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Research Project Assignment Sample 2

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Research Project Assignment Sample 2


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1.1 Research Aim and Rationale

Aim: The major aim of the research is to evaluate the recruiting and selection issues and barriers for managing talent in the UK firm Savills.

Rationale: Savills' recruiting and selection procedure is the focus of the study. It's important to mention that the topic at hand is a huge problem for any firm nowadays because of its frequent turnover. As a result, many employees switch jobs often, posing a big challenge to their boss. Additionally, training is required often when bringing on new employees (Narayanan, Rajithakumar, and Menon, 2019). The most important factor in ensuring the company's long-term success and the quality of its work is making the right hires. And Savills is picked because it signifies professionalism and a very excellent approach for selecting the finest employees in the industry, providing the business the greatest service for its consumers.

1.2 Research Questions

  • What are the most pressing concerns facing the organisation in terms of retaining current personnel and attracting new ones?
  • How will Savills identify strategies for attracting and retaining new employees?
  • What are the best methods for attracting and retaining employees inside the company?

1.3 Research Objectives

The following are the research's objectives:

  • To examine the Savills recruiting and selection process 
  • To examine the Savills recruiting and selection process
  • To identify Savills' talent management strategies for keeping new employees
  • To provide suggestions for methods of attracting and retaining employees.

1.4 Significance of the Research

Employees that are motivated, qualified, and captivated by their job are more loyal to the company's goals and more productive. As fewer personnel are engaged and their requests are addressed more promptly, customer satisfaction ratings tend to be greater because of a more disciplined approach to talent management and an internal alignment. It's also important to note that talent management allows organisations to consistently and methodically decide on the advancement of their workforce, ensuring the development and competence of their employees.
Researchers have chosen Savills to exhibit and offer in-depth information about the significance of talent management inside an organization's culture in order to demonstrate and provide in-depth knowledge. In addition, the study of research will show what sorts of obstacles the company has while managing its talent inside its organisation. Hence, a review of literary forms, which collect a large amount of information from various types of trustworthy and legal and ethical secondary sources such peer-reviewed journals, academic articles, current research papers, and PDFs, is needed to construct an efficient and productive study for assessing a large quantity of knowledge (Andrei, 2018). As a result, the researcher is able to share their findings with students and other academics interested in the subject matter.

Literature Review

2.1 Concept of Talent Management

According to Painter?Morland et al., (2019), people are already a valuable asset in the company's efforts to achieve its goals and objectives. In this regard, the company succeeds in using the human potential to manage a wide range of operations and tasks. The best approach to attain the results one want at work is to have a diverse group of talented people working together (Ogbari et al., 2018). By sourcing in-demand talents, investing in lifelong learning, and tracking and improving performance, companies can establish a competitive workforce. By recruiting the proper applicant, talent management can be defined as a strategy to gain the company's attention. Many different kinds of activities are promoted in order to guarantee that many people work together. An efficient organisation is one that has the right mix of employees, according to Narayanan, Rajithakumar, and Menon, (2019). This is more crucial than just stating that there are many more professional personnel in the sector.
Talent management, on the other hand, is defined as the capacity to persuade a diverse range of people. Also, it's a result of the efforts of those who want to have a positive impact on the world. There are several factors in which the firm HR professional concentrates in order to recruit, expand, retain, and so on for years. The goal of implementing HR services varies from firm to organisation. According to the viewpoints of Altinda?, Çirak, and Acar, (2018), a Talent Management Company also concentrates on recruitment for a regular timetable. It is via these numerous initiatives that we are able to maintain and attract new personnel. Maintaining long-term employment may also be achieved using this method.

2.2 challenges incurred in the business towards retaining the workforce

According to Ansar and Baloch, (2018), every company needs to focus on engaging with a variety of individuals in order to build goodwill. When it comes to talent management, a diverse staff is essential. In order to achieve the company's objectives, the HR manager has to consider the worth of all personnel. Their efforts will be recognised, and they will be rewarded for their efforts. For instance, time, contributions, incentives, and so on all benefit from flexibility.
It was established by Shet (2020) that the term "talent management" may be used to describe workplace evaluation. In addition, the company's long-term relationships among its workers are a major factor in its success. As a result, there are fewer employee complaints, which improves the company's overall performance. Claus (2019) have concluded that talent management has been the most important aspect. It's a good sign when authorities are able to provide good outcomes. Talent management systems at some companies exhibit vital computer programmes that are sent in casual mail. In the current economy, HR workers and supervisors both have a valuable role. HR will also improve the company's personnel management strategy, which is an essential part. Talented individuals prefer to work for an organisation or in a setting that aligns with their own ideals and principles (Neri and Wilkins, 2019). They won't work merely because they're well-paid and meet the requirements of the job. They may be commonplace, but they aren't adequate to meet the needs of a talented individual. This might be a dangerous assumption. Talented employees believe they are worth more than that and strive harder to align themselves with the company's goals. It is important to them to have a profession that is suited to their needs at work. Organizations and CEOs in general are unwilling or unable to meet their demands for personnel that fit this description. As millennials enter the workforce, they are looking for a work environment that is quite different from the one they've grown up in. The majority of students nowadays aren't interested in going to work, sitting at a desk all day, and going back at the end of each day. They are looking for roles that provide benefits such as a relaxed, information sharing policy, agile scheduling, and necessary tasks with basic goals that are easy to complete. Companies that don't meet at least some of these conditions will have a tough time finding competent personnel.
There were various staff members who may recruit people with the lowest energy levels, according to Thomas (2020). Workers who contribute to the development of a long-term growth strategy will be rewarded with various advantages and an increase in strength. In order to keep their workers loyal, firms often reduce benefits that benefit no one except the company itself. There are a number of concerns in the workplace that must be addressed in order to exhibit improved working conditions.

2.3 Talent management strategies

As Neri and Wilkins (2019) argue, it is beneficial to retain employees in order to make necessary modifications to job possibilities based on employee expectations. This increases the number of team members who can comprehend, which has a greater impact on achieving the best possible outcomes. Email and social media are excellent tools for reaching customers rapidly. It's possible that this may result in longer work hours and/or higher advertising expenses. Each employee has the opportunity to apply for a particular role based on their area of expertise. The company's performance is largely dependent on employee motivation. Maslow's theory of motivation states that firms should cater to the needs of their employees. As a result, workers will be more productive and able to remain with the firm for longer periods of time. However, according to Boštjan?i? and Slana, (2018), the attractiveness of individuals who have been taught on a regular basis might be an essential factor in enhancing performance in the workplace. In this regard, employees' abilities will be rapidly recognised and put to use. Offering additional benefits is frequently a more compelling viewpoint, allowing for greater development over a longer period of time. One of the best examples is how to strike a good work-life balance. Employees are typically rewarded for their hard work since they've put in the time and effort necessary.
In the opinion of Pandita and Ray, (2018), the biggest disparity exists among those who have an interest in the market. Fewer and fewer individuals want stable work habits that last for an extended length of time. They often strive to perform a function in the most effective manner feasible in order to showcase the organization's finest recruitment efforts. For the chosen working group, it is critical that only the most deserving individuals apply. However, some residents do not participate in the payment process. As Boštjan?i? and Slana, (2018) claims, the team's persistent effort is based on the belief that people's needs should be prioritised. For the proposal to be implemented, the firm has listed these events. In making this remark, a number of businesses are expressing a desire to assist their customers have an extraordinary experience. An organization's vision and goal should be determined from a vantage point that makes it apparent what the employees' options are.


3.1 Research Philosophy

There must be a link between the philosophical perspective and actual investigation phenomena. The problem will be better appreciated when the investigation is done. Philosophy in research may take on many forms, among them the ideologies of “interpretivism,” “positivism,” “realism,” and “pragmatism.” It is common for researchers to utilise interpretive analysis if they believe that the social environment is not intelligible in terms of beliefs. The antithesis of positivism and interpretivism may be found in positivist philosophy. According to Mason, P., Augustyn and Seakhoa-King, (2022), the social world is perceived critically. Choosing a research philosophy relies significantly on the nature of the research question, according to a comprehensive history of science The realistic scientific theory, on the other hand, emphasises positive and interpretive science ideas. In this section, the focus is on how people perceive their social surroundings. According to this idea, the study is founded on and examines the p

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