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Strategic Management- Case Study Analysis Of Google Assignment Sample

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Strategic Management- Case Study Analysis Of Google Assignment Sample


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Managing business in highly competitive business world is not so easy for the corporates. Strategies and the strategic plan of the business affect the overall success and failure of the company. This report focuses on the case study of Google one of the most successful companies of the world. Google focuses on multiple strategies which allow them in managing the firm in such a successful manner (Fuertes et. al. 2020). In this report the author will focuses on discussing about the existing strategic plans and strategies of Google and then will make recommendations for the future. For this different models and theoretical frameworks will be used for performing the strategic analysis of Google in detail.

Development of Google’s strategy over the years since its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2004

Google is one of the leading and the most successful search engine in the world. From the day of launch the company is getting better revenue and is moving towards success. As a result of it Google has focused on making effective strategies for gaining competitive advantage over others and generating higher revenues. When the company was enjoying better revenue then the other search engine firms were quite busy in the IPO for raising the funds. But Google has now filed for an IPO later on in 2004 the company has filing for an IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This was one of the strategies of Google for gaining advantage over others in the industry (Li, 2022). For getting advantage the company has focused on being different. Here this strategic move of the Google can be termed as the emergent strategy for getting advantage in the industry and becoming the market player for the industry.

As mentioned in the case study the company has focused on launching an open IPO auction with the buyers for deciding the fair price of the shares. In this way the Google has differences him from others as others were focusing on the investment banks as an dictators. As Google has started selling its shares the company has generated the revenue of around $1.67bn which was quite good for the company. The company just sold around 22.5 million shares and has raised better revenue. The shares of Google have risen by 18.5% which was quite good and has provided the shareholders with great profit.

Google has focused on attracting the customers with the unique products and services which can help them in acquiring more customers. The case company focuses on the market penetration and doing well for their existing market for generating higher revenue. After IPO several changes has come in the management of Google and their strategies. Google has focused on investing in new businesses and buying several companies. Google has acquired around 150 companies by spending a lot of money which includes several large brands such as YouTube, Nest, Android and many. The operating income of the company has increased since IPO. As a public company Google is enjoying better financial success. The sales of the company have increased to a greater extent (Skaff, 2020). Not only this Google has also become the search leader and widely used search engine. Here the company had not only focuses on the success but had focused on ensured to have highly talented staff which can support the innovation in the firm and this was the important strategy for Google. In terms of the employee also the company had experience better progress as the company has increased its total number of employees.


Figure 1: Operating income of Google since IPO

Source: https://qz.com/252004/googles-growth-since-its-ipo-is-simply-amazing/

Due to great success of the company Google is also having solid investment which is important for the long term objectives of the company. Development of Google as Alphabet is one of the major change which was a result of the long term strategic plan of Google. There are different issues which were being faced by Google but the company had made effective strategies for managing in an appropriate manner. Not only is this innovation the most important area over which the company has focused. Great product and innovation strategy of Google has helped them in ensuring high level of customer satisfaction.

From the analysis of the different changes made in Google it can be said that the company is having the emergent strategy. This strategy helps the company on focusing on the new ideas and working over it in an effective manner. Not only this emergent strategy is helping the company in gaining competitive advantage over others and remaining the market leader in an effective manner (Saleh et. al. 2021). For example the great innovation and focusing more over the artificial intelligence is one of the best examples of the emergent strategy of Google. This strategy has helped Google in being the first one to focus on different important opportunities and gaining competitive advantages over others in an successful manner. But one of the weakness related to this strategy is that sometimes if it does not fits well to the situation then it can led the company towards loss.

Recommendation for transforming the Google’s approach in future

On the basis of the above discussion it can be said that the company is doing well and need to focus on making use of effective strategies in future as well. For future it can be recommended that the company should focus on innovation and product development which can allow them in moving the firm towards success. Along with this it will help the company in adding value to the long term vision of the company and generating higher revenue as well.

PESTLE analysis of Google

Understanding the business environment and its impact on the company operations is very important. Google is operating in an highly complex and competitive business environment. It is important to understand that how Google is managing the influence of different critical factors of the business environment. Pestle analysis is being used for understanding the Google's current turbulent global environment.

Political factors: Political stability of different nations is one of the most important factor which affects Google and it's operations in the business environment. Stabile economies are offering better marketplace for Google to manage their operations and generate higher revenue. The free trade agreement offers great opportunity for Google to manage their operations. The stable political business environment allows Google to set up better strategies related to market penetration and generate higher revenue as well.

Economic factors: Economic factors are having major impact on Google. The developed and developing nations are offering greater opportunities for investment to Google this is leading the firm towards growth. With better investment the company is able to invest in its new plans and products. Due to developing economies some of the nations are having good demands of technological products which create better demand for Google. High demand of computing gadgets helps the company in having good market for doing business (Batool et. al. 2021). But the recent pandemic has affected the economic conditions and this can affect Google adverse.

Social factors: For Google Data piracy is one of the major challenges as the users now focus more over it. Along with this the add free version of Google is having the ability to affect the company adversely as Google is generating higher portion of their revenue from Google ads only. The shifting customer p

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