. As a result CRM plays a major and important role for improving the overall business of the industry or for the organisation. There is also emergence in various tools that are specifically used for maintaining the structure of the market (Gil-Gomez,2020). This further helps in meeting the customer relationship management goal and they attain the desired market that they want.
The analysis of the chain system is yet another important part of the process of CRM. This helps in building the total framework of the relationship procedure also the term loyalty is well settled due to this. This loyalty retention is something that is maintained by the customers this helps in providing the profits for the betterment of the company. This is possible because of the management theory that has been used for maintaining customer relationship management. There is a sudden breakdown in the categories as well as data that are used for maintaining the importance of customer relationships to meet the needs of the customers. The financial statements that every company holds naturally involve the maintaining of the revenue as well as maintaining the total expenditures that are required for holding the customer needs to a height. The rate of the market is also optimized due to this. So, I feel that there is an increase in the rate of collaboration keeping in mind the limit of coordination that is necessary for the actual improvement of the data.
All these are required for maintaining and carrying out different processes of business. A model that can be used according to me is the model of IDIC, that is, it also can be considered as a theory in that there is a generic blueprint. This helps in the implementation of the situations that are necessary for carrying out customer needs (Hüseyino?lu,2018). Implementation of the whole customer relationship management has been improved the overall relationship between the customers of the industry and the organisation. Specific customization and overall growth has been improved by this effective and efficient technology. I think that this theory is quite helpful for companies like ASDA and Sainsbury for holding their market positions. Some challenges also can be mitigated by using this theory for gaining behavioural perspectives from the customers. Yes, I have gained from this a lot and I feel that it will be beneficial for the organisations to meet customer needs.

3. Inventory management to meet consumer demands

Inventory management has been noted to play a critical role in management of good customer service. Technology has developed in providing correct inventory information to correct customers and meeting up to their level of needs. Inventory has been held by an organisation in order to deliver correct information regarding their needs and to create a platform that will help in looking up products and purchasing essentials. Successful inventory control is largely dependent on positive consumer experience and customer satisfaction. Exceptional customer service can be created by combining many areas of inventory management (Kumar, 2019). The main objectives of this industry are to fulfill all such needs and requirements in their products. In order to meet these objective and aims the industry has followed this CRM method or technology which helps the industry to meet all their requirements and improve the overall marketing growth for the organization. The fulfilment of the order is the main area of fulfilling customer needs through inventory management. Every time a customer expects speedy delivery of the ordered products.
It is seen that companies have less time for picking, packing and shipping items. Fulfilling orders rapidly is highly dependent on the management system of inventory control and operational management of warehouses. Turnaround times can be improved when the inventory stock of storage areas are conveniently organised. Technology has advanced in many sectors and helped in the improvement of every field of industry. Implementation of automatic inventory management will streamline the process of fast delivery (Kumar, 2019). Popular items can be recognised studying consumer demands and should be made available in the stock within less time. It will eliminate risk of product loss while stocking the product in holding inventory.
Every product has its demand increased in a specific time. Studying such seasons for particular products will help the consumers in getting the products without any buffering. Managing the inventory will help in escaping failing at peak seasons. Also, it will lose the confidence of consumer satisfaction. The balancing of flow of seasonal merchandise helps in fulfilling customer demands. Also, this management will help in decreasing chances of left out stock at the end of a season that will be not used further. Proper inventory management will help in meeting consumer demands in case of any returns. Both consumers and organisations avoid the process of returns and go through all the hassles. Whereas in cases of any return, the inventory management should ensure a hassle-free return process.
The process of refunding or exchange of products should be processed smoothly. The reasons for refunds should be monitored for reducing return rates. Customer satisfaction can be increased thereby through addressing issues of returns. Providing a positive customer experience and delivering good customer services are the basic pillars of developing customer satisfaction before choosing any products (Kumar, 2019). The accuracy of inventory can be developed through smart procedures and practices that will ultimately gain consumer loyalty and satisfaction. The optimization in inventory can be summarised as providing efficient customer services by analysing the needs of consumers. The quantity and time of delivering products should also be developed. Having right management of inventory should help in achieving both customer satisfaction and provision of exceptional customer service.

