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Procurement Contract Administration And Law Assignment Sample

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Procurement Contract Administration And Law Assignment Sample


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  • As provided in the given scenario, Jane is supposed to face huge problems during construction. Government grants take a considerable time for designing the construction work. Financial and investment issues are also involved in the construction of an art gallery near the river lagan, along with the associated social factors. 70000 square feet of the art workshop and gallery needs a huge investment in order to acknowledge the commercial operations in the middle of the city. But there are some competitive and strategic challenges regarding the execution of the business at such a renowned complex. Additionally, Jean could face the limitations regarding rent because distinct people would use the space for their respective offices. Planning the construction of parking beside the river, the issues regarding reduced environmental sustainability could be faced. The given factors are associated with legislation and decrease the design efficiency of the organization.
  • Along with the conventional management route of procurement, two additional distinct routes can be proved effective for the planning of project construction. The designing and building depict the acquisition within which the basic employees are hired to design the building and planning of work instead of a customary contract in which the name of client advisors for planning prevents terms. Afterwards, an employee is hired for developing the task. Designing and building integrate the pattern of operation along with supporting environmental problems through the critical concept along with managing the government grants for a full feeling of Jane's project. There could be an increase in project personnel who make a low-ball offer to win the job, with the resulting modified orders deciding the recapture of misfortunes. It eventually leads to programme overload, as well as wasted planning or the use of progressive requests to ensure that the design and construct project is a perfect match for the clients' true requirements. The designing and construction also address some negative information about strategy-based consultants, as well as inventing an ideal factor for satisfying long-term demands. It further reduces the variant of workers along with enhancing transparency to track each minute detail regarding the factors of construction. That task which involves a lower level of cost and sustainability to the environment, could be achieved by following the route of design and building. In contrast, contract managers are also considered as a root of procurement which follows their creativity, contract law, and agreement of partnership. However, the partnership and commercial activities adhere to legal documents to support the customer's purchasing behaviour. The procurement agreement management is regarded as the standard approach for overseeing those agreements relating to procurement and purchases that are produced as part of legal documents for construction work involving partners, merchants, or clients. Maintenance of legitimate issues, as well as congestion, can attract a Global pattern of maintaining standard workings of security and safety-related. Therefore a major inclusion of legitimate concepts might motivate Jane for managing the complete operations. These formalities bind the game plan and haggled the earlier risk contracts through a deliberate working within which two accomplices initiate the assumption regarding the fulfilment and overseen earlier post to the subsequently shut the contract. For instance, within the contract at the stage of Executives. By checking and merging, it moderates the association between major legitimate executions and their respective aspects.
  • The above given two major routes of procurement are distinct but integrated into comparison to the conventional management of procurement. So the procurement of agreement management can be implemented by Jane for getting strategic and financial support to execute the project Iran innovative manner near the river. The social as well as dream complications are required to be given appropriate critical solutions along with the management of operative structures through innovative technical programs.

The advantages of the procurement of agreement management –

The approach of contract improves the opportunity of functioning and the design strengthening for meeting the construction-related challenges of the project. The programs for mitigating Risk can support the legal authorities along with encouraging the private concerns for collaborative completion of the project. The Contracting executive helps to follow providers and survey the presentation as per the referenced contracting rules while assessing the Risk. It also leads to a system to build cooperative groups with considerable collaboration by the providers. The given approach enhances responsibility and flexibility regarding some social aspects of environmental protection because of their construction near the river. Strategic amendment and minute thinking help in solving the major limitations while designing the gallery. Additionally, the creation of stable profit and learning through opportunity leads to the International growth of the organization, which is beneficial for both the household and corporate consumers from a diversified scope of utilizing galleries and parking with the art studio.

The disadvantages of the procurement of agreement management –

Along with the benefits, Jane's project faces some drawbacks regarding the execution of the integrated planning. The given approach is boundless in time and requires a huge period. This problem reduces the confidence of employees. Lacking agreements with the management of the procurement quarter reduce flexibility and the approach to transformation, which influences the issues regarding sustainability. Additionally, it can affect the quality of goods and services because of distinct disputes regarding the standards of the organization. Five considerable issues in the administration of contracts include putting up verbal contracts, superfluous expansion of legal audit, execution of agreements to mail, management of standardized language, and sorting out and controlling costs. Along with this, there exist some major limitations to operating commercial organizations with legitimate restrictions acting as a barrier to a smooth foreign commercial operation.


Issue –

And the given factual case, Vic is found to place a notice for his local newsagent stating the sale of his luxury caravan, which is highly equipped and is in a very good condition. The availability of price will be on request. He was contacted by Bob on Monday to enquire if Vic is ready to sell the caravan for £ 10,000. But the Vic States that he would accept only £ 12,000. At this, Bob asks for some time. Vic responded that the offer would be available only tell 11:30 a.m. on Friday.

On Tuesday, Ulrica is contracted by Vic To enquire if she agrees to pay £ 13,000 for the caravan. She expressed her interest to purchase and asked if a dishwasher was also available with the caravan. Vic replied positively and again informed her that the offer was available till the end of Friday. Ulrika accepted the offer at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday through the post, which was received by Vic at 10:30 a.m. on Friday.

On the other hand, George tells with that he will purchase the caravan On Friday, and Vic replies that he would sell it for £ 13,000 and only accept a written offer acceptance through email. Later, George called Vic and left a voice message on his mobile to give his acceptance of the offer, which was accidentally deleted by Vic before hearing it. On a Thursday afternoon, Angelos again offered £ 12,000 of cash for the caravan, which was immediately accepted by Vic.

With finally posted a letter to bob and Ulrika at 5:00 p.m. on a Thursday to inform them regarding his offer withdrawal. This letter was received by Ulrika at 9:30 a.m. on a Friday, and Bob never received any letter.

On Thursday evening, Bob heard Angelos saying that he had purchased a luxury caravan in a local pub. Because of being unfamiliar with Angelos, he did not interrupt but he was concerned to hear this. At 11:00 a.m. on Friday, Vic was again contracted by Bob to state that he arranged £ 12,000 and asked for the time of purchase. Vic replied at he had already sold that Caravan to Angelos.

Each of the parties is required to advise regarding their liabilities and authorities that might arise under the contract law.

Rule –

According to the conventional analysis of the contract-based agreement, the acceptance and offer are explained. The offeror, being one of the parties, makes an offer that is accepted by the offeree, the other party, which leads to the creation of a binding agreement. Concerts that should be familiarised regarding the acceptance and offer consist of a difference between the offer and the invitation towards treat – which is supposed to have the capability of identifying particular instances within which an invitation towards treat or offer exists. Further, it is essential to identify the distinction between unilateral and bilateral agreements.

Taking reference to the case law of Carlill v Carbolic Smokeball co., it is the leading scenario in both of the areas such that it is worth concentrating the efforts to obtain a better understanding of the given case.

Acceptance – after happening of a validating acceptance, the binding agreement is created. Hence, this is essential for knowing the constituents of a validating acceptance for establishment in case the respective parties are found to be bounded through the contract. There are three major regulations associated with the acceptance –

  • The acceptance should be communicated to the offeree.
  • The acceptance term should be exactly similar to the offer terms.
  • The contract should have certainly.

Analysis –

For amounting a given offer, it is required to exhibit that the offeror has the intention of remaining bounded –


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