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Research In Health And Social Care Assignment Sample

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Research In Health And Social Care Assignment Sample


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Health and social care also play a crucial role in every society a. The care workers are responsible for providing every essential service to various service users. It is becoming more critical since the pandemic without an effective social and healthcare system. The service users would not be able to minimize these hazards to society. This research is mainly based on health and social care with comprehensive project research related to social and healthcare management. This also includes a small research appraisal which will e presented to various managers and peers in the upcoming future.

Task 1

Be able to plan a research project relevant to a health and social care setting

1.1 Identify an area for a research topic 

As the study is basically focused on the health and social care factors of coronavirus that broke in the world in the year 2019 from the Wuhan city of China. Hence this study is constructed based on this aspect of health and social care which was developed after the outbreak of the deadly virus across the world. The country that will e focused on this study in the United Kingdom where the outbreak of covid was extreme and people got affected mostly. The country watched several deaths due to this treacherous virus and hence the study will be constructed on the several aspects of health and social care facilities that the government took in terms of protecting the country’s population and stopping the virus from spreading further. This research proposal will state the overview of the virus first that from where the virus was invaded and how it has led the entire world's population to suffer (Kapilashrami, et al. 2022). This will be the main focus. Speaking about the overview of the virus, Coronavirus commonly known as covid-19 was been established in the Wuhan city of china in a fish market, soon after that, the virus started spreading across the world killing millions of people and leaving many sick. The main symptoms of the virus are fever, ugh and cod, breathing problems, and other factors that vary from person to person. 

The virus is a communicable disease that spread rapidly from person to person. Therefore the world health organization announce complete sanitization and maks to the commoners in terms of keeping them protected from the virus. Apart from that, there were several lockdowns and curfews, the reason behind it is that as the virus is communicable therefore it spreads massively among the crowds. Sooner or later the entire population started suffering and becoming a victim of this virus. There were many patients who couldn't afford treatment and hence lost their lives. Whereas some to afford a greater quality treatment also lost tier lives. Therefore from this area of research topic, it can be observed that even certain forms of social care like masks, sanitization, and special distancing couldn't stop the virus from spreading across. From 2019 to the present, the virus is continuing to exist. Though at present the speed of the virus is been reduced and very less people are getting affected by it. The reason behind this is the health and the social care performed by the frontline workers and ll the medical institutes who have been working day and night to make the mission successful. The covid-19 vaccine was been invented 1.5 years later of the outbreak f the virus as the virus is completely new, and none other than quarantine and immunity booster can solve it from prevent it. Hence the health care facilities invented doses of vaccines which were been imposed on each and every patient’s body now. The practical part is that as the vaccine is costly therefore people who couldn't afford to but it got it for free can be included under this category. Therefore from the above topic, it can be identified that the main aim of the research topic is to focus on the health and social care facilities of covid-19 the united kingdom too to prevent themselves from the deadly virus. 

1.2 Construct aims and objectives for the research topic

The main aim of the study is based on the health care and social care facilities that the united kingdom took to prevent the population from getting infected with the coronavirus. Aiming at this point the country introduced several methods and campaigns to educate the population about the deadly virus and also described certain fro of social measures that they need to take in terms of saving themselves from the virus. Therefore the medical institutes, hospitals, and even the small dispensaries involved themselves in thorough research to identify certain modes of precautions. World health organization took measures to save the united kingdom as well as the entire world by ordering certain forms of social care methods like social distancing, wearing, masks and gloves all the time while going out, proper sanitization, and if any patient is observed coughing or having ever he/she needs to get quarantined for at least 14 days to recover from the virus. Apart from focusing n the instruction given by WHO the research topic also aims on describing certain problems which the health and social care centres faced in terms of saving the patients (Nyashanu, et al. 2022). It was found that the frontline workers like nurses, firefighters, police, and other saviours were also got affected by the virus as they were on a continuous mission to save the patients. Eleven through the report of UK it was observed that almost half the population that was working in the field of health and social care got affected by the virus whereas 25% of them lost their life which seems to be very complicated and dangerous. This study also aims to focus on the bedding and hospital issue where the hospitals and nursing homes went through a shortage of beds as the majority of the population got affected by the virus. Therefore the government instructed treatment of the patients from their homes. There was an enormous shortage of nurses and doctors as despite fo their continuous hard work and attention the number of patients was going on increasing and the frontline workers were falling sick. 

