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Operation Management Assignment Sample

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Operation Management Assignment Sample


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This research examines the operational strategy of the Chalhoub Groups in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the benefits of digital marketing, as well as the advantages of ICT applications and AI, as well as a few recommendations that can assist the company in achieving its future goals. However, this paper will look at how ABC, a building company, employs PERT and CPM software to complete their assignment. PERT is a process improvement methodology that is utilized when the executive team does not certain how much time that project requires. CPM is also a method that would be used to manage in a specific situation, such as the duration that top management is aware of.

Report 1

Chalhoub Group is famous for its retail marketing as well as distribution of goods in the Middle East. This is a luxurious company all over the Middle East, earning a huge amount of marketing as well as profit. It is critical to play a role in making the UAE's sectors profitable. This company gets its business from a different company and also has 12,000 employees to make every venture successful. Nowadays, the company is running the main fusion business in several countries with 750 stores, as well as providing appropriate services that can bring more consumers. This assignment will focus on the strategic plan of the company and will include a few limitations as well as recommendations.

Operational strategy

Literature review

The operational strategy aims to make the operational process appropriate for the consumer, for better consumer attraction as well as for the highest quality of the product. In the year 2019, the company has taken the initiative to improve the operation of its stripes by introducing two projects (Chalhoub, et al. 2021).

A platform for Retail Store Operation (RSO)

This digital platform enables us to help the employees of the front store by helping them with various ways of doing their regular work. This system is based on messenger tools that enable communication between and from the office as well as back-office services (Chalhoub, 2018). This technique is based on the digitalized platform, which can be used to help the front line by helping them remove the form of the paper. Before 2017, it was the dream of the company to have the tools that could provide an appropriate impression by creating an apt communication system. In the year 2020, the initiative was to improve the usability of his platform and make it more user-friendly for all (Chalhoub, et al. 2021). Through this operation, the company gets so many benefits, such as all events and appropriate measures that occur throughout the company’s shops are properly logged, so the company has the opportunity to produce through screens and data that contribute to enhancing the operations of the company.

Shops with XStores include

In the year 2019, the company has introduced "XStores," a step technology that enables the retailer personnel to make translations with portable apps rather than depending upon barrier purchases, resulting in somewhat more frictionless consumer satisfaction (Schissel, et al. 2019). The main object of this initiative is to provide a consumer E-receipt via email so the purpose of the environment-friendly behaviors of the company can be continued. This innovation benefits the system in various ways, such as the consumer's need to wait in line at the sales counter to receive the receipt. The use of these two resolutions can also be able to help the company in many ways, such as through the initiatives of POS that can help the company to reduce its usage of paper. As we all allow the consumer by providing an e-receipt, this can also help the employee from printing in an unnecessary way. In this way, the company can save the paper as well as the time of the employees (Chalhoub-Deville, 2019). As a result of these initiatives, the company has recycled 136 boxes of paper in the UAE. The company has also talked about initiatives to reduce the use of plastic that can harm the environment, so the initiatives behind it are to make the environment of the company environmentally friendly.

Challenges that company is experiencing

This brand has been running the business successfully for the last 65 years with a huge amount of sales. To strengthen the position at the top of the company, employees have taken the initiative in various ways, by implementing many strategies (El Asmar, et al. 2021). Collaboration with others also takes the initiatives together to make the business reach a higher level. In the year 2018, through the contract with FarFtch, the company also took the initiative through its greenhouse by providing solutions to the distributors (Stubbs, et al. 2020). This company has been successfully running its business in over 12 countries as well as running 12 online e-commerce sites in the Middle East. It engages 12 million people and represents 400 stores, ranging from prestige goods to specialty trademarks, as well as the company’s original packing and product lines. Although the corporation does not release accounting reports, assessments claim that earnings could well be in huge sums.

This is the luxurious past of the company that has brought huge success (Rao et al.2021). However, in the years 2015, the company has faced consolidation due to the economic downturn, which has resulted in a noticeable slowing economy, which was stuck at roughly 1%-2%. The ECO of the Shalhoub group has also commented that the time is a little bit hard for the company from the years 2015 to 2022. However, a few changes in development have been noticed in the last few months, which should be glittering parts of the next few months. This is the reason that companies have to take new initiatives to make appropriate business models to bring in the innovation so that they can have more prosperous business in the upcoming years (Sindjoung, et al. 2018). this is why, in 2015, the company took the initiative to launch an online store, which has allowed the company to expand its business in all areas.

