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Strategy in the Public & Private Sectors Assignment Sample

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Strategy in the Public & Private Sectors Assignment Sample


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The term strategic environment evaluation can be defined as the methodical technique for assessing the ecology influence of a projected strategy, design or task as well as which offers the way for seeking at overall impacts and correctly discuss them at the initial phase of decision creating. One of the main notions behind conducting this study is to offer a business report on the process to place the selected company additionally competitively within its tactical set. The company which has been selected to do the report is St. Mungos. The report will present in the form as in my new function as Head of Strategy Development and have to suggest to steps to place the company in a more competitive form.

The first part of the study will deal in identifying as well as analysing the company’s tactical environment and also will describe its tactical position using various tools such as SWOT and Porter's five forces analysis. The second part of the study will be dealing with the introduction of an emerging technology within the selected company and how it has impacted the company. Based on the issues identified few recommendation will also be provided so as the deal with the issues in future.  Few of the important programmes done by St Mungo's, are:

Brief about the company

The St Mungo Community Housing Association, toiling in as St Mungo's, is a foundation enlisted in England with an intention to assist the people who do not have a permanent home to stay. St.Mungo's Community started as a splinter bunch from The Simon Community which was begun by a previous post trial supervisor Anton Wallich-Clifford and was novel among associations for its achievement in alcoholic recuperations.

Bricks and Mortar" and "ReVive" training programmes- Blocks and Mortar offers the indigent with coaching as well as experience of bricklaying. Resuscitate is a comparative plan which creates other structure abilities like doing plaster and decorate things.

"LifeWorks" project- The LifeWorksventure began in the year 2008, giving psychodynamics psychotherapy to vagrants, particularly the people who are dependent on medications or liquor.

"Putting Down Roots" project- The Putting Down Roots project empowers the destitute and inn tenants to foster nurseries and other plant highlights.

St Mungo's effort groups travel every night to see the individuals who are destitute and to assist them off the roads. With seventeen effort groups we are probably the biggest supplier of effort administrations in the entire UK (Mungo’s ,St , 2022).

Strategic environment, strategic position of the company using tools

The company which has been selected namely the St Mungo focuses on various types of charity work which mainly includes helping the homeless people specially the women, people depending on medication and alcohol etc.  But over and above their main focus is create a generic strategic environment that will help these people to deal with issues they are facing. The organization operates an excess of 300 undertakings and administrations across London and the south of England. Focussing on their customer's criticism and for more than of 50 years' insight, St.Mungo is focused on conveying customized, ideal and empathetic answers for the reasons as well as outcomes of vagrancy. By taking into account the strategic environment of St. Mungo they mainly focus on have a psychologically informed ecology within their working system (CBE, 2021).  PIE which is identified as “Psychologically Informed Environments” make deployment of contemporary psychology to facilitate that the entire facets of St Mungo’s administrations are enhanced to assist their customer get proper recovery. From the maximum degree comprehending on superiorly helping the individuals with difficult requirement to very genet facets like deploying colour hypothesis in the decoration to generate a soothing environment (Breedvelt, 2016). St Mungo's was engaged with the launch of PIEs from a beginning phase, and they have been a significant supporter of public direction created by the Department of Health. St Mungo's PIE Rationale, Framework and Standards give a bunch of viable standards or norms for working a PIE. Ventures and administrations utilize the principles as an agenda to assess their own contributions, determined to distinguish areas of solidarity and regions for development. There is a different review device to work with this self-evaluation. The entire St Mungo's recuperation strategy depends with the understanding that the management might ease with the appropriate circumstances to assist clients with continuing on from an individual perspective and to revamp their lives. The PIE strategy is completely stable with, and supplements, this recuperation strategy. PIE puts a specific accentuation on aiding individuals toiling with customers to comprehend difficult tragedies as well as its impact in addition to on assisting customers to build up constructive association as well as mental behaviours which assist them to fight again all odds. In addition to this the overall strategic environment of the St. Mungos can be explained with the help of Strategy evaluation tools (Nolte, 2017).

Fig 1: Strategy Evaluation Framework

Source: Google

From the above diagram it can be depicted that strategy evaluation framework mainly consist of three phases and the strategic environment of St. Mungos can be explained using this particular framework.

  1. Assessing the underlying bases of approach- The main approach of St.Mungos is to help the needy people who are suffering from trauma as a result their main strategy is actually based on giving helping hands to those people who need actual help.
  2. Measuring the corporal performance- Considering the overall strategic environment of St. Mungos it can be said that they are in a very competitive position as compared to other competitors.
  3. Taking proper action- Based on the limitation which the company is dealing with the management is focusing on taking corrective measures so as to deal with the issues. One major problem which has been identified in St. Mungos is that the intervention of the digital technology is very limited there and due to which many a time they fail to identify the target people. Considering this issues they have planned to implement some basic technology within their working system so as to smooth the functioning of the organ organization (Hieu, 2019).

Now based on the above analysis on the strategic environment of St Mungos the strategic position of the company will be done using SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis tool is a kind of tool that is mainly used to evaluate the inner as well as exterior aspects which might provide an effect over the company, venture of business project. Below discussed is the SWOT for St Mungos.

Fig 2: SWOT Analysis

Source: Google

Strengths:  Based on the analysis done considering the strategic environment of the St Mungos it can be said that the main strengths of the company is the company’s unique positioning within the UK that offer assistance in the UK society specially to the women’s who are homeless. The second and also the most important strengths which the company holds is its years of experience in the same field. Most the top management people who are engaged with this company have a complete insight over the same field and have proper idea about what other competitors are doing which help the company in staying one step ahead of their rivalries.

Weakness: Now taking into account the weakness part it can be said that St Mungos does not have a proper web based presence due to which technologically they are lagging behind which is already pointed in the discussion done in the analysis for strategic environment. In addition to this the company has also not appreciated as equable NGO as a result many a times they face issues from UK government regarding this.

Opportunities: Looking into the opportunities for St Mungos as their online presence is not that much appealing as a result it is a great scope for them to create a good website which will help in getting the target market and also their reach can be greater. Also they can start working with social media influencer those who will give motivational thoughts to the patients that will directly impact their mind and soul.

Threats: Regarding the threats it can be said that the other NGO with have powerful social media will give most of the risks to St Mungos in addition to this for type of NGO the main supporter are the society only as a result fund crisis is always there which is again a major threat to any NGO like St Mungos (Habimana, 2018).

Impact of one emerging technology on the present and future operations of the organisation

In a world which is driven by digital solutions, emerging technologies have continued to affect the way the individual lives, works and interacts with one another. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), block chain, robotics, cyber-security and big data possess the potential of making products and services widely accessible to the customers especially to the employees of the individuals currently struggling to use them.

St Mungos company has been able to identify the shortcomings of workplace operational aspects. Implementation of artificial intelligence in the workplace setting has helped the organisation in improving their productivity and efficiency along with delivering care to provide individuals and patients with more and better care. Artificial intelligence has also improved the experiences of the professionals and healthcare practitioners by enabling them to spend more time in reducing burnout and direct patient care (Shah and Chircu, 2018). Before implementation of AI, the healthcare systems encountered growing demands for the services along with an increase in the cost and work force which was struggling to meet. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, the organisation has been able to enhance and improve the health care delivery. They have been able to collect more and better data in order to stay connected. They have been able to store data in the form of existing tasks and the ways they have been performed and disrupted which has been helpful for St Mungos company to address them or change the healthcare needs (Shaheen, 2021). AI solutions have been able to support the shift from hospital-based to home-care based care within the organisation along with facilitating remote monitoring. They have also implemented AI-powered alerting systems and virtual assistants as the patients have been involved in majorly increasing ownership of their care.

Coordination is also working towards embedding AI more extensively in the workflows of clinical activity with the help of intensive engagement of professional providers and bodies. The organisation has also seen significant changes in clinical practice which is based on evidence from clinical trials which has increased its focus on scaling clinical decision support tools. With the help of AI, the technology applications and apps developed to ensure healthy behaviour in individuals have helped them in proactively managing a healthy lifestyle. It has helped the consumers in controlling their well-being and health aspects (Yu et al., 2018). Additionally, AI has proved to be better at understanding the potential of the healthcare professionals and provide them with a better understanding of the daily needs and patterns of the people they are looking for. As they have been able to understand the feedback of the patients, it has helped them in providing support and guidance in accordance to their suitability so that they can stay healthy (Racine et al., 2019).

AI has also helped in detecting diseases such as cancer in their early stages more accurately. AI has also been combined with other medical devices and consumer wearable which has been able to oversee the early stages of heart diseases within these adult patients enabling the doctors and other professional providers to monitor them efficiently and effectively along with the text in potentially life-threatening episodes at more treatable stages. AI has helped in keeping a healthy record of the patients they are catering to which has really helped the providers in identifying the individuals in a chronicle manner who may be at risk of an adverse episode (Reddy et al., 2019). It also has health conditions to take a more comprehensive approach so that they can manage diseases in a better and coordinated way along with planning care plans so that they can help patients to better manage and comply with the treatment programs that are long-term. 

It should be significantly considered for the organisation to have a robust and complying data sharing policy which is able to support improvements in care that is offered by artificial intelligence while providing the right safeguards in a cost efficient way to the individuals in need. It is recommended that the organisation of St Mungos company deals with sensitive data through a process of risk management and well-structured data governance. The organisation should also look forward to integrating and interconnecting the structure of the data along with the rich data that is available. The company could also focus on reducing the time that people spend on routine administrative tasks so that they can provide virtual assistants and interact directly with the patients to facilitate activities physicians see as core to professional roles such as clinical diagnosis (Shinners et al., 2020). The organisation should also focus on improving their web-based online presence so that the individuals and the consumers are aware of their services and can gain full access to it. It has also been able to minimise the cost of operations which has resulted from insurance claim denials within the organisation.  Implementation of artificial intelligence has also saved time and resources of the company by helping them provide medical professionals with more time to assess and diagnose individuals and patients along with providing them with services they require.

Implementation of artificial intelligence has also significantly reduced the stress of the physicians from deadline pressures and other workplace conditions. It has been helpful in streamlining different procedures along with automating functions which has facilitated instant sharing of data and organising operations, benefiting and relieving the medical professionals of juggling too many tasks. They have helped the organisation in scheduling their appointments, translating the clinical details and tracking the histories of the patients (Racine et al., 2019). It has also helped in streamlining more meticulous and tedious tasks. St Mungos company has been able to improve the physician-patient relationship with the help of real-time analytics. 


This report has been successful in describing the strategic environment and strategic position of St Mungos Company with the utilisation of specific tools that has helped them in successfully catering to the needs and demands of the patient and homeless people, especially the women. It has also taken into consideration the impact of implementing artificial intelligence into the organisation that has been helpful in providing enhanced healthcare services to the individuals and patients. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, it has been significantly found out that St Mungos Company has been able to understand the demand and needs of their patients who has been helpful for them to address those needs accurately. The report has also derived appropriate recommendations from the analysis so that it can improve the operational activities.


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