While seeking the objectives of this research proposal it will generally focus on the feelings of the commoners as well as the health and social care workers who undergo several mental and health trauma. The reason behind it is that they were providing the patients in terms of being next to them which got them affected. Hence this study will aim at the several health and social care factors that were developed after a continuous try in terms of being affected and several failed experiments. Finally, the world is witnessing a recovery that may be slow but still less number of people are dying and the main reason behind it is that the health and soul care facilities of the United Kingdom developed several programs which made the country successful in fighting against the odds of the virus and protecting the country from further mishaps as if the people started disobeying the instructions then the virus can spread again (Park, et al. 2020).

1.3 Apply ethical considerations relevant to the chosen topic of research

The research has been constructed based on the collection of ethical gatherings. No single individual or property has been harmed for collecting relevant information for constructing the research. All information was been collection from a survey which was been distributed across several medical institutions, dispensaries, and nursing homes in terms of collecting several information about the health care facilities that they took in terms of protecting the population of the UK from spreading the virus across the country apart from that several dates have been obtained from the social care centres like the frontline workers and the NGOs that how they have fought against the covid and prevented the virus from spreading further in terms saving their country's population. All the information gathered from the surveys is kept confidential as many of them did not want to leak the techies and methods they used to prevent the virus in terms of distributing and social health care. Hence this research will be based on absolute ethical considerations. Apart from that the study also focused on the health and social care facilities that were provided by the workers to the patients were absolutely ethical. despite several increases in the number of the covid patients the health and social care centres were abided by their contribution and duty for the sake of their population because of which they lost their lives in terms of getting affected by the deadly coronavirus. 

The study also observed certain ethical consideration that has been gathered through the literature review club in terms of collecting information from different authors, scholars and journals to construct the study. Nothing has been copied and everything in this study is been prepared with complete focus and integrity. The code of conduct has also been maintained by giving a special position to the study in terms of giving respect to the authors and the journals in the reference list. Hence it can be found that the study is based on the ethical consideration and the routes of this study can set a good inspiration to all the readers out there in terms of doing a further study with the health and social care facilities that were been established by the United kingdom’s workers in terms of saving the country’s population from falling in the trap to the deadly virus. The survey gathered was also been done online as the outbreak of the pandemic is still not finished because people are still getting an affected therefore to maintain the ethical consideration the study followed the method code of conduct in terms of distributing online surveys so that the commoners can fill it sitting at the comfort of their home and can deliver ample of information related to the health and social care facilities of the United Kingdom. 

1.4 Conduct a literature review of the chosen area 

According to the authors (Greene, et al. 2021), it is observed that the frontline workers were suffering from severe levels of anxiety in terms of providing for their patients. The authors also mentioned that they were away from their families and communities for a longer period of time which created a depression in their minds and made them fall sick. The reason behind it is that as they were indulged in their process of serving the patients, which led to staying away from their homes or else their families can get infected as they were with the close contact of the patients. Hence this developed a fear, though they were able to save the patients their lives shattered and broke them into depression. Whereas authors (Nyashanu, et al. 2020) mentioned that after the entire population of the world was diagnosed with the deadly virus which first broke in the Wuhan city of China. The united kingdom was the first country which got affected rapidly and still now it has the highest number of patients get affected and the highest number of deaths. Hence in this system, the country’s health and social care facilities had to be b so that the frontline workers can protect the commoners from giving up their lives and spreading the virus to other people. Therefore certain measures were been announced like sanitization, regular wear of masks and competition for social distancing while going out or meeting people. According to the author (McFadden et al. 2021), it is found that during the first wave of covid in the united kingdom the sufferings were massive and also the mental and physical health conditions of the frontline workers deteriorated. But over the course of time, the demographic characteristics in terms of the well-being of the commoners as well as the health and social care workers were been given focus. There was massive analysis in terms of invading strategies how the well-being of the country’s population can be maintained and also the virus can be erased from the country's border. Hence several workshops and campaigns were held in terms of health and social care facilities to protect the commoners. According to the authors (Cook and Roberts, 2021), it is observed that as the world health organization came up with the solution to preventing the virus from spreading across the world, sooner UK took the measure by introducing the covid-19 vaccine in its contr’s health ad social care profiles. As the country observed several vulnerabilities and risks of the social and health care workers in terms of death, therefore, the country introduced the vaccine to each and every citizen, especially the workers at first so that they can stay safe. If the health and social workers stand on losing their lives then who will treat the patients and think abt t wellness and the well-being of the health-related issues. Therefore with the introduction of the vaccine in the country 95% the death was reduced which made the country stay at ease. By now, more than 80% of the UK population is been vaccinated. 