Following an understanding of the facts, the company attempted to improve digital technology in every aspect of the business, from brand details to shopping steps, to provide the consumer with a better resolution and a high-quality shopping experience to fulfill the company's growth.

Objectives of the company

The object of the company is to provide a better consumer experience by fulfilling the consumer's needs. The company has developed digital technology after so many years. That means the company has created a poor impression on consumers (Uwishema, et al. 2021). The company has taken the initiative to provide consumers with access to digital technology, from product selection to purchasing. For that, the company has adopted new operational management tools.

Tools of Operations Management:

  • Digitization is not something that can be added on later; it is the key to operations management. Digitalization has brought an innovative concept to the company’s products, through which the company is growing prosperously. From the beginning to the end, all procedures are now easy because of the tolls of digitalization that play a very vital role in the changing markets in the upcoming years. This type of transformation can indeed be broken down into policy, personnel, market research, or logistics challenges, but must be addressed as a whole. A business that effectively handles disruptive change understands the complex concept of corporation speed construction (Rao et al. 2021).
  • Operating management centered on the consumer is the key to becoming successful as well as continuing success over the other competitors. Making an adequate strategic plan will only serve to increase consumer attraction over and over again. Skiing tycoons offer a convenient comparison: navigating steep inclines while keeping the company’s arms pointed towards the target (Rao, et al. 2021). A business that is a shopper combines mobility with a constant emphasis on that company’s desires and requirements. You always need to maintain the responsibilities, which are very important to the company. Such responsibilities include making appropriate relationships with partners as well as bonding with them through trust. The main focus of the company is to give special attention to the needs of the consumer so that the company can fulfill the needs of the consumer.


Networking of Global partners

The SDI internal auditor was honored to be welcomed in Dubai to examine the IT consumer services of the world-class shopping distributors Chalhoub group as well as compare it all to SDI’s worldwide recommended standards specific for the help desk. With the help of 100 brads, luxury is now running at the top of the world's retail business (Dhou, 2020). This company has also been running an e-commerce website for several brands globally. Because of its magnitude, breath, and connection amongst clients, Dubai has unrivaled dominance in the worlds of clothing, shoes, and cosmetics.
Action in: Digital transformation
After a commitment by the CEO, the company has disclosed the facts because of the late adoption of digital marketing, which has had a very bad impact on the Chalhoub Group business. After taking the initiative in the year 2015, the object behind it was to make eye-to-eye contact with the digital platform to bring more success to the business (Kotb, and Adel, 2020). So, the benchmarking can state that the company has brought more consumer response after adopting digital technology.

Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing helps the company's sustainability as well as recycling waste. This strategy can help the business achieve sustainability in the product and also helps with the change of the product quality. There are various advantages that lean manufacturing has adopted, such as the performance of the product has increased, as well as the quality of defects in products has decreased. At the same time, the process breakdowns have improved. This is because of the lean manufacturing process, a company can improve inventory. On the other hand, the company can do its work within less space as well as through a company that can satisfy the consumer in greater ways (Halwani, and Mouawad, 2021).

Analyze the role of ICT applications in Operations optimization

collecting, analyzing, and retrieving documents as well as delivering support for the program. Insfruscyure, as well as cloud solutions, are part of ICT operations and services. ICT technologies assist businesses in a variety of ways by providing innovative technology that allows businesses to succeed. Because the ICT application helps the company to increase its sales by reducing shoplifting, which also helps the company's lines of communication, this can also help the company to make the chain more adequate to make the business more prosperous. This helps the company to change the appropriate things that are needed to change in the shops to continue their success (Chalhoub, et al. 2021). With the help of the application, the consumer is not only attracted by the benefits it provides but also makes the consumer's experience better than ever. This ICT application is based on consumer needs that enable the things that consumers become satisfied with.

The Importance of AI in business

  • With the help of artificial intelligence, companies can be able to increase their sales as well as attract consumers with sustainable products. With the help of consumer tracking facilities, AI helps the business by providing a function that the owner of the shop can also use to increase the appropriate consumer experience with the help of smart recommendations (Chalhoub, et al. 2021).
  • This can help the company by reducing its expenses by working as a human without making any mistakes.
  • With the help of a chatbot, the consumer is also able to get a reply within seconds, making the consumer satisfied with the business.


