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Promotion Of Emotional Well-being And Development Assignment Sample

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Promotion Of Emotional Well-being And Development Assignment Sample


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Emotional health is a crucial part of human health. Emotionally healthy people are able to control their emotions, behaviour, thought and feelings. Moreover, the emotionally healthy children are able to face any challenges boldly and have the ability to beat those. In addition, emotions include several matters such as physical health; relationships can affect both positive and negative effects on the emotional health of an individual child (Pitchforth et al. 2019). The research topic is based on the promotion of emotional wellbeing and development. The aim of the research is to encourage targeted children to increase their protective factors and to promote healthy behaviours. The reason behind selecting the topic is to enhance knowledge on emotional wellbeing as well as the necessity to promote mental health awareness. Moreover, after the research, I will be able to understand the behavior languages, influenced by mental health issues and the way to tackle those children. As per my understanding the research was conducted with positivism philosophy and deductive approach with exploratory research design. All ethical guidelines are followed across the whole research work.

Literature review

2.1 Methods

The positivism research philosophy is the process through which I will able to identify the different factors quantitatively and provides reports with their positive assumptions based on existing evidence. Through this process, I can compare different approaches and find out the best one (Lawrance et. al. 2021). This is the major reason to choose positivism research philosophy. I observed many children and their behaviors and also gather different approach. After that I centralize those approaches to come on a specific decision.Children are so many freckles minded, that’s why deductive approach is needed to centralize their different behavioral approaches. In this case, the basic analysis is based on perspectives of the practices during the generation of plans, and innovative research procedures are used to support the new approaches (Bakker and Rickard, 2018). As per my understanding, the analysis should be based on practical experience as well as evidence and innovative research works, used to justify the proposed approaches or ideas. 

As the selected philosophy belongs to positivism, inductive approaches will be supportive of each other, specifically during the centralisation of different approaches. As per my understanding, exploratory design is followed to identify the problems or issues, which are not clearly defined, and to develop new hypotheses related to the project. This research method is not an expensive method, which can be considered an advantage of this method (Pitchforth et. al. 2018). According to my this research method is not enough for specialise research as well as analysis, which is a great disadvantage of this research method. With my personal beliefModerated mediation analysis has been used to evaluate the required result for this research. A sample known as Bootstrap sample is used which is really useful in this case (Paredes et al. 2021). In order to make it more specific, deductive approach can be used for further analysis. This approach will help me to enlarge my research field by enlisting diverse information, reading the topic and analysing those properly. After extracting relevant data, the quality of research will be enhanced more.

As for data collection, I will prefer to follow the primary quantitative data gathering process, through which a survey will be conducted to get real-time value as well as information (Bartlett et. al 2020). Journals, online articles and data from several websites are also considered secondary qualitative data, through which thematic analysis was done. Choosing secondary qualitative data sources will help to easier carry out the research, as it is already present in open data sources therefore advantages and disadvantages of a specific data can be found in a finger touch, it also saves time and cost (Patrick et al. 2020). The administrative data and census data cover large amounts of information with all details. Secondary data usually comes with several verifications with the degree of reliability as well as validity, with no need for more examinations; therefore it saves both time and costs (Assari et.al. 2018). During extracting secondary data from journals, online articles should be collected from genuine sources such as google scholar. The research was also considered some general ethical guidelines. According to my opinion the research followed data protection act of 1998, and the Copyright act of 1957. 

2.2 Ethics

The ethical issues faced during the research can be considered as the ultimate goals for public healthcare, regarding, the distribution of good healthcare practices across the population. Moreover, during the research, several research guidelines of BERA or British Educational Research Association were also followed. The guidelines are, individuals should be treated with dignity, fairly, sensitively and should not be judged based on age, gender, race, sexuality, class, partnership status, political belief, faith, cultural identity and disability (BERA, 2018). As per the second guideline, I develop a strategy to take care of structural inequalities, such as race, LBGT+ and gender issues. It also includes socio-economic status, which can also affect social relationships. Providing relevance and attention is mandatory as well as should be paid, while eliminating such inequalities, which also affect children as well as the young generation (BERA, 2018). While conducting the survey, the first guidelines will be followed to establish a better communication with the children. 

Sensitivity and attentiveness should be provided to mitigate the structural issues, which are also considered a major responsibility of researchers to communicate with their participants, including reporting as well as publication also (BERA, 2018). The ethics I will also considered, to fil the cultural gap and this way I can establish a better communication with subjects of my survey. According to the third guideline which is followed throughout the research, participants of the research have to engage with the research process, including observation, experiments, auto as well as biographical reflection, and surveys (BERA, 2018). In addition, the ethics are followed properly to clarify the all subjective matters.

2.3 Discuss and reflection

I have faced dilemma during the research period due to lack of relevant information in order to get support for extracting relevant data from different data sources and conduct the survey to gather primary qualitative data. Due to lack of support, I have to choose the exploratory research design. Descriptive research design shows better results in this research. This design method will enlarge the working field of the research as well as also help to provide a descriptive working structure. It will help to gather more information on the topic. In my opinion, realism research philosophy will enlarge the discussion but it also needs human support to examine every single approach regarding the topic. If I get another chance with better team members, I would like to start the research from its base, with realism research philosophy along with a deductive approach and designed the research on the idea of descriptive research design. During my research I observed that the children belongs to poor family reacts something different and also they are aggressive in nature, on the other hand, those children are belongs from rich family, are not so much aggressive. 

 Realism research philosophy is based on the concept of a scientific and logical approach to developing a proper plan as well as knowledge of a new direction or project (Yayici, 2021). In other words, realism portrays through the world of personal human senses. Moreover, during the discussion of critical realism, researchers can discuss the factors in an argumentative manner. This will help to strengthen the research level as well as push. The deductive research approach is used to develop and justify new ideas and approaches based on existing evidence as well as the basis of research objectives (Yayici, 2021). Therefore deductive approach will be better along with the realism research approach. It will help to centralise different ideas and specify a suitable outcome. This design helped me to identify different factors as well as utilise different factors related to this research, which are analysed based on the existing hypothesis. In this process from different journals and articles, information is collected and analysed to support the project management and its related outcome (Yayici, 2021). Moreover, the descriptive design contains a larger as well as every single task and legitimises the whole research work. As for the practical skills, I need good team members who have good communication skills to conduct the survey, as well as gather relevant data from live sources. Also need data mining skills to extract relevant data from vast sources of journals, online articles within a limited period of time. 


It can be concluded as the whole research is based on the topic of promoting emotional well being and development. Here I develop a lot of knowledge and skills on emotional wellbeing and development. Moreover, I expressed my knowledge on research methods, and ethics. I would like to explain that, only for this essay I have developed my knowledge on various research processes and those applications. While conducting this research, positivism research philosophy is followed along with the deductive approach and exploratory research design. According to my concern deductive research approach will establish a better concern of this research by centralizing different approaches. A brief discussion on ethics is also discussed with its guidelines. The guidelines are, individuals should be treated with dignity, fairly, sensitively and should not be judged based on age, gender, race, sexuality, class, partnership status, political belief, faith, cultural identity and disability. Reason of choosing this method is also described. In the discussion and reflection portion, pros and cons are also discussed. I also develop my concern upon the research objective by maintain all ethics and also proposed research methods will be followed by me if I get a chance to reform the research.

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