4. Quality assurance to order to meet customer needs

As ASDA and Sainsbury are one of the leading supermarkets based on the retail of the United Kingdom, they provide a different set of quality arrogance to meet the needs of the customers. This helps in maximising the sales of the desired company by providing various prices in the sales. This also helps in providing the rise in the price of their products in the market. This keeps the supermarket in a happy place so that the employees can work in full harmony. It is again a step that is profitable as they look after the satisfaction of the customers (Rahmania,2020). To hold the quality assurance, the complaints that have been raised by the customers are kept in mind and condition that is related to the inflation price in the markets of ASDA and Sainsbury. This helps in retaining the targeted customers to provide a valuable experience for the customers. The environment relating to the shopping needs to be way more convenient for holding the customer base. So, according to me, this process is way more convenient as well as very effective for different businesses. There's no compromise on the price and the quality is the products and relevant information are also provided by the stores.
There's no compromise on the price and the quality of the products and relevant information is also provided by the stores. This further helps in meeting the customer relationship management goal and they attain the desired market that they want. The analysis of the chain system is yet another important part of the process of CRM. Keeping quality of the product, helps in maintaining the loyalty of people. Proper quality assurance of the product is necessary to maintain the safety standard of the product. Consumers will prefer such products over others. This helps in building the total framework of the relationship procedure also the term loyalty is well settled due to this (Schubert, 2021) This helps in building the total framework of the relationship procedure also the term loyalty is well settled due to this.
This loyalty retention is something that is maintained by the customers this helps in providing the profits for the betterment of the company. This is possible because of the management theory that has been used for maintaining customer relationship management in businesses. The collaboration that arises plays an important role in maintaining the queries up to date so that no customer provides negative feedback. The process of training and development also play a significant role in this (Zhang, 2018). Customer satisfaction and customer care both are kept in mind in order to ensure that there are possible provisions that would help a company to provide services that would be lucrative this will further help in experimenting with the tools that are required to fulfil the processes of gaps that have been provided from the offline and the online stores

5. Communication Skills to meet customer needs

Customers are considered the core of any business or organisation. Maintaining strong interpersonal skills will help in building long-lasting relationships with customers. It is noticeable that satisfied and happy customers will help in advocating the business. In order to improve customer relationships, having effective communication with customers is important. Several sites can be adapted for building a strong communication network. The first and foremost importance should be given to building up a relationship. According to my, time should be invested in building both professional and personal level communication that will result in getting views of customers' demand. While having such a conversation proper notes can be taken. While getting into the process of building relationships, active listening is of great importance. I have analysed the fact that one needs to get involved in a conversation with full mindfulness. Any doubts or questions should be clarified. In case of any misunderstandings, customers should be requested to repeat their choices (Hüseyino?lu, 2018). Following such an attitude will help in ensuring a good impression and the customer will understand the company's effort in knowing their choices in a much better way.
Using analogy can be another strategy to build up good communication with customers. Analogies can be defined as a technique for explaining complex technical issues. After building up a good relationship with customers analogies can be used by using a relevant example that customers can relate with. As the customer gets connected with the examples provided they will be able to understand such situations more efficiently and will cooperate immediately. Developing customer service standards can be another alternative approach. This approach will ensure that employees can connect with customers most efficiently. Service policies, benchmarks and standards are an example of maintaining such services. It can be assured that every time the customers communicate with company officials the same standard service should be provided. The most important step that many business organisations ignore is resolving disputes. A dispute can lead to a communication gap between organisation and customers (Gil-Gomez, 2020). It can ruin the relationship that has been built over years. If the dispute remains unsolved, customers may not stay loyal to the organisation. I have noticed that complaints launched by customers in consumer forums should be quickly resolved by having a proper discussion with customers themselves.
Several ways can be made for having better communication with consumers. The prime aspect is to make phone calls. Calling is the best way to seek out any problem or interact with customers regarding their choices. It can lead to having a touching base and help in creating a valuable impression of the company. Social media is serving several purposes at a time. It can be one of the best platforms for communicating with consumers. Social media should not be only used for simplifying sales. Having the full advantage of social media, risk factors should also be taken care of. Proper Security should be maintained for protecting details of customers being shared over social media and also of companies (Juanamasta, 2019). Asking for feedback is another important option. It helps in getting acknowledged with the flaws of a company concerning customer satisfaction.

Part 2

1. Introduction

Quality of products and services plays a crucial role for each and every company as well as the brand. The brand value of a company is mainly dependable upon the quality of products they are serving, this is the major reason behind why the successful brands didn't compromise their quality of products. Quality of products also helps to identify the demand of the market as well as to identify customer needs. Next is inventory management which is crucial to provide uninterrupted services to the consumers. It is important to be aware of the capacity as well as a stock of inventory to continue their uninterrupted services.

