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Media Impacted On Our Experience Of Time Assignment Sample

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Media Impacted On Our Experience Of Time Assignment Sample


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Various researchers have found that media has related stimuli which can lead to underestimating the time compared to the general use of the internet. Further, it affects the distortion of time. The personal time zone of an individual has been affected and modified by technology. It helps in speeding up the internal clock. Technology and media even make us impatient for anything that takes more than minutes. Digital media has a heightened use that is beneficial for society as well as individuals (Karyadi, 2018). Further, this enables unprecedented levels of communication and social interaction, and community building across different places, times, and different contexts. This even enables the individuals to speed up knowledge democratization. Media has appropriately impacted the experience of time. The rise in new media has generally increased the criteria of communication between different individuals staying around the world. Individuals are allowed to express their feelings and thoughts via different websites, blogs, and social media. User-generated media is also present in this. Media has also affected individuals personally. They have provided a positive impact regarding self Esteem, narcissism, and different social support is also present. Technology has also affected human experience and their perception of media. Technology engages all the six different senses present in humans. 

Media impact on time and space

This essay will be exploring the media users regarding cognition of time and maintaining space. This time and space play across different platforms of media by conducting a comparison. This conduct takes place across different genres of media (Pearce, 2019). This essay will be focused on different levels of communication like blogs, emails, media, and different portals. Some theories can be used accordingly to establish the concept of time and space perception on media platforms. The theories are construal theory level and temporal distance theory. The space-related theory is also present which is called space theory. Users' perception regarding interactivity is measured in these theories. Two independent variables are also present that help in analyzing. 

Digital new media has changed temporal and spatial dimensions related to social life. Communication helps in evolving from one point to another. Acceleration is present in the digital century for maintaining the speeds and the media content. Electronic media that first emerged consisted of television, telecommunications, radio, TV, etc. In this pre-modern period, users are possibilities inherent in social media (Boulianne, 2020). That is the reason that time and space remain together. In the era of post-modern time, cyber media has played an important role in maintaining spatial and other temporary boundaries. Books are a sort of mental peace media considered by individuals. Humans can create various media from interpersonal to the establishment of mass media. Everything is now closely related to time and space.

Analog and Digital Criteria 

Analog criteria Digital criteria 
Media space criteria Different types of time-space
  • Synchronous
  • Fully spaced for space
  • Multipoint present
  • Space
  • Interactivity
  • One multipoint to another multipoint 
  • Interactivity
Space of relationship 
  • Society of world
  • Orientation of sender 
  • Orientation of communication 
  • Whole network 
Presence modeMethod of presence 
  • Sound
  • Image
  • Linear 
  • Atoms
  • Wireless and hybrid
  • Non-convergent 
Overall society 
  • Simulation
  • The modern way of construct 
  • Orientation of state 
  • Post state
  • Cyber metrics

According to this table, two different criteria are selected. The analog and the digital criteria are also included. Different types of time-space have been provided with the space of relationship. Different methods of presence are also stated, those are sound, image, atoms, and linear models. All the above sections fall under the criteria of analog space (Hoplamazian, 2018). The digital criteria look after the interactivity from one multipoint to another multi-point. The wireless and the non-convergent processes are also considered with designed post-state and cyber metrics. 

The Internet has specifically bought new forms of human association. Not only humans but every aspect is affected by this process to get information. Various communication processes are present that help in acquiring news and other information. It is also crucially important for understanding the association that is bedded for maintaining the various genres of media. Traditional media mass is also present for knowing the privatized activities that are present (Ye, 2020). Freedom of speech and choice is involved in this process. This helps transform the self-image of an individual. The specific life on a screen that is based on media and computers has been shifted to different cultural senses in modern society. New media has a recognition regarding the time in space, cyber time, real-time Real-world cyber security, and cyberspace. New media has also accelerated the speed of interaction to diverse various identities. Communication technology further helps overcome the limitations that are present in geographical aspects. The post-media development also has brought various changes to maintain the demands of customers in public places. Public space communication is also maintained giving attention to the terms and the interactivity that needs time and space. Individuals use a medium in which they manage the time and the place they have the actual realization of spending cognition realization (Abeele, 2018). The symbols are termed metaphors. 

The specific nature of communication has also changed by increasing the speed and the volume of the criteria. The mobile devices now get fixed in our hands with tiny keyboards to desirable levels of communication. Increases in shortcuts, as well as abbreviations, have also increased to change the technology. As the media is developing the spatial and the temporal dimensions regarding social life is also changing. New media has changed the interaction level from face to face to the boundaries of time and space. The traditional time of media is bounded by time and space for example lives TV across different Geographic boundaries (Jurgens, 2018). Total bias regarding communications is maintained in this process. These pieces of communication can be related to any criteria. 