Be able to carry out a research project relevant to a health and social care setting

2.1. Develop relevant research questions

To construct this study, there were certain forms of research questions that got prepared so that the mode of understanding the research paper becomes easier in terms of understanding the patterns au the health and social care facilities of the UK during the time of post covid and during the outbreak f covid. The following are certain forms of research questions which were been asked to the medical institutions, dispensaries, health care centres and other social care developments in terms of knowing the whereabouts and the measures they took to protect the country’s commoners as well as the frontline workers from losing their lives further. all the research questions were even asked online in terms of distributing google form sheets so that the social distancing and ethical considerations are maintained (Atkinson, et al. 2020). The research questions are as follows:-

What is the certain form of measures that the health care and the social care centre took when they first saw the outbreak of covid in the country?

How did the commoners adopt the instructions provided by the world health organization despite all the work and emergencies the commoners had?

Do you think that the covid-19 can be fully erased from the country’s border with only the help of the health and the social care centres?

Have you completed the full dose of the vaccine? If not state reasons?

What kind of precaution measures do you take to stay away from the deadly virus?

Do you agree with the terms and conditions generated by the health and social care centres in terms of fighting against the deadly disease? If not state reasons?

Do you carry a mask and sanitiser on a regular basis? If not state reasons?

Do you maintain social distancing?

Have you got affected by covid? If then state the symptoms you experienced? 

Do you agree with the concept of quarantine?

2.2. Select appropriate research methods

As the study is totally based on the research techniques of the social and health care centres which they adopted to research the covid 19 scenarios in the united kingdom in terms of developing solutions to prevent it. Therefore this research study has observed certain form of research methods which was created to be up the study and introduce the readers to a real mode. There was a survey carried out in terms of sharing a link through the google form where 10 questions were been asked to the people or the centres carrying out medical research in terms of the disease. All the questions asked were appropriate and followed the concept of methodology to construct the study (Hinsliff-Smith, et al. 2020). The appropriate form research methods were included, and the quantitive and qualitative techniques in terms of analysing the numbers of answers collected from the commoners based on which the research paper is been established. Apart from that the most important form f method used for the research paper is the conclusive method which together combined all the research, findings and the process in terms of analysing and coming to a proper solution on the topic of health and social care which the united kingdom took in terms of protecting the commoners from the deadly virus. 

2.3. Carry out the research 

Based on the research of health and social care facilities of the UK during the time of post covid and during the outbreak f covid. There are certain methods through research questions which were been asked to the medical institutions, dispensaries, health care centres and other social care developments to obtain a final point regarding the topic. The entire research was been performed on the surroundings of the pandemic that was been established in the world 2019 where the entire world noticed certain mishaps which will be remembered forever. Meanwhile, as the topic is concerned with the health and social care research performed by the UK health and social centre it is found that despite several attempts and failures the centres finally came to a solution where they could offer the patient a complete solution and also certain from of measures so that the does not get affected to the covid later in the future. As the research is been focused on the qualitative and quantitative approach in terms of collecting the data and Indians hence the results were been easier to note down and also defined a clearer form of vision for the readers to understand the entire process. 

As the research is been carried forward it is found that the health and social care centres of the united kingdom faced certain complications in terms of inventing newer from of research and techniques to solve the people’s solution. But at last, they finally got themselves to indulge in the positive aspect for the well-being of the country's population.

2.4. Collate research data

The research data obtained from the survey was basically done through the online mode in terms of distributing google form sheets in the medical institutes, hospitals, and even the small dispensaries to develop the process of research to identify certain modes of precautions. There was a certain form of information which was also been gathered from the literature review sections in terms of identifying the accurate points written by authors in several journals and research papers which helped massively in constructing the paper. Both the surveys conducted and information gathered from the research and the scholars altogether helped in collecting all the information and making the study successfully. Apart from that, all the research are been based on an honest code of conduct in terms of following the ethical consideration and constructing the research paper. All the information's are combined together to establish a fulfilled report that could be used for future benefits and can also severe several useful measures further. 

