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Advanced Research Methods Assignment Sample

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Advanced Research Methods Assignment Sample


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Impact of Business Globalisation on Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Task 1 – Research Project Specification

Critical Evaluation of the Philosophical Approaches to Research in a Management Context

During the conduction of the research study, the researcher will utilise the interpretivism philosophical approaches (Cooke, 2018). Through this, the researcher will be able to potentially interpret the most significant and effective knowledge and information regarding the management context within this study.

Critical Evaluation of the Role of Research in Management and Growth of Tourism and Hospitality Organisations

From human behaviour to economics to planning to marketing, research in hospitality and tourism has shed new light on many aspects of the industry. Research in this area has been described as a field of interdisciplinary study that influences the viewpoints of other disciplines, and it is time for researchers to reconsider the basic function of research by critically appraising themselves as an important area of scientific inquiry (Sheehan, Grant and Garavan, 2018). Building new methods for making research more available and reliable for the rest of the world requires more experimentation and interchange.

Critical Review of the Development of Academic Research

Academic research's significance rests on its steadfast dedication to the truth (Xue, Wang and Yang, 2018). Every advancement in researcher's knowledge and understanding is based on this foundation.

Critical Assessment of the Methodological Approaches to Researching Management Problems in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Generally, the secondary qualitative data will be collected by the researcher in order to reduce the management problems in the research approach (Leta and Chan, 2021). Where, the pandemic situation imposes different protocols of social distancing, work from home, etc. therefore, secondary data will be provided in this study.

Explanation of the Purpose of the Research Study

This study will be developed in order to demonstrate the knowledge about the impact of business globalisation on the tourism and hospitality industry.

Identification of the Aims and Objectives

  • To analyse the tourism and hospitality market throughout the world.
  • To demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on hospitality and tourism industry.
  • To evaluate different strategic approaches to expand business globally.
  • To demonstrate some instances of different tourisms and hospitality organisation regarding the utilisation of different strategies.

Critical Review of the Key Literature and Recent Literature

During the conduction of the research, the researcher will analyse the tourism and hospitality market throughout the world and demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on hospitality and tourism industry (Hughes et al., 2018). Moreover, the evaluation of different strategic approaches for expanding business globally and provision of some instances will be demonstrated in this literature study.

Explanation and Justification of Epistemological and Ontological Position

In the social world, ontology relates to what kinds of objects are there, as well as our preconceptions about the shape and substance of that reality.” Epistemology is focused with the structure of information and the methods in which the researcher knows and learns about the world around him or her (Maarouf, 2019).

Explanation and Justification of the Research Methods

The researcher will utilise the secondary qualitative method, through this, the most evident and reliable knowledge and information will be collected from different data bases (Sovacool, Axsen and Sorrell, 2018).


Within this study, the researcher has discussed about how people travel and why they choose different holiday alternatives is critical to a destination's tourism experience. Because of globalization's rapid expansion of transportation, the tourism industry has substantially profited. It is now easier and cheaper for individuals to travel throughout the world as a consequence of transportation advancements. Within this, the researcher has demonstrated several significant and evident facts and information regarding the study of “Impact of Business Globalisation on Tourism and Hospitality Industry”. In this way, the learners and the future researchers have been able to get significant and evident knowledge from this research.

Task 2 – Research Report

Chapter 1: Introduction

Background of the Study

To better understand that how people travel and why they pick various vacation options, it's important to understand the role of the transportation infrastructure in a destination's tourism experience. Tourism has benefited greatly from the fast growth of transportation as a result of globalisation. As a result, transportation improvements are making it simpler and more economical for more people to travel throughout the globe. The number of people visiting from other countries climbed by 7% in 2017, reaching 1,323 million, according to data from the "World Tourism Organization" (WTO) (Peters and Vellas, 2019). Export revenues of $1.6 trillion were generated by international tourism in 2017. The demand for transportation is increasing, and the quality standards are rising as well.

