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Statement Of Purpose Assignment Sample

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Statement Of Purpose Assignment Sample


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In today’s world of automation, technology has made spellbound progressions in the devices that are massively connected with our present lifestyles and these devices are inseparable from us. The reason lies behind this is the notion of their contribution to mankind benefitting them with comfort and ease. This is possible through developments in the “field of software” and programs, with these ones, can massively contribute to society with high rates of development. From the initial days of my childhood, I was highly interested in the technological aspects of any kind of device and used to get pleased with the interesting combinations of programming. I am highly passionate about innovation in the field of automation technology that is done through software engineering. However, together with designing, testing and proactively building up the software applications seems to me, is an amazing task and area of interest.

Over the recent years, I am much concerned about the incidents that are currently occurring across the globe that is breaching of data. This is known to us that the data is crucial and without data, no sector will be able to perform its tasks. Therefore, I am quite conscious about making up software that will secure every piece of information respective to the organisation and will also assure prevention from breaching. Building up such security systems will not secure from breaching but will as well in preventing the information intact. The software will support from several unauthorised accesses and hackers, it will secure the storage and will help in the modification of information. However, processing or kinds of transiting can be easily done and measures can be taken that will support easy detection, documentation and active countering of threats. These can be done only with the support of varied highly built software systems associated with “network security”, “Internet of things security”, “application security” and lastly, “cloud security”.

I am Dev Snehal Parikh, from India; I have completed SSC from the Central board, with percentage marks of 7 CGPA over the years, 2015 to 2016. Following this, I have conducted a diploma in “Information Technology” from the renowned institute of “Sigma Institute of Technology And Engineering” the “Gujarat Technology University” and scored well with marks of 9.6 CGPA over the years, “2016 to 2019”. I have achieved a “BSc in Software Engineering”, from the “University of Bedfordshire”. I have scored a B+ degree in Software engineering over the years, 2019-2022. However, I have conducted and participated in several projects to emancipate my skills and knowledge in the “field of Information security software”. I have done projects namely, “vivaahz (E-Wedding Management)” and as outcomes, I have gained knowledge and made software that has helped clients by making them portal for wedding planning, where the search is made easy for the clients for types of parties, catering options, decorators and many more. I gained considerable knowledge on the notion of a “Model view controller”. More to this, I have passionately worked on the “IoT-based system of gas leakage”. I have made use of the language that includes, machine learning, Java, C sharp, CSS and HTML. As an outcome, this project has supported in easy detection or identification of the leakage of several harmful gases in the initial stages. The notification can easily be notified through the devices connected such as mobile or laptops by their IP addresses. However, this project is done with the support of technology that is based on WiFi.

I have simultaneously upgraded my skills through the other computer languages and programming that includes PHP, and Asp.NET with MVC. I have as well gained considerable knowledge for managing data with significant usage of Python and SQL. I have gained several achievements, that includes certification in the “Merit in Digital wellness online challenge during digital India”, which was conducted on the first week of July 2015, followed by certification in “Merit in National Level Talent Search Examination organized by JCI India”, that was conducted on 30th July 2015.

In any kind of business area, the importance of “Information system security” is massive and one cannot deny its application. The application of such software protects the value and reputation of the organisation’s capability of functioning. I am interested to pursue this course as it will help me to discover my talent in the building of software associated with security measures. This further will support me to gain knowledge about the “identification and authentication” of the users as well as access to enhanced controls. More to this, I will be able to make analyses for Business Systems, Enterprise Systems and also learn about the trends of the “It infrastructure” that are newly emerging. Not only this, I will upgrade myself with the course and will become a pro in “architecture”, “management of systems of operations”, as well as “administration”, that includes, “Windows”, and “Linux distros”. I will also gain quality experience in networking as well as building up the software.

My immediate goal is to prevent the “loss of availability”, and the “loss regarding the aspects of confidentiality” for data and systems in several business organisations. In addition to these, I will be also working on the aspects of the “loss of integrity”. As long terms planning, I want to build and effectively develop software that will support and prevents the notion of breeching. In addition to these, I want to create software for innovation in technological aspects.

I want to pursue such a course from the Georgian college, as it offers the best quality of education with advanced technological support. More to this, it also provides practical experiences that will prepare me for future experiences. However, well-experienced and high qualified and respected faculties are present who will support me to learn the most out of this course.

However, being highly passionate in the field of “Information system security”, I want to work on building up of the software that will prevent breaching along with will provide innovation. However, this task is only possible if I get admission to Georgian college, as it will support me to achieve my dream.

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