2. Types of service encounter

The term service encounter describes the event when a customer runs their inquiry to the service or product provider for the first time regarding their product or service. It is the most crucial event for every organisation, as it can start a new relation as well as the long-term business relationship with customers and also the organisation will get reselling opportunities. Recently successful organisations such as ASDA, Sainsbury and so more organisations are using service encounters as their market analytic strategy to identify customer primary needs or first choice and they are also able to identify optional choices (Fernandes and Oliveira, 2021). The report is to reflect the service encounter strategies as well as service marketing operations to get proper identification of customer needs. In order to encounter service, there are several strategies such as remote encounter, face to face encounter and the last one is phone encounter. Those strategies are also considered as types of service encounters. Remote encounters that can happen with practically no immediate contact by an individual person are called remote encounters. For example, when a client interfaces with a bank through a cash outlet framework, or with a mail- request administration through computerised dial-in requesting. Remote experiences likewise happen when the firm sends its charging explanations or conveys other sorts of data to clients via mail. In spite of the fact that there is no immediate human contact in these remote experiences, each addresses a chance for a firm to build up or lay out insights into the client (Pantano, 2020)
. In remote experience, the unmistakable proof of the assistance and the nature of the specialised interaction and framework become the essential bases for making a decision about quality. Administrations are being conveyed through innovation, especially with the coming of Internet applications. Retail buys, carrier tagging, fix and upkeep investigating, and bundle and shipment following are only a couple of instances of administrations accessible through the Internet. These kinds of administration experiences can be viewed as remote experiences. The third kind of experience is the one that happens between a representative and a client within a physical contact considered as Face-to-Face Encounter. In an inn, eye to eye experiences happens among clients and support faculty, assistant, bellboy, food and refreshment servers and others. Operation and marketing concepts generally includes team capacity enhancement in order to amplifying the helping scale. Deciding and understanding help equity issues in the eye to eye setting is the most perplexing of all. Both verbal and non-verbal practices are significant determinants of value, as are substantial signals, for example, representative dress and different images of administration such as gear, educational pamphlets, and actual settings. In up close and personal experiences the client likewise assumes a significant part in making quality help for herself and conducting those during the collaboration. The last discussion is Phone encounters (Fernandes and Oliveira, 2021). Specifically, after the pandemic, all marketing promotion is continuing through online and mobile calling processes. Both new and existing customers call the organisational helpline number to get help as well as to get proper answer and evolvement of their queries and problems. Therefore it is a very crucial service to encounter customers' queries and problems as well as it also helps to ensure a long-term business opportunity with their customers. In addition there are five types of marketing concepts, such as the concept regarding product and production, selling, marketing and social marketing concept. In order to improve the overall business and for mitigating all the needs and requirements of the industry propeor knowledge of all such identification customer needs are very important (Ali, 2021). For this reason, the organization take the responsibility to done all such analysis process. After analysing all such internal and external factors based on all the joiurnals there are several ways or processes that are helpful for improving the overall business.

3. Challenges in services and operation

Impact of covid 19 on Sainsbury

Figure 3.1: Impact of covid 19 on Sainsbury

(Source: Silvestri et. al. 2019)