Be able to analyze the data gathered and interpret the findings of a research project

3.1 Analyse the data and present findings 

From all the data gathered from the UK health and social centre in terms of distributing google form sheets in the medical institutes, hospitals, and even the small dispensaries to develop the process of research to identify certain modes of precautions. It is observed that there has been a certain form of findings and results which needs to be focused on which areas allow:-

The health and the social care went through several traumas in terms of anxiety and depression for conducting research to find out solutions for the treatment of covid

The vaccines were been introduced that helped the population to recover from covid and reduced details by up to 85%. It was also found that more than 705 of the UK population took the method of vaccination in terms of protecting themselves from the deadly virus

Proper measures were used by the commoners as per the instructions generated by WHO and the health and social care centres. 

Masks and sanitisers were been used and the country observed rapid recovery because of the social distancing and quarantine methods (Pollock, et al. 2020).

3.2 Relate research findings to their original literature review

The literature review explains about the situation with which entire population of the UK faced/facing since 2019. The author also discussed about different situation with which the communities and families in UK fought against Covid 19 for a longer period of time and the way it created a state of depression in the mind of individual making them feel sick (Chen, and Wang, 2021). There is also an explanation of the reason behind it asa major amount of individual were indulged in the process of serving the patients moving away from their homes to save their families from being infected. In return to it the research finding is about explaining various measures and steps which were taken to reduce the effect of it over people and this included the regular use of mask and sanitisers along with maintaining social distancing and 14 days of quarantine. Following this in a proper way could help every individual to stay far from Covid. 

3.3 Formulate recommendations related to the chosen research topic

There are a few recommendations which are related to a strategic shift with a need to overcome new challenges which are being faced by the social care sector, and these recommendations will help facilitate rapid progress towards the achievement of these goals and these include:

Development of a positive vision for the social care

Urgent addressing of short term pressures related to funding

Finding various leadership programmes based o co-production and asset-based programs of leadership

Task 2

Understand approaches to research in health and social care

There are two different approaches towards the research in health and social care, which include Qualitative and Quantitative research. The qualitative method of research focuses on getting a certain amount of data by asking questions which might be open or conversational type communication. This method will be helpful investigation of specific reasons which are behind the thinking of the people (Aughterson et al. 2021). Quantitative method of research was focussed mainly of overseeing the statistical data as it was used when there was a surge of a large number of death cases. This quantitative research also describes collecting numerical data with a preference of gathering informations quickly because of its designs.

4.1 Critically evaluate different types of research methodology

Research methodology is mainly referred to as different theories and philosophies which will be taken into considerations during conducting research on this health and social care. It also discusses research philosophies, approaches and designs along with discussing various data collection techniques and methods, including the process of data analysis and ethical considerations s well which will be very helpful in terms of conducting research of this health and social care. Without the proper explanation of research methodologies none of the research will be complete and might be devoid the ethical consideration of this research.

4.2 Describe methods of gathering data

Data collection is mainly the process of gathering specific information from different relevant sources along with searching for a solution to various research problems (Hanna et al., 2021). This method of collection of data also allows every individual to conclude an answer to relevant questions. There are two different methods of collection of data and this includes of Primary and secondary methods of collection of data. Primary is also inclusive of two different types such as quantitative and qualitative method of collection of data and few examples of it includes of observation method, Questionnaire and scheduling process. Similarly the secondary method of data collection is about getting data from various journals and already published resources.

4.3 Describe tools to analyze and present data

Data analysis is mainly about the process of inspection, transforming along with modelling of data with an aim of discovering various useful information along with supporting the process of decision making (Comas-Herrera et al. 2020). This is mainly about two different techniques such as probability and non probability technique. It also includes various processes such as gathering of data, data Cleaning, Data Collection and Data Visualization as well. 

4.4 Explain how to assess the validity and reliability of data in research

Reliability of any data can be measured by comparing a certain amount of consistencies of this procedures along with verifying results. This is also inclusive of various methods of methods which will be helpful in measuring reliability an validity and reliability can be measured through various methods of statistical methods depending upon validities. There are various process of testing reliabilities and this includes of Inteerrater, Test Retests, Interterm andn parallel forms as well (Harrison et al. 2020). After this testing, the data from this process data can be presented properly. 


The above research is mainly based on the development of the extended part of the project specification relating to various aspect of social and health care management. There are also various appropriate research proposal designed along with conducting a prope literature review on health and social care expliing the situation of Covid 19. There is also a research appraisal conducted to present it in front of the managers.


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