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Social Isolation And Stigmatization Assignment Sample

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Social Isolation And Stigmatization Assignment Sample


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Analysis of current issues in health care

There have been immense changes that have happened in the present global space. In the present situation, nearly all individuals have developed a kind of strong aversion related to health. The covid-19 pandemic is one of the related health-related aspects that have taken over the entire domain of the UK and across major global nations. As per the view of Miles et al. (2021), this has generated a wide variety of problems across the countries. In the initial days of the pandemic, the entire scenario was new to everyone. Everyone thought and anticipated that these lockdown phases would last only for a few couples of days. However, the situation started getting worst when the government enhanced the total lockdown phases through subsequent orders. Almost every kind of economic activity was prevented. Socialisation was prevented, and people stopped themselves from meeting, interacting and sharing experiences for the sake of their safety.

 Almost everyone around the globe was caged in the safety of his or her homes. The situation was new to everyone. People across the entire globe could not assess, how a single invisible entity can through the normal symptoms of sneezing, and coughing can take away the lives of millions of people. As opined by Cipolotti et al. (2021), the UK was one of the worst-hit and affected nations by the Covid-19 pandemic. The loss of lives was a common scene across the household. However, some other effects could not be seen through normal eyes and lenses. The pandemic largely affected the mental development of children, and the same situation was witnessed across major nations. The children were equally trapped in their homes, they were not able to go to school, and kindergarten and carry out their normal work. The fun-filled parks and amusement centres were also closed, this further aggravated the problems. 

This created many detrimental consequences for the smooth growth of the children across the major progressing nation. According to major research conducted at Columbia University, reflected that those women who conceived during the phase of the pandemic suffered from major stress and tension. This in turn affected the proper mental growth and development of the newborn babies (Nature.com, 2022). Another major situation that was felt in aspect was the smooth and normal development of the children was equally hampered in this pandemic situation. There have been many instances of situations for acute food shortages during the pandemic phase. The presence of Covid-19 protocols prevented major the daily bread earner from going out. The economic development was disrupted. Many lost their only source of living. These food issues and sleeping around on an empty stomach also hindered the development of children in the domain of the UK and across different other nations.

Emotionally the children were also disturbed. Many children lost their parents; this led to the development of mental depression among them. According to the view of Anderson et al. (2021), the health care system tried its best to make up for the situation. However, the desired result could not be achieved in this respect. Mental and physical development is immensely important from the perspective of children. In this intense complex situation, the overall development and growth prospect of children was hampered. The above-referred figure 1 has explained the situation. 

Importance of ethos of good quality of care

Good quality of care is immensely important from the perspective of individuals and the nation at large. The ethos is best described as those practicing set or guidelines of moral conduct, cultures, and spirits that help the institutions of health care to maintain the good quality and durable standard of health care practice. The pandemic situation has undoubtedly generated a wide range of challenges, risks and complexities. As per the opinion of Morley et al. (2022), the negative impact that is generated by the pandemic will be prevalent in society for years to come. However, with quality of the goods health care these impacts can be effectively handled in a more defined and precise manner. Good quality of health care would also enable to work on the cost related aspect and make the entire health care within the affordability range of the patients. This is immensely important in this pandemic situation, and the entire global economy is in bad shape. Improving the health care facilities would also prevent wastage.

Evaluation of published material on health care

Analysis of published materials

The pandemic was not an anticipated situation; however, this pandemic affected every single life across the world. The recent problem that has primarily affected every single parent is the development of mental and physical health in the children in the pandemic. As per the deep-rooted analysis by Paul Kerley in the report published in the BBC news, it has been meticulously drafted that the smooth development of the children was somewhere affected among the children. In the initial days, the close association among the family members was something that was enjoyed by all families. However, in the later phase of the pandemic, the same routine life became a king of stress issues for a wider segment of the workforce. In the pre-pandemic phase, new parents normally exchange their views with other groups of parents and learned important lesson on parenting and care giving. In the pandemic phase, this scenario was drastically changed.

As said by Hamoda et al. (2021), normally the social media group and chatting through the phone was the only source of gaining these tips. Socialization also took place more easily in the post-pandemic phase. Toddlers loved the social interaction with other children; this was also changed during the pandemic phase. The article also focuses on making simple work interesting and interactive using the play method for the toddlers such as garment folding, colour choosing and others. The article also focused on using social media in a balanced manner, as long uses of these devices can affect mental development also. To remove the monotony, the article also addressed that children could be taken to parks with due protection under the supervision of parents. As referred by Breidokien? et al. (2021), any kind of abnormal behavioural change is expected in this phase. Parents are advised to keep a close watch on these changes such as irritation; sleeping issues, headaches, and tummy problems and provide necessary help to the children.

Parents' and children's health are interrelated, both these issues need to be addressed. The article also highlighted the plight of the vulnerable children in this pandemic. More focus was laid on the inclusion of children who are privileged and very less information was provided for the vulnerable children. More information could have been provided regarding them. Hence, in this respect, this article can be stated as being biased and manipulative. 

The second article by By Chris Dearden focussed on the catastrophic effect that the pandemic has on the progress of speech therapy. Speech therapy is considered one of the important therapy that needs to be continued effectively till it is completed. There have been many instances that the speech therapy generated hope among the parents, as their children have been positively responding to the therapy. However, their hopes were shattered as the pandemic and the lockdown phases disrupted getting the speech therapy. Naturally, the progress that was achieved was eventually lost and disrupted. NWCHC reiterated the same facts and highlighted the importance of this situation. The mental peace that the parents had while witnessing the development of the speech therapy for the children was lost. They had no other alternatives other than waiting for the thing to regain normality. One of the relevant health issues that have not been addressed anywhere is the social isolation and stigmatization of the children, especially those who have lost their parents. The article by Chris Dearden published on BBC news has not addressed any such pieces of information. Hence, on these grounds, these can be said to be biased.

Health care issues in the media limelight

One of the relevant health issues that have not been addressed in any of the previously present reports is the social isolation and stigmatization of children. As said by Hu and Qian (2021), the media has done a bit of analysis in their media trials, however not many significant endeavours have been done in this respect. Children who have been affected by the deadly virus, or whose parents have been affected or expired from such virus, were neglected by society. The health care of the children has not improved since the pandemic phase. These issues have not been effectively addressed in the media (Bbc.co.uk, 2022). The condition of the vulnerable and underprivileged children was more devastating and exceptionally difficult. The normal society neglected these issues and the media has not presented enough content on this aspect. As per the view of Pellicano et al. (2021), those stigmatised and isolated children suffered a lot both physically and mentally. Stress, depression, and anxiety were commonly witnessed among them. This impaired their development and gave rise to a lot of unwanted risks. 

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