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Developing, Using and Organising Resources Assignment Sample

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Developing, Using and Organising Resources Assignment Sample


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1. Employ resources to engage and meet individual needs 

1.1. Language

  • Creating a learning goal for the students that are important for their better performance
  • Giving the students a developed variety and ways of learning that are its content (Bryson and Andres, 2020).
  • Creating a variety is mainly developed in the variety of activities that are different in different lessons.
  • Offering a range of projects is the option that is made in the classrooms. 

Language is the resource that is mainly useful for the supporting tools that are important for better learning and teaching in the students. Giving flexibility to them is important for giving access to the files and their materials, which is important in the supervision of the instructors. It is made in a more informal way that is the browsing is made in the parts of the academics employed in their virtual learning. 

1.2. Numeracy

  • The knowledge, behaviours, skills, and disposition are important for the students.
  • It mainly involves understanding and recognising the role of maths.
  • Numeracy is mainly involved in the capacities and dispositions in the use of maths knowledge and the purpose of skills.

Measurement, statistics, numbers and probability are mainly common aspects of most people mainly expressed by the people involved in mathematics activities (Coyne et al. 2018). Numeracy is mainly useful in technological applications with the highlight of numeracy. It is mainly developed with respect to each learning area and outlines the reasons of importance for developing the numeric capabilities of students in the learning area. It is of major importance as it mainly develops the skills and concepts of the support for numeracy in numerical learning. 

1.3. ICTs skills

  • ICT is important for the students in learning as it allows the students to manage and monitor their learnings.
  • It is important for them to think critically and creatively, which helps in solving and simulating real-world problems (Hashim, 2018).
  • Giving access to ICT to regional schools is important for the students be limited due to the infrastructure and its contents.

Lack of research and investment mainly takes place due to the use of ICT in education, which sometimes creates a lack of capacity in schools and teachers. They are considered the leaders in using ICT to enhance the learning and teaching quality in schools. For meeting the demand of the workplace, updated skills are considered to be important for the competencies. It is mainly aligned with the global competitive industries and is continuing its drive-in Asian economic growth in the coming centuries. 

1.4. Learning styles

  • Engaging the students in the conversation with their subjects matter and its related topics
  • Questioning the students about their material and the subjects (Huang et al. 2018).
  • Getting them attached to the lecturers is making them take the reviews related to it.

Trying to incorporate and develop the various methods that are important for teaching the ability to meet the ability of the students. This is mainly expected to be created by the idea made for the adaptation of most of the teachers. It is, although made, that it cannot be made to help them out and talk to them below the learning styles that are made to accommodate their ways. Using the textured paper for the experiment needs to be made with crayons, pencils and pens that are made to properly identify the information. 

1.5. Responsibility for learning

  • Achievement of good quality
  • Creating better interests
  • Developing more talents
  • Planning better classrooms activities

Every teacher, it is important they understand and believe that is mainly learned in ought to acquire the education, equal hopes and future aspirations in learning (Longhurst et al. 2020). Responsibility for learning is also helpful in achieving that the teachers are able to meet the learners and is important for different dynamics of the teaching careers of the students. Every teacher needs it to identify the weakness that is applicable to the measurements for overcoming it. The learners are able to acquire and meet the educational needs of the students without any kind of barriers. It mainly allows devoting the energies that are made beyond the regular teaching to ways of effective education that is supportive in nature and are developed more for better support of inconsiderate learners. 

1.6. Use of Resources

  • Using the information from the syllabus by research the requirements for the specific criteria. 
  • Making use of websites like the British Computing Society, Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Association for Computing Machinery and other websites specifically for the unit subject, e.g. php.net for a web unit. 

Overall the websites used are respected and are considered a good source of reliable information; however, not all websites are considered a good source of reliable information. Usage of this information to formalise my existing knowledge and experience. The Computer Journal aims to serve all branches of the academic computer science community.

1.7. Use of Workshops

  • The workshop provides ways for carrying out intensive educational experiences.
  • It is great for teaching the hands-on skills that are offered to the participants in the new methods (Dudung, 2020).
  • The workshop is the way that is made by the colleague ideas and methods has made it to be developed for finding its importance. 

Conducting a workshop is important for better development of the strategies that are being trained for better aspects of the volunteers. It is mainly developed and made to take care of the ways of entertainment that is presenting the conference. It is mainly trying to develop the terrific methods of the organisation that are developed. Running the workshop mainly sounds like other things that are not relaxed and is mainly developed in respect to edification, education and entertainment. It is important for a workshop to introduce the latest and new concept for spurring out the participants. It makes a detailed integration in the further development of the own process that is demonstrated and encouraged with the practice that is made by actual methods. 

1.7.1 VLE

  • VLE is important for the students to change into better behavioural activities that are mainly required for paying attention.
  • It is mainly important for better reflection if the students are mainly building for better comprehension in the subject matters.
  • VLA also exhibits the emotional reaction that is connected with the investment in the learning task. 

VLA gives motivation to the students in developing a powerful range of student engagement that is found in traditional and virtual learning environments (Greenhow and Galvin, 2020). This helps in motivating the students and focusing on the positive attitude developed towards the learning. It is mainly offered with the reward that is generated with the positive contribution and encouragement