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Artificial Intelligence And Data Science Assignment Sample

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Artificial Intelligence And Data Science Assignment Sample


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Artificial intelligence and data science had a very good impact on the job roles for the past 3-4 years with an annual income of about 74% hick shown in the every working year. Data science is the most emerging job role for 2022 as well and has a good base for the values for getting jobs and earning from that as well. AI is not the increasing of the trends but it is also the main function making since the last few years and it will last for the last decades in the making of the new generalized form and well-structured to the new era of the technologies. Since the data science is mainly analyzing the data instead it is the most important job to assume making the growth of the company or the big MNCs by the using the data in a structured. It is an implemented way so that within that data, the scientists can make the assumption in the creation and the getting of the new well defined from of the data (Dangiet al. 2022).

2. Literature review about implementing AI in Social media

Barriers to implementing AI in Social media

The main aim behind the use of data science is to make the data for the students for the use of that data to produce the performance, using the data processing and with the help of the technical skills, it will easily be acquired. AI is mainly the application in the real-time to analyze and in the part of the multiple visualizations to get the teal and accurate data. The data scientist can make about 93,167$ a year approx. Data scientists that are more than 5 years in the field can make more money from the base levels. The annual salary for the data scientist can be more than the $100 expected in the past year assumption that is being made. The field of AI has the better opportunities and purpose of making a good amount of the creation in making new technologies and can create the generation growth for the making of the individual to grow more in these fields than the other sectors in the IT that are making the impacts in the field of the study. The b foundation for the making of AI is better than the students that qualify in the other streams of the engineering field. The foundation of ML and AI is becoming ber than ever it was imagined before (Han et al.2019). 

Enablers of AI implementation in Social media

The subjects the AI and the ML have a scope but according to the stats that are being produced by the many the companies and in the google the scope for the AI students had a ber foundation and more built-in structure in the creation and the making of the data more accurate. The field has more potential for the making of the new and the well releasing of the data scientists and is expected to skyrocket in the future. Every company needs data scientists for the analysis of the growth and the demand for the growth of the company in making the company more dominant in comparison to the other sectors of the relevant companies that are likely to produce the same things. The field for the studies also made a good impact in the getting of the new and the well-paid jobs for the fresher’s and the experienced as well. The field of computer science and tech data science is also different. Computer science includes the software, the hardware, and making the limits of the computer can ever grow. This field is for the people who are fascinated with these things (Liuet al. 2017).

Opportunities of AI implementation in Social media

AI is basically for the people that can push the limits for the making of machine learning and statistics in a better and enhanced way. The thing that should be clear for many of the students is that data science and AI are not the same. These two fields are making a great impact in the making and the changing of the world to get a better and enhanced way in the creation of the new field of opportunities. The part of data science is not dependent on the AI but the AI makes the operations in the creations for the making of the power to the opportunities. The smart home includes Amazon's Alexa, fitness trackers, and uber-like ride-sharing apps without this the moving world cannot think about it. All these are the fabrics of modern science. The technologies that are being used are the main parts of the AI and the ML learnings that make it simpler and able to make the society more prominent on the topics of the new technologies of the science that the most of the people and their homes used. Medical research and sustainable fashions also include these technologies for making the more powerful and dominant in the making of the advantages for the creation of the new and well-structured technologies (Anwer et al.2022). The abilities of data science are not only having the ability the solve the problems, the reasoning to communicate or can make the real world for the more developments for getting the future-ready in making the development the field of then improvements. The benefits of AI are that it is capable of understanding human behavior, habits, and the attitude that they are making and also predicts a great change in the rapid growth of the industries nowadays. The use of AI in the workplace for the growth and the making of the new generation is more apparent. It is beneficial to make more training to make the society and the field of the business more prominent and be more powerful, and also to keep up to date. The important part of the AI is to understand the modern algorithms the making of the students to understand the topic. It helps to get the benefits accordingly on the other hand it includes the making and the knowing of the computational and the mathematical and also for the methodologies of earth modeling purposes it becomes important to get to know more about the things that are happening. The things it did not mention where that where the AI is making to go but it has the beneficial advantages and more it should be able to make a new well-defined structure. It is to build more compact technology, that will lead to the making of the new and well-defined structure of the learning to meet the new goal with the better enhancements (Martínez et al. 2018).

How AI can overcome problems in Social media

The learning of the process is a quite difficult task but if the right resources and opportunities are available it can be early assumed the get a well-salaried job in the growing field. The field for the studies is important and it is more important to make the necessary details for the learning to know more on the topics as the rapid growth of the making of the industries are growing, so it is important to hone the skills. The AI includes the no-coding of the background with the necessary platforms for the code-free and the visual often the drop and drags for the delay in the making of the AI more prominent and the models of the machine learning. The prediction is made through AI and can classify the data to get the analysis for the building of the accurate models. The use of the ML makes it quite easier to make a well-developed app within the own apps with the having of the ML cores (Zeeshanet al. 2021). 