Research Rationale

A global tourist and hospitality market analysis and demonstration of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic will be carried out over the course of the study. The researcher will analyse the global tourism and hospitality market during the research period. In addition, this literature research will illustrate the assessment of several strategic techniques for growing a company's worldwide operations as well as the giving of some real-world examples (Ntounis et al., 2021). In this way, the researcher will be able to significantly develop a most crucial and prominent study for the future researchers and learners of this study.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Analysis of the Tourism and Hospitality Market throughout the World

According to the statement of Lock (2021), if people want a broad definition of hospitality, they might say that it is the business of providing customers with a place to stay or eat while they are on vacation. Accommodation and food and beverage services are at the top of the list of most important subsectors. "At a compound annual growth rate of 18.5 percent, the global hospitality industry is expected to reach $4132.5 billion in 2021, with a total market value of 3486.77 billion US dollars in 2020". In 2020, the most valuable hotel brands in the world will be revealed.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts had a worldwide brand value of around 10.83 billion U.S. dollars that year, making it the most valuable hotel brand in the world. Other well-known names in the hotel industry were represented by Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Hyatt, among others. “In 2020, Hilton expects to generate revenues of $4.3 billion in the United States. European hotels have an average RevPAR of 93.71 U.S. dollars when compared to the rest of the world's hotel business". As per the statement of Seyfi, Hall and Kuhzady (2019), when compared to last year's total of over $100, this is a decrease. European "Revenue Per Available Room" (RevPAR) remained highest internationally in that year, though. The Asia Pacific area, on the other hand, had the lowest output.

Demonstration of the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Tourism and Hospitality Business

Global tourism has been severely affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. To stop the spread of the illness, nations throughout the world imposed stringent travel restrictions on their citizens. 2020 is expected to see a 42% reduction in worldwide travel and tourism earnings. COVID-19 has had the biggest impact on foreign tourist arrivals in the Asia-Pacific area, while the United States has seen the greatest decline in income as a result of the decline in international tourism. Based on the statement of Lock (2022), COVID-19's long-term economic impact has yet to be completely determined, but the halt in public life has harmed not just tourism, however other sectors linked to tourism, such as worldwide restaurant visits, theatre performances and events. In the meanwhile, Macau's city and federal organisational area earned the biggest percentage of global GDP from travel and tourism-related direct spending of any economy. The worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that started in early 2020 had a devastating effect on the tourist sector.

Different Strategic Approaches to Expand the Business Globally

Many corporations are delaying infrastructure improvements or other hard expenses till their international operations have proven themselves. An excellent technique to explain expenditures and guarantee a long-term return on investment. Don't go too far away, nevertheless, since human capital is irreplaceable. As stated by Teixeira and Junior (2019), on a day-to-day basis, strong local personnel are able to analyse market penetration goals and find untapped potential, as well as make required revisions. When it comes to hiring, it's important to keep things lean and mean while still taking steps to minimise the risk. Recruiting contractors from other countries might be quite dangerous.
Consider employing an International PEO if organisations are unable or unable to set up a legal company in the country where the organisations are looking to hire. Protect themselves by working with best-in-class organisations that concentrate on seeing warning signals and assessing possible hazards before embarking on global growth activities. Clark et al. (2020) stated that rely on collaborators, whether they are in the own nation or in the country where businesses want to expand. It doesn't matter whether they work with a local attorney to safeguard the business, a consultant to provide advice, or a company like Velocity Worldwide to handle all of its recruiting and global growth needs.

Demonstration of Instances regarding Utilisation of Different Globalisation Strategies by Different Organisations

According to the viewpoint of Chui et al. (2018), one of the most well-known global companies in Britain is the Hilton Hotel, located in London. Indeed, with more than 3,000 hotels and 50 airline partners worldwide, the company provides an easy way of arranging rooms and reservations. For decades, the firm has maintained high standards and a customer-focused approach, which has earned it a reputation for excellence in both its consumers and market. When London wins Europe's best hotel across all European countries, the company's success was mirrored by that of the city where it all began. Quality and competence in service to customers, as well as quality of delivery and exact business transactions, contribute to this.

Chapter 3: Research Purpose and Objectives

Research Purpose

Specifically, the purpose of this study project is to provide an awareness of the impact of corporate globalisation on the tourism and hospitality sectors in general. Moreover, the researcher will potentially analyse the most significant facts during the conduction of the entire research in the market. Through this, the researcher will be able to potentially demonstrate the most significant and effective knowledge and information to the future learners and the researchers of this particular study topic.

Research Objectives

  • To analyse the tourism and hospitality market throughout the world.
  • To demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on hospitality and tourism industry.
  • To evaluate different strategic approaches to expand business globally.
  • To demonstrate some instances of different tourisms and hospitality organisation regarding the utilisation of different strategies.

