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Referral Design And Build Project Assignment Sample

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Referral Design And Build Project Assignment Sample


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The project of research has been done in this project on the two-floor buildings by extending it which is in London. The research has been done by providing the best framework for the implementation of sustainable building design which is done with resource conservation and design which can suit the whole area by extending it. The practical approach has been done in the construction of buildings and the skills have been surpassed through the generations.


The proposed building is a two-storey including ground floors in which the clients want to provide some extension with some good techniques.

The above figure describes the building in which the main door is opened towards the Hall and then the kitchen is provided. The bathroom is on the first floor which can be seen in the figure above the kitchen on the ground floor. The plan is to extend it with some best conceptual designs so that the building can be sustained and occupied in the best manner. As per the view of Yang, and Huang (2021), it can be seen that there are many places which are not occupied in a good manner like the right side of the kitchen and this can be extended in the best possible manner by consideration of proper planning and management. Therefore, the building is proposed with an accumulated number of increased floors or extending on the side of the building which is available for garden only. Some of the main considerations that should be taken when the proposed building is under renovation or extension are “energy efficiency, environmental impacts, economic rationality, indoor environment quality and duration” in the cycle of building life.

The sustainable refurbishment of the building can be done by targeting the different objectives. Some research has explored that the less frequent buildings are energy efficient. The new surfaces which are usable have been growing in the United Kingdom with solutions of fabricated elements of modular timber frames and can be done with identification of density in urban regions. The extension can be verified with the vertical and horizontal extension of the buildings under the lightweight structure of glass-type timber frames as shown in the extension buildings. Some points that should be taken when the planning of extension has been in view by improving the outside wall or renovating it. Furthermore, the windows or doors should be changed when the horizontal extension is underdeveloped.

The current structure has some issues with the structure that the garden area has surrounded from left and back side too, so that it can be difficult for the building to resist any sudden change or force. Furthermore, the forms of the structure have also not provided a better mechanism to provide the stability in the structure. The structural elements of the buildings such as beams, columns and other members are supported and have a good structure. The members have been identified with good structure and the extension can be done in good conditions. 

Concept of quality design

The design of the proposed building which already has two storeys can be done by the extension either horizontally or vertically. An enormous potential can be found by the reduction in energy consumption of the existing floors which is indicated by vertical extensions. The usable floor area can be densified in London city and found inefficient buildings simultaneously. However, in this research, the clients have space to provide the extension to the exorcist building either vertically or horizontally. The higher level of comfort can be enabled by providing a minor decrease in the energy savings of the buildings such as providing some balconies on each floor and a terrace on the top floor which is a part of vertical extension in the buildings.

The above figure illustrates the building which is designed for the extension by providing floor or space either by extension of vertical or horizontal methods. It describes the utility storage which has been provided on the first floor by expansions to the bathrooms. According to the view of Dangi and Jamle (2019), the exploded axonometric view can be seen in the buildings which look better after the extensions and can be evaluated by the ratio of coverage on the rooftop which can be seen from the windows which open to the main door.The extensions of structures can be done with a single-storey extension which is the type of horizontal extension and it requires careful consideration to positioning the members and done such that the opening between the buildings and extensions is positioned in a good manner. 

As this is a residential building then it can be better if the buildings can be expanded vertically to provide more space for the householders. Some minor differences have been changed which can be seen in the figure on the ground floor on the side of the kitchen and on the first floor too on the side of the bathroom which provides more comfort than before the extensions. The area of the buildings can be extended within the garden area which has more area than required.


The same type of module can be evaluated by upgrading the rooftop area in the buildings with some small differences which support covering of partial roof such as half roof should be opened. The area ratio of glazing to the wall along with thermal transmittance of the buildings after the influential parameters proves the influential coverage ratio at the rooftop. As cited by Hooveret al. (2021), the glazing design should be done with special attention by extending the new area of the rooftop. The planned figure can estimate the influence of the buildings for diminishes with lower thermal transmittance as recommended to the clients.

The area has been recognized for providing different types of modules to give strength to the buildings so that the load can be borne on the building efficiently. As per the view of Leal Filhoet al. (2019), the load transfer mechanism can be suggested here for the evaluation of the supported frames, especially on the pillars on the corners of the buildings. Some methods which can be used for the statistical analysis of the buildings such as elastic and geometrical statistical analysis. This can be either a linear or nonlinear type of analysis which should be done before and after the evaluations.


The entire task has shed light on the development of the quality design for the building by extending it with vertically or horizontally methods. The research has analysed the building and recommended statistical analysis of it by some methods as well as checking and verifying the sustainability of the buildings within the region as well, which is London. The new surfaces which are usable can be done with the identification of density in urban regions and have been growing in the United Kingdom with solutions of fabricated elements of modular timber frames. The projects have been evaluated to the extension of the building and provide some more comforts either horizontally or vertically.

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