The use the communications it is not possible to make out of 1000 of the information from the kind of the things that the users use and it is more difficult to filter this thing in the real-life but the AI is capable of the knowledge of the communication. It is being used in making the information more accurate and prominent for the well being used for the giving of the new and specified task about and it also able to mitigate the risks that may be involved in making them or finding the main communications. The most difficult task for the understanding the natural processing of the languages that will hard to be verified for the use of the AIO tools that will create an important role in the creation of the getting of a structured and the well-defined way the understanding of the words. The understanding the language is the most difficult task, the help of the deep learning helps to make them more the advanced the understanding in the knowledge of the AI and the creation of a well-structured way for the making the words to be specified. In order to make the ML language to understand in the performance of the user and the implementation it into the social media backgrounds and there should be more works to need to be doing for the knowledge and the growing of the structured form of the AI into the ML learnings. The image processing for the emojis is the hardest job for understanding the threats for the use in the understanding of the image processing. The key segment for the AI is the vision, that is the technologies that are more preferred for the better in the knowledge of the and the working of the images and also to understand the images. Another difficult task is to understand the messages that may come in the large volumes for the coming of the sources that may come in the multiple forms (Miller et al. 2020).


Data analysis

Information about dataset

The datasets that are being used are the facebooks stocks for the making of the data to analysis using the R. the identification for the multimedia hate speech; for the datasets that are being designed for the special for the researchers for the making of the use of the AI to help for the creation in the makings of the new and the identified of the well-devised systems. the contents having the modalities in the different aspects that include the images and the text for that becoming the more difficult for the understanding of the images and the text for the machines to recognize and also to understand and make the necessary details to the production of the new models. Facebook helps in the making of the licensed images to use for the public and for the researchers that help for the datasets to use in the making of the good content or making of their work. The duopoly that is the online advertising, the google and the Facebook had made these attempts in the past year 2019 the making a profit of about 70% to the entire market. Facebooks only take the quarterly of the entire marking of about 70% in that year making the growth and the field of the stocks (Pennington et al. 2020). 

In the report, I had taken 1000 of the datasets for the stocks to see the analysis from the past years and the improvements that are becoming ion the larger being counted; in these past years for the betterment and the increasing of the new and the well-devised techniques for the use it in the making of the other investments into the rapid growth of the organizations. The industry had grown in a large amount making a very good impact on the making and the creation of all the stocks for use in the future for the predicting and the making of the new and the devised from of the stocks for the use in the future purposes. The audience is the example of their stocks for the making diverse advertising for their audience and the making of the new and the well-structured way for the proving the new and the generalized form of the making digital age (Sarker2018).

Research questions

Is Facebook making money in the past year or now in which part of the market does it belongs top and in the what type of the making of the new technologies help?


  • The revenue that is generated in the year 2020 is about 85.96$ million of the dollars. And that was approx off the about the 60 billion that has been generated with the help of the app itself for Facebook.
  • 40.5 $ billion of revenue was generated with the help of Canada and the us. out of that 10 %% of the entire thing that was made from the revenue was the region of the based.
  • 32.6 billion profit had made in the year 2020 and it was the opening year of the app.
  • The downloads have about 5 billion in the app stores.
  • The main revenue that was in the year 2021 from the present date had been reduced much. 


The results are clear and efficiently to get to know the stocks that are involved in the last few years for the making of the new and well-defined structure of the making of new and as well organized way of the making. The new and better for the well obvious for the making of the new and structured stocks for the recent years. The highest revenues that were made in the year 2021 is about that of the 2.41 billion of the entire market and it is the highest till now (Silvia et al. 2021).

Discussion/Suggestions for performance improvements

Facebook also provides the codes that are implemented to use for the app to rebuild ort to make the more new teams use in the app are being released for the use of the general public and for the use of the beginners to use the codes in the making of the new and well-devised models from that. They understand the hateful comments t, the first step should the AI do is to make the assumptions and the knowledge of the structural behavior of the people. It can do that so it becomes an easier process the make the new technologies better and more prominent for the use in the general and to know the behavioral thoughts of the peoples (Simonian et al. 2018). The tech industry and the society the harmful contents harm the most for the making of the new and the well-affected challenges that would harm the society in the large ways. The AI of the Facebook believes that with the help of the new and the well-organized datasets that are being used for the reproductively; challenge and the help of the collaboration with the AI experts. It is becoming an easier job to make the community for the AI to make more open in the field of the communication (Sonoda et al. 2021). 

The features will make to help the people for the detection of the new and the well organized hateful comments for the use of the safety of the people more prominent. The help of the Getty makes the Facebook industry more dominant about the hate speeches that are being shared with the help of the AI, for example, if the image contains a river picture. The picture is replaced with the other river picture if the same picture were not found to produce from the Getty the meme are deleted from the facebooks (Virkus et al. 2019). 


The above-done analysis has helped in identifying that Facebook made a great attempt in the making of their growth in every field of the stocks by bing of the whats app and the Instagram in the year 2012 to make them more money and to make the audience base ber. The companies also bully the OCUlUS for about 2 billion n the year 2014 (Wang2018). In addition, for the VR markets, it is the leading company in the past decades that are being more popular in the making of the new and the well-advised products and the involvements. In the making of the growth in the field of the stocks that are also more prominent in the making of the new and well-furnished technologies for the making of the new and the well-organized app. In the form of us prudential information for the user of the software and to make a huge and the efficient impact on the making new audience. The base and the making of the new and well-structured form of getting diverse in the field of the technologies and the making of the stock growth in the Hughes amounts (Young et al. 2020).

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