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Mental Health Nursing Assignment Sample

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Mental Health Nursing Assignment Sample


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  • Mental health consist “emotions”, “psychological”, “social well-being
  • Mental health issue is not absence of mental-disorders.
  • Affects lifestyle, activity, social interaction


Mental health states the emotional, physiological and social well-being of an individual. Mental health is important for every stage of life that helps to determine the ability of individuals to handle their stress, feelings, and actions. Improper lifestyle, physical activity and past experiences hurt the mental health of an individual. This report is focused on a case study that stated various factors that affect the mental health of Jan Novak and assessment of needs to maintain good mental health.

SL2: Background of case study

  • Jan Novak admitted to mental health care ward
  • experienced suicidal ideation
  • finds himself tired and irritable
  • He consumes 10-20 cigarettes per day.
  • The living environment also harms Jan.
  • Jan lost weight and faced issues in sleeping.


This case study provides information regarding various factors that affect the mental health of an individual. It can be seen from a case study that Jan faced suicidal ideation several times in his childhood due to improper parenting, lifestyle and less physical activity. As per case study it can be seen that Jan lived an unhealthy lifestyle and live with various stress regrding his environment that influence to lead this suicidal ideations.

SL3:Requirement of individual

  • Social activities help share experiences
  • physical exercise improve mental well-being
  • Learning things helps boost self-confidence
  • Lifestyle is important for mental health (Nhs. uk 2022).


As per the case study, it can be identified that there are some requirements for maintaining proper mental health, such as physical exercise to increase the ability to handle stress, proper lifestyle to live a healthy life, social interaction to share and support mental health and learning new things to boost self-confidence to achieve success goals. Physical acitivities help to boost chemical reaction in body that effect on mental health and help to mannge stress regrding task or personal issues. Proper life style is an imporatnt part that help to reduce negative impact on physical health as well as mental health of an individual.

SL4: Need assessment

  • mental support is important for patients (Nimh.nih.gov 2021).
  • Effective interaction helps share experiences
  • Counselling to address their challenges


Self-harm is the most common risk factor that indicates poor health. As per the case study, it can be seen that improper lifestyle, unhappy childhood experiences, less social interaction affect the mental health of Jan. Proper interaction with people helps to share patients to share their perspectives or issues they are facing. Moreover, counselling is another way that helps to identify the issues behind these suicidal ideations through proper interaction and diagnosis that help to provide proper treatment or medication to reduce impct of poor mental health.

SL5:Evidence-based interventions

  • intervention helps reduce mental health.
  • Effective knowledge and skills provide quality-of-life.
  • Interaction with patients.
  • E-support for Patients (Rcn.org.uk 2022).


As per resources, it can be seen that MHN's provide effective knowledge and skill that help to provide value in the treatment of patients with mental health. Through proper interaction and development of  E-supports for family and friends of patients help to reduce chances of self-harm in patients. It can be seen that evidence based intervention help students to develop effective knowlegde about skill and methods that can help to provide better services to reduces nagetive impact of mental health.

SL6:Need for health professionals

  • Psychologists help clinical interviews
  • Counsellors provide "treatment" to patients.
  • Social workers induces awareness.
  • Psychiatrists helps in diagnosis (Nami.org 2022)


Several health professionals are incorporated in the process to support patients through proper medication, training and diagnosis to provide them with a healthy lifestyle and manage their stress to reduce chances of self-harm or other harmful activities.

SL7: Capacity and ethics

  • ethical framework is necessary
  • Consent needs to be taken
  • Therapists have to be aware
  • medical ethics need to be followed (Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov 2018).


Ethics stated some concerns that need to be followed by a therapist to handle patients with proper care and with the full consent of patients. Principles of medical ethics need to be followed by therapists to remind us about the side effects of pharmacological intervention, proper evidence-based intervention, full consent of patients regarding their treatment, proper counselling of patients is necessary to provide proper treatment to patients.


  • “Person-centred” care provide knowledge to patients
  • Develop skills and confidence for decision-making.
  • Motivate patients to take therapeutic processes


Patient-centred care stated about providing importance to patients and developing effective treatment to reduce the impact of mental disorders in patients. This helps students to gather knowledge, skill and process that help a nursing student to deliver proper support to patients.

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