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Save Energy Assignment Sample

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Save Energy Assignment Sample


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Energy crisis essential refers to decreased reserves or supply of energy sources like gas, coal, or electricity. Resources like these are the foundations for human existence, as they aid urbanisation and industrialization, these processes have brought human civilization, where it stands today. Therefore, it is rightly demanded- "Save energy, add years to human existence!"

The energy crisis can also be seen in the disparity of its availability, across the world. In most developing or under-developed countries, the rural areas are still devoid of the most basic energy supplies. For instance, in villages, often the houses do not have electricity or gas. These people still live more primitive lives by cooking using woods and live without electricity, 24*7, 365 days. However, energy is like oxygen to human existence because all the facilities like health, education, and so on are fundamentally running on energy resources. Moreover, resources are limited or scarce, and most resources like coal are non-replenishable, which means they take a very long time to be formed or is not infinite in supply if it is utilized at the dramatic rate that humans do.

Therefore, it becomes vital for the world community to come together, from the politicians, entrepreneurs, and people in power to the common man. Only the collective efforts towards this cause can decrease the dramatic rate of non-renewable energy consumption. Moreover, this call for action also includes a second step which involves shifting towards cleaner, renewable sources like solar energy, biogas, wind energy, and so on.


The UK is the mirror to the problem of energy crisis as it is one of the worst hits. Prices have reached an all-time high and have led to global competition for acquiring resources. Due to the decreased supply, the demand for energy in the market has increased. Now, when coal and natural gas supplies are required for electricity generation, electricity prices have gone up way too high (the Guardian, 2022).

There are other specific factors as to why the UK has been suffering due to the crisis. Last year, the wind speed was notably low across Europe, between April to June. The UK is heavily dependent on this resource, which is why the region is suffering more than it should.

Moreover, the low storage of natural gas has put the UK in a more severe crisis. At times like these, other resources like solar energy or wind energy can improve conditions in the market by reducing the hysteric demand.

Also, Brexit is one of the major reasons why the UK is facing the worst crisis. The UK has exited the EU internal energy market. This market mechanism ensured capacity allocation as well as day-ahead price setting, through an algorithm. This market ensured stability by allocating supplies to markets as per the demands.


Due to the crisis in gas and power supplies, the prices of gas, in the UK, have soared dramatically, at the end of 2021. The businesses in the region have faced massive price hikes for purchasing these supplies which have taken many towards bankruptcy. Already, 30 utilities have gone bankrupt, and in the year 2022, there shall be more getting added to the list (euronews, 2022).

Moreover, the consumers are faced with unnaturally high bills. Many consumers are not even in a state to afford power supplies after the price hike.

It is anticipated that annual energy costs for a household would almost double to 2,200 pounds. Most houses in the region use natural gas for their central heating system, therefore the crisis in winters comes from that demand for households to keep themselves warm. The bills rose by 12% in October of 2021 for 15 million consumers (Power Technology, 2022).


Like any other place in the world, energy is a resource that is utilised by all. Therefore, the energy crisis affects all. Electricity falls within a necessity for humans, just like food, clothing, and shelter. Therefore, the price hike in the energy sector has been affecting all but not a group. This is why the problem becomes magnified and in need of urgent action.

During winters, natural gas is utilised for keeping the house warm. It is essential for getting through the cold weather. Therefore, all families have been affected, especially those who do not have the money to afford the resource even after the price rise (Herbert Smith Freehills | Global law firm, 2022).

Moreover, many power-supplying companies have gone down which has resulted in people losing jobs and huge debts for such utilities. Also, power is required for the healthcare sector, education sector, and production sector. These sectors are the stepping stones of human existence or survival. Imagine the health sector collapsing due to lack of power supply and the loss of lives associated with it. Also, one cannot imagine the schools suffering blackouts, the children of the nation will lose a fundamental opportunity to develop themselves. Therefore, our mindless actions have led to the over-utilisation of energy for which billions will suffer, be it children or the aged.

Time for action

Taking note of the crisis is not enough. To bring real change people to need to work towards real objectives and goals. These need to be established by international organisations and should be made mandatory by the national governments.
These objectives are:-

  • Shift to alternative renewable energy sources, for all sectors.
  • Setting up of offices to look after energy wastage, industry by industry. Establish heavy fines for such mindless actions.
  • Research and development on energy simulation and provision for all businesses. There is energy simulation software that allows corporations to restructure and redesign the unit in such a manner that less energy is consumed (Conserve Energy Future, 2022).
  • Mandatory submission of annual energy audits by houses and offices. It should become a norm just like the submission of income tax returns.

Laws need to be made on these objectives. It's not the people who can bring about change in the way energy consumption takes place. Small initiatives like switching off lights when not in use, or using sunlight during the day, are the basics one can do.

The people of the world can make the campaign a success- Save energy, add years to human existence!

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