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Project Planning Assignment Sample

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Project Planning Assignment Sample


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Research background
Due to less value and importance in the organizations, the employees feel demotivated and try to change their employees (Kravariti and Johnston, 2020). It leads to reduce the talents of the company. The research paper will describe the areas through which the managers can maintain the talents of the company.

Research purpose
The purpose of the research paper is to share ideas for talent management. it also aims at delivering necessary suggestions to boost employee retention by managing their talents.

Research aims and objectives
The aim of the paper is highlight the talent management strategies which the organization can adopt to manage the employees and their retention.
The objectives are:

  • To identify the strategies of talent management in the organization
  • To identify the processes of employee retention through necessary strategies

Project management plan


The project will focus on the talent management of two organizations. The main focus in on the strategies that a business organization for retaining and managing the talents of employees.


The milestone of the project has been set for 5 week.

Initiation, Planning and execution

The plan for the project includes
The project members will communicate with one another using various communication tools like e-mails, phone calls, and messages etc.
For the project the project members will use financial, physical as well as human resources.
The data will be collected for the project with the help of primary and secondary research.

The development of research aims and objectives will be done on the first week. Data collection process will be done second week. The data analysis process will be done on third week. The findings of the research data will be performed on fourth week. And on the fifth week of the research work, conclusion and recommendation will be performed

Primary and secondary research

The research work focuses on the primary and secondary research process. In the primary research method, an interview will be conducted to gather relevant information regarding the research objectives.

Primary research

The employees of two organizations including Tesco and Amazon will be interviewed to gather information about the talent management practices and strategies followed in these organizations.

Secondary research

As per Narayanan, Rajithakumar and Menon, (2019), rewards can assist reduce the likelihood of the employees looking for work elsewhere when they do not really feel valued. Employee retention is promoted by a combination of training as well as rewards and recognition. The staff need to feel recognised, valued, as well as important for the organization. It thus plays a very critical role in managing employee retention and also talent management of the organization.
As per Shockley, Smith, and Knudsen, (2017), Employee wellbeing also helps in boosting confidence of the employees. Getting confident can assist them become productive. This is how it helps in managing talents of the employees. By providing necessary schemes and policies to the employees help in enhancing the wellbeing of the employees. It thereby helps in increasing the productivity of the employees. And thus it helps in employee retention.
According to Lapointe and Vandenberghe, (2017), mployee mentoring and coaching are critical to keeping the employees satisfied and, more crucially, committed. Employees should be thanked whenever the managers see them accomplish some challenging tasks, as well as constructive feedback should be given wherever required. It is really vital to create a sense of trust between the managers and the staff. Valuable appraisal helps the employees valued and thus they become confident and motivated. It thereby can help the company enhance employee retention and management of the organizational talents.
The human resource managers provide necessary training and coaching to the employees for improving the skills and knowledge. It thereby helps the employees improve their ability. This is how the talents of the employees are managed (Krishnan, and Scullion, 2017). Talents are managed in the organisation by offering encouragement and support to employers and when they make some achievements.
It has also been found from the primary and secondary research that the strong talent management strategy, organisational unity, strong management support, and work-life balance are all essential factors in keeping talented employees in businesses (Savanevi?ien? and Vil?iauskait?, 2017).
The influence of talent management practices and activities impact on employee retention and the accuracy with which they are implemented. The study found that employee experience has an impact on job satisfaction that can be improved with talent management methods.

Reflective practice

I have developed my understanding on talent management and strategies of talent management through which an organisation can boost employee retention. I have learnt that gathering information related to the research paper is important. Information gathering for the research work can be performed by two modes: primary and secondary data collection process. Interviews can be a highly effective data collection process as it gives real time data to the researchers. It thereby avoids creating confusion by multiple types of data. I have also gathered knowledge about how human resource managers play a central role in managing the talents of the employees. They can provide important and relevant training to the employees for developing their skills and knowledge. It helps the employees become confident of the organisation leading to lessen the chance of employee leave.


Based on the foregoing analysis, it can be determined that this research was conducted in an appropriate fashion, with all of the objectives of the research being met. Apart from that, it is decided that the study was conducted in several segments, each of which is thoroughly discussed in the above-mentioned document. Therefore, I hope that this study is successful in meeting the goal and in improving my advanced analytics abilities.

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