Chapter 4: Methodology

Research Methods

Throughout the consideration and accomplishment of the entire study of this research regarding the impact of business globalisation on tourism and hospitality industry, the researcher has significantly and prominently utilised and implemented resilient and effective methods. The researcher has selected and utilised the interpretivism philosophy for conducting this research in the market (Faulkner and Faulkner, 2018). Moreover, the deductive research approach also has been utilised and implemented by the researcher within this study. In addition to this, the researcher has utilised and implemented the explanatory research design. Through this, the researcher has been able to potentially structure the entire study.
On the other hand, by considering the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the researcher has decided to utilise and conduct the secondary data collection process in order to collect the most evident and reliable information and data from different viable data sources. Through this, by efficiently and effectively collecting the data and the information, the researcher has utilised the secondary content analysis method for this research (Arifin, 2018). In this way, the researcher has been able to successfully and effectively conduct and accomplish the entire study of this research. Through this, the learners and the future researchers of this particular study topic have been able to grab a potential knowledge from this study.

Ethical Consideration

The research's emphasis on ethical considerations is its most notable conclusion. If this component is lacking, research articles may also be doomed. Individuals participating in the research should have undertaken a deliberate choice to do so. Ethical guidelines must be adhered to in order to get the desired outcomes in research. While pursuing a primary objective, practitioners must agree on some ethical norms of behaviour (Jacobsen, 2020). The data in this study is contextual since previous research was done by experts in the same subject. The library has all the tools a student needs to excel in school. Intellectual property rights were protected, and the writers' work was given full credit.

Chapter 5: Findings

Secondary Qualitative Data

Global Tourism and Hospitality Market

As the global economy continues to develop at a steady pace, the demand for tourism and hospitality services will continue to rise as the population grows. The worldwide tourism and hospitality business is predicted to develop as a result of steady economic expansion. The possibility and breadth of the global tourism and hospitality business is predicted to develop as a result of increased revenue capability and the expansion of emerging economies (Sheresheva, 2018). Emerging economies have overtaken established ones in terms of market share. Tourists from throughout the globe are being targeted by governmental agencies and organisations. Global tourism and hospitality revenues rise as a result of these activities.

Impact of Globalisation on the Tourism and Hospitality Businesses

As a consequence of globalisation, the transportation sector, including airways and waterways, has seen a surge in technological advancements. Travel has become easier and more convenient thanks to advances in transportation technologies. Increasing numbers of people are relying on air travel to travel across the globe for a variety of reasons, including business and vacation, due to its convenience and reliability (Kyrylov et al., 2020). For example, "according to the most recent statistics, between 2017 and February 2018, almost 1.4 million Chinese visitors flew to Australia for both business and leisure". It's also worth noting that there were 2.7 million foreign visitors in Queensland in 2017.
The number of tourists from China visiting Australia is expected to treble in the coming decade, as per Jason, a local industry analyst. Xi 'an, for instance, is a Chinese metropolis located in the middle of the country. There are currently direct 10-hour flights between the cities of xi and Sydney. In addition, there is no requirement to rebook. It's a great time-saver (Baum, 2019). As a consequence of globalisation, transportation technology has advanced, making travel much more convenient than it formerly was. Consequently, tourism has grown as a consequence of the globalisation process.

Chapter 6: Discussion and Conclusion

Discussion and Analysis

Throughout the consideration of the above findings chapter, it becomes evident that as the world's population expands, so will the need for tourist and hospitality services. Because of stable economic growth, the global tourism and hotel industry is expected to grow. The worldwide tourism and hospitality industry is expected to expand as a consequence of rising income and the rise of developing economies. In terms of share of the market, emerging nations have surpassed those with more established economies. Government organisations and non-profits all around the world are swarming with prey. As a consequence of these operations, the global tourist and hospitality industries see an increase in income.


Thus, the researcher has been able to effectively demonstrate the potential information regarding the study topic, “Impact of Business Globalisation on Tourism and Hospitality Industry” by effectively accessing the secondary qualitative data during the conduction and accomplishment of the study.

Chapter 7: Recommendations

Through studying and reviewing the entire research, it is identified that the organisations in the tourism and hospitality industry need to implement more resilient and prominent strategies within their business in order to get more effective consumer engagement throughout the world.

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