After the pandemic of Coronavirus, it is seen that web-based deals have been expanded up to 42%, in which 90% of deals are from Argos division, Sainsbury's confronted a deficiency of 256-261 million. It was early observed that both companies Sainsbury and ASDA were faced with allegations of serving low-quality products and services which dilute their brand value. These challenge their overall service and operation and this leads to dissatisfaction of their stakeholders because the organisation starts to lose their market reputation as well as they also start financial losses. With this statement, it is clear how the quality of products and services plays a crucial role. Next, due to poor inventory management especially the time of lockdown due to Covid 19 Several effects has been seen (Baisalim and Soediantono, 2022). There are some other reasons also behind inventory management. In the tough time, both organisations Sainsbury and ASDA faced employee crises and due to huge losses, they were unable to satisfy their existing employees. Inventory management means being well aware of the size and capacity of inventory as well as warehouse in order to provide uninterrupted products supply to their customers. The primary issue is they have confined things in their stock. This infers they don't have any combination in their things and organisations. They don't have any familiarity with their client's tendencies. Presently, they can't meet clients' inclinations. After this pandemic, they are endeavouring to sell their items and administrations through their web-based business doorway with the help of stock administration methodologies. This is the fundamental delayed consequence of appalling correspondences between their clients and retailers. Without authentic correspondence, one affiliation can't appreciate the necessities of clients and it will provoke business mishaps. With this strategy, Sainsbury's can't vanquish setbacks. There is another issue that happens in light of a shortfall of viable HR (SADIK, 2019). They don't have satisfactory labourers after this pandemic who can help with smoothing their business.Regarding this, they have faced several challenges as well as issues to manage their inventory properly. After this pandemic, ASDA started recruiting in order to get assistance and also they invited new stakeholders to invest in their projects. From the site of the organisation, ASDA gives various kinds of things which are associated with the step by step needs of their clients as well as a couple of checked things and concerning organisations they give their clients security of a vehicle, life, pet as well as they give portion doorways. They are making a fair endeavour to recover from their disasters.
It can be easily analysed by all the above information that have been collected by the journals that this industry can improve their overall business and reputation for applying this emerging technology and systems. From the site of administration, ASDA gives different sorts of items which are connected with the day by day needs of their clients as well as a few marked items and concerning administration they give their clients protection of a vehicle, life, pet as well as they give instalment entryways. There is another test in giving a strong performing different assignments mastery, which is identical to Sainsbury is facing an obstruction to chipping away at their quality control and inventory management that is a result of a shortfall of HR. After the pandemic, there is an absence of capable specialists who are presented to doing their absolute best to additionally foster ASDA's business (SADIK, 2019). This is the primary delayed consequence of monetary losses correspondences between their clients and retailers. Without genuine correspondence, one affiliation can't grasp the necessities of clients and it will incite business hardship. Due to these problems, the industries have faced so many issues, which have to be resolved before time. As a result, the company has facing some major and vital problems which can lead to a poor performance and less effective working efficiency from the industry (Ali, 2021). It can also lead to a bad reputation of the industry. In the competition of several markets, this can lead to take a poor stage among all competitors. In addition to poor quality control and inventory management both the companies face losses and they identically work with it to perform better and survive this unfavourable environment.

4. Strategies to mitigate the issue

Quality control problems are the most common issues faced by every organisation. It has been faced by well-established companies like ASDA. Most optimal solutions can be implemented to solve minor irritants problems. Several techniques can be used to mitigate various problems. The first step that can be done to mitigate problems is the identification of problems. The Assumption of the fact that everybody has been acknowledged with the problem can be proved wrong, therefore while facing any quality control issues every employee should be informed (SADIK, 2019). Before resolving the main problem of the industry or the organization, they should take the responsibility to find the roots or sources of the problems, so that they can mitigate or overcome the whole problem from their roots and sources (Van Horn, 2018). This can lead to an overall solution of the problem, leads to a better approach that in future this problem cannot take place further. The impact of the problem should also be clearly stated. Problems should not be defined rather steps should be taken for resolving them. The root cause of the problem should be identified.
The incidents that have led to the problem should be analysed primarily. Fishbourne diagrams can be used for proper identification of the cause. Determination of the alternative and impact of the quality control problem should be analysed. It can happen several times that mitigation of problems can be more cost-effective and time taking. Both time and cost are impossible to invest therefore alternative approaches should be taken to resolve the issues and maintain the same quality as usual. The selection of the best alternative will be preferential. While selecting, stakeholders and sponsors of the company should be involved in the process. Execution of the plan should be done by following specific procedures (Baisalim and Soediantono, 2022). After the implementation, monitoring of the process should be continued in order to prevent further relapse of problems.
It has been identified that the concept of inventory management is complex. Several issues can be faced by the inventor management department of ASDA in their workings such as inconsistent tracking, inaccurate data, limited visibility of stock, annual documentation supply chain complexity and many more. Several strategies are there that will help in mitigating such a problem. The prime solution can be centralised tracking. It can be done by upgrading various updated and advanced software (Anil, 2019). This software should provide procurement and re-ordering facilities. In order to done the innovation based updates, they have selected cloud based systems, which are decentralized networking system (Van Horn, 2018). This emerging technology can improve their overall safety and security of their information. This can lead to transparency. Transparent performances should be continued to maintain inventory turnovers, order processing and customer satisfaction. Inventory data should be accurately displayed to both suppliers and employees.
Stock auditing can be followed that will include daily cycle counting. It will manage cash flow and keep the inventory data up-to-date. Auditing should be organised that includes counting smaller inventory samples. Forecasting tools can be implemented in some inventory platforms. The features help in scheduling and predicting demand of customer p

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