Because of the static plan, the company will be able to continue operations successfully. But a few recommendations also enable the company to continue its success in many ways.

  • Make the business more globally expandable so that opportunities can be found for the company (Schissel et al. 2019).
  • Before starting a new business, the company needs to analyze the marketing situation properly so that it does not take risks.
  • Ensure the marketing is more digitally expandable as well as enabled appropriately in Google Maps so that consumers can get appropriate information about the shop (Chalhoub-Deville, 2019).


This is because of Chalhoub's appropriate strategy; it is possible for the business to still be in the best position in the retail industry of the UAE as well as worldwide. This company also experienced a few downturns as a result of the poor economy, but after digitalization and conceptualization, the company was able to take appropriate steps (El Asmar, et al. 2021). This is because the company's operational strategy can enable the fact that the company can also sustain itself because of its user-friendly operational strategy and stores launched. With the adaptation of digital marketing, all businesses can reach a higher volume of sales, which also enables the business to be more prosperous in growth (Rao et al.2021).

Report 2


This report will discuss how the construction company ABC uses the technology of PERT and CPM to build their project. PERT is a very common technique used to manage the project in uncertain conditions, where the time is not known to the management team. CPM is also a technique of management of a project which is used to manage in a certain condition that is the time known to the management team (Habibi et al. 2018). These two techniques help an organization to complete their work in a scheduled time and minimize the delay of the work.
This report will give the complete and understanding diagram of a project development network that helps the client to understand the whole project with time calculation. That clear picture ensured the clients that the construction company could complete their project in time.

Project Management of ABC Construction group

The ABC construction company is planning to build a new manufacturing plant within 47 weeks, they ensured their clients that they completed their work within the expected time. The clients expected that the work should complete in the running year (Bhadiyadra et al. 2018). The total work is designed by a project development network diagram to understand the complete project by the client.

The client gave two conditions to the client if they complete their work before the given time then they give extra incentives and if the client did not submit their project then they paid a penalty for their lateness. The project manager structured a design of the whole project with the calculation of time required and the manager assured the clients that they accepted all the conditions of the client and made the whole project in a given time (MER?MA, 2021).

The project manager made this table to complete the work in a given time of the client and this table ensured the clients that they completed their work and they should not pay a penalty for their late work ( Ba'Its et al. 2020).

  • Activity A Excavation, this section the construction company understands the center line and drawing of excavation plans on the ground. The total time required is around 2 weeks and various types of equipment are used to complete the process. The excess soil is removed and staff should make roads, gardens, etc.
  • Activity B is the immediate successor of excavation and it takes not more than 4 weeks. The work done in this given time is to lay the foundation and create a concrete structure that gives support from the bottom of the building.
  • Activity C is to build the rough wall and they take time ultimately 10 weeks. The immediate predecessor is activity B. When the underneath supports are made then the upper surface of the groundwork is started.
  • Activity D is a very crucial part and it takes about 6 weeks to put up the roof of the building (Radl and Kaiser, 2019).
  • Activity E after completing the roof then exterior plumbing work is started and this step is done after making the rough wall also. The estimated time to complete this exterior plumbing is 4 weeks only.
  • Activity F is the immediate successor of Activity E, after completing the exterior work of plumbing then the interior work is started and the interior part takes more time than exterior plumbing so it takes approximately 5 weeks.
  • Activity G can be done after completing activity D and it takes a long time, 7 weeks. The work is to build a side in the exterior area of the building.
  • Activity H is the steps where the exterior painting is completed and it takes 9 weeks this work can be done after completing the interior plumbing and exterior siding.
    The activity I, that is the time to connect the electricity services and this activity is done when the wall is made of that building.
  • Activity J. is to set the wallboard and this work is done after completing the work of interior plumbing and electricity supply. It took almost 8 weeks.
  • Activity K, when the wallboard is set properly then the flooring is set, and to make the flooring took 4 weeks.
  • Activity L, when the floor is set properly and maintains the structure of the room then interior wall painting is done and it takes almost 5 weeks.
  • Activity M, the exterior fixtures, and this work took only two weeks and this work is done after completing the exterior painting.
  • Activity N, took time approximately 6 weeks and this work is done after completing the interior painting and flooring. The fitting of the things which is required for the building such as light switches, handles of doors, etc.

The construction company presents their full plan through a tabular form that elaborates the work that they have done in the given weeks and makes the building more beautiful as per their demand (So?ta-Dr?czkowska, 2018).