Types of concepts in time

The physical process of timeThe measurable timeMechanical as well as linear time 
Natural time coordinationNature time itself as a coordination Biological and circular time 
Psychological time Human experience having convergence Religious, cultural, and historic time 

According to the stable, the different physical processes of time the natural time coordination, and psychological time have been stated. The time that is measurable with its nature and the human experience regarding the convergence has been possibly mentioned in this essay. Different time criteria are also stated as in the mechanical-biological religious or historic time. 

This research specifically looks after the interactivity of the media regarding time and space. Various survey measurements are also present for maintaining the individual approaches and attitudes related to space and time (Bonazzi, 2021). Printing's rise in the Early Modern era also created a form of publicness in the concept of the public sphere. 

Space perception

Different theories of space perception are present in the communication and the media criteria. The theories are conceptual integration theory and the theory of blending. Mental media and space are generally related to the cognitive theories that are maintained by human senses. A diverse association is maintained regarding the interactivities in media. Online and electronic media are also redefined on the concept of time and space. Media spaces are of three different types, those are, sound, writing spaces, and pictorial spaces (Semanticscholar.org, 2022). The aspect of cyberspace is more Complex speakers; it includes various graphs and diagrams and text Communications. Digital media also involves the incorporation of new signs to create new types of space. 

Technology change in communication

Technology change has also changed the aspect of communication. The information is overloaded to become a reality with the internet providing. Various concepts can be gained with just a click of the mouse. Data can be propagated and communicated in various ways to store information (Rahardja, 2020). The nature of communication also changes the increasing speed and the volume the mobile devices help in understanding desires in communication. Technology is often seen to be the culprit behind the decline of face-to-face interaction but it has to be given the credit for opening up new avenues. Those avenues help in expanding the comparative communication criteria. These tools even help in documenting the spreadsheet and maintaining the collaboration to mitigate the common goal. Various office productivity tools for example WPS offices can also be considered as a source of media for communication. This is for the help of staying concise and for saving all the keystrokes. These are the technological changes that occur in communication. 

Future impact of social media on space and time 

Social media also helps in creating different norms and structures in a way to interact socially in a limited space and time. Further, this helps in enabling the community regardless of the proximity and the participation of the members simultaneously (Lucian.uchicago.edu, 2022). Even social media blurs the cyber and the real world timeliness keeping in mind the immediacy. Social media also helps in liquefying the perception regarding time to create and occupy multiple spaces of the concept in social interaction. Social media is generally an extension of the interactive capabilities of wave 2.0 that is known as the democratization of information. This even allows the broadcasters to bypass the traditional media. The most crucial change that has been brought in social media is the technology-mediated all too all communication model. This model specifically ends via different newspapers and televisions. This allows broadcasting information to a larger group of individuals. A greater number of participants is considered in this process by retrieving the participatory culture. Another key point regarding social media is that it does not replace real-world interaction but helps in creating a convergence of the two things. This helps in frequently overlapping social media and the community in the real world for interacting with people. Media also alters the understanding of time criteria (Jeawak, 2020). The specific layer of space enables the criteria of multitasking but also amputates the attention span and concentration. Further, fluidity helps in creating different norms related to the structures of conversations. Social media also changes the understanding of space and time according to the distance barrier. Social media also makes time the same fluid to combine the immediacy of the permanence of communication. Media also helps in organizing the communities and the social interactions. 

The difference between Traditional marketing communication and digital marketing communication

The aspect of the Technology Revolution has dramatically altered the marketing criteria. The companies no longer rely on advertising in traditional ways to generate revenues. This specific trend has also resulted in several developments in the communication of marketing. 

  • Advertising needs to be native that will be driving the customers to a specific website by embedding the link
  • Ads also need to be retargeted, those ads are termed sticky adds
  • The relationship management of customer automation helps in allowing drip-style marketing of email campaigns 
  • The marketers can collect amounts of data to address all the audiences
  • A messaging strategy also needs to be crafted to address all the stakeholders by addressing all the needs

These are the differences between traditional marketing communication and digital marketing communication. 

Public relations in the digital world 

Media as in social media has made public relations even more challenging. Specifically, they have broadened organizational accessibility. The managers of public relations are probably diligent in the way that communication is properly used (Web.uri.edu, 2022). The high-ranking officials present in an organization have the most left communication outside the business to a representative of public relations. The media as well as the public are properly vulnerable regarding the misrepresentation. Even the managers have to interact with the stakeholders, the public, and the media. With the help of the proliferation of smart devices and the reporting in real-time, public relations professionals have to educate and monitor everyone present in the organization. Various crisis communication plans are also necessary to be created. This helps in eradicating the negative news that is over social media panels. This is the need for public relations in the digital world. 