Project Network Diagram

The construction company ABC made a full-proof plan for their client and displayed it through the project network diagram. All the steps are designed neat and clean and which steps take more time and which are done in less time all are mentioned. The critical path diagram showed every step how they should make this building and which activity they did after which activity. Every construction is started from the Excavation. It is the primary step to start a building (Quesado and Silva, 2021). They told their clients it takes 2 weeks and no delays are not considered in this activity. The testing of the soil is also done because soil components are the most important for a building. They use advanced technologies to dig the soil maintain the centerline and draw all the designs including measurements of length and breadth of the pillars and wall to support the building. After making all the structures of the building start to lay the foundation and it is a very crucial part for a building it helps to hold the complete building. This work is done in 4 weeks but sometimes it takes more time to be considered because in these steps concrete structure is made underneath the ground (Gayathri and Suresh, 2018).
After making the converter pillar from the bottom of the ground then the rough wall is made and the area of the building is large so it takes more than 10 weeks and here no delay is considered and workers try to complete it before time. Good quality of bricks and cement is used to make the wall more strong and straight. When the worker completes the wall of the building then they start to make the roof of the building. To ready the outer structure with rods and other things takes some time and all the goods are the number one and it takes some time approximately 6 and half weeks and some delay may be considered because the roof is the most important part and it takes time. The roof protects a building from rain and water and it should be strong enough (Bajjou and Chafi, 2020).
When the workers complete the roof then they start their work to make the exterior plumbing work. The plumbing is done after making the wall because to complete the conceal wearing of the water supply the plumber made the channel in the wall. The exterior plumbing installation takes less than four weeks so some time should be saved from the given time. The interior installation of the plumbing is done after the exterior plumbing work. These two plumbing works are interrelated and the plumber when joining the work then they should complete their total work of plumbing. The plumber ensured that they complete their work before time so some time is saved from those activities. To complete both exterior and interior plumbing total time required is not more than eight weeks. So one week is saved from these activities (Kotiukov and Lange, 2019).
After making the roof structure, no work was done on the roof so the workers decided to do the exterior siding. All the siding used for the wall is of the best quality in the market. The workers take not more than 7 weeks and the workers ensure that they complete their work before the estimated time. They are not required for seven weeks, they complete their work approximately in 5 weeks and they can save the time of one to two weeks. When all the interior plumbing is completed and the siding is done on the external side of the wall then the workers started painting in the wall and the color is used for painting is the best quality products and they need nine weeks because the color of one coat takes time to dry and second coat of the color is done so it takes time (Al-Adhami et al. 2018).
To complete the electric supply the workers started after the making of the wall because the electrician cut the wall for the concealed wearing of the current supply. The electrician said that they need some time to make channels of current supply on the exterior and interior side of the wall, but they confirmed that they did their work before the estimated time. After making the channels the electricians set the wallboard and then they can start the supply of electricity. To start the current supply and to fix the wallboard they need almost seven weeks. The number of workers is increased if necessary (Dixit, 2021).
After setting the wallboard the floor workers started their work to set the floor and it takes some time because the flooring is done with accurate measurements of the length and breadth of the total room. The workers did their work in four weeks and the products used for floor setup are the best and long-lasting so no issues are considered with the quality of the products. The color painter started their work for the interior wall and it takes almost five weeks the time of painting is considered because the color takes time to dry.
The external fixtures and interior fixtures are done after completing the painting and all other activities necessary for designing a building. All the switches of light, the fan is fixed and tap of the water is fixed and the handles of all the doors are fixed and this activity is done within one week and the manager can save the time of one week (Yang and Chang, 2018).
The management plant is almost ready to hand over the clients. The manager visits the site of the project maintains all the guidelines of the clients and tries to meet the desire of the client. The project manager monitors every single work of the worker and should not consider a single day for loss. The manager works very hard to structure this project and they hand over their project before the deadline and make the client happy and satisfied (Borovskikh et al. 2021).


This report is all about the plan of ABC construction company to make a management plant within a given deadline of only 47 weeks. The client wanted to open their plant in the running year. The project manager of ABC construction made a foolproof plan to satisfy the client and increase the values of their company. The manager uses a project network diagram to visualize the structure of their plan of work. This is a very important part if the client becomes happy with the sketch of the project and this helps to ensure the client that the company must do their desired project at a specific time.

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