Theoretical concepts to contemporary media practice

Field Theory 

The new media practices regarding the field theory will be stated in this essay. Two translations within the communication and media research are present. This field theory helps in addressing the different media practices and approaches in a culture of digital platforms. The different media practices will possibly benefit cultural production. This theory has been stated by Bourdieu, and he debated the social criteria for the influence of TV on current cultural production (Frith, 2019). Political Framework even helps in assisting in relational thinking and moving from macro to micro. Therefore there is a need to develop the framework of field theory to enhance the empirical understanding of new media practices. This theory is also useful for transcending the structures against the agency binaries. This study is related to digital media practices and it has been clear that new media practices are intertwined with the older platforms in general. The criteria of capital enhancement are also increased in this theory for just changing the online actions that might benefit individuals in their future aspects. Reflective sociology is also provided for embarking on the additional criteria. 

Construal theory level 

The construal level of the theory refers to the degree of concreteness of the Abstractness in which an individual represents the object or a specific event. As the distance that psychologically increases the construal levels also increase. This theory helps in perceiving the psychological distances between an individual and a specific object. Examples of construal theory include anticipating and relaxing (Chistyakov, 2019). The four different dimensions of the distance are properly interrelated. This indicates the choice of Communication of an individual affects the degree to which the sociological distance can be overcome. 

Even an argument has been stated, which says that a higher level of construals and greater distance is important. This further helps in determining an individual that is suited for participation in geographically dispersed work. Digital communication can also reduce the distance of interpersonal space. The technological advancements that take place in Communications affect the experience of psychological distance. The criteria of accessibility fatigue relate to digital communication regarding various challenges and the possibilities present. Most importantly, in this era of post-modern time, cyber media has played an important role in maintaining spatial and other temporary boundaries. Books are a sort of mental peace media considered by individuals.

Temporal distance theory

Temporal distance theory refers to the distance in time (Chistyakov, 2019). Things that are temporarily near are near to the criteria of the time. This theory helps in enhancing the abstract thinking of an individual. This theory helps in promoting creative thinking. Various studies have been conducted to examine the distant effect of temporal creative thinking. The distant temporal theory plays a vital role in providing beneficial scope for creative thinking. A common dilemma is present regarding the disparity in methods of creativity. This creativity often provides dissimilar results. So, to improve the validity of the result the effect of temporal distance theory can be used. This theory can be used for designing the shortcomings present in the study. An increase in creative thinking alters the task performance in distant temporary participants. This theory often plays a vital role in mediating motivation. Various studies have explored that the underlying mechanisms of distant temporal theory help in influencing creative thinking (Media-ecology. org, 2022). A static link is present between the distant temporal distance and promotion motivation. In this, two independent motivations are keeping in mind the attitude and behavior of individuals in an environment. 

Awareness of wider social effects of a range of media

Social media has a wider effect on the range of media. Facebook and YouTube have dominated the full landscape in parts of the United Kingdom. The findings in social media have highlighted different individuals (Abeele, 2018). The conflicting attitudes are also present. Various surveys regarding the use of social media have provided a substantial effect on the users that are overlapping. Mostly the users in social media, range from the age of 18- 28 which means about 50%. This set of data is broadly fitted with the other general findings regarding social media. These are the awareness of wider social media effects in the media. 

Application of theoretical models to contemporary questions

Some contemporary questions have been provided to mitigate the objectives 

  • How does the temporal distant theory help in determining the issues in public?
  • What are the debates and the demands related to the theory of the construal level?

Answering these questions will help in understanding the problems and the issues present in the media. 

The temporal distant theory helps in determining the issues that are present in public. The large abstracts are represented in an appropriate way for maintaining future situations (Bonazzi, 2021). This even helps in understanding the concrete representations. 

Some debates related to the construal theory help in identifying the distance from the direct experiences. The temporary, physical and social well beings are also interconnected in this process (Dutta, 2020). The examples act as demands in the theory of the construal level. 


The concept of Digital media has a heightened use that is beneficial for society as well as individuals. Further, this enables unprecedented levels of communication and social interaction, and community building across different places, times, and different contexts. This even enables the individuals to speed up knowledge democratization. The impact of media on time and space has been described in this essay with relevant criteria. The type of concept in time is stated with perceptions in space (Walsh, 2019). Moreover, the aspect of cyberspace is more Complex speakers; it includes various graphs and diagrams, and text Communications. Different theoretical concepts have been established to demonstrate appropriate comprehension. An appropriate range of various theoretical concepts relating to media practices has been stated. The awareness of wider social effects in the range of media is also stated. Lastly, some contemporary questions have been stated to mitigate the objectives and to elaborate the theories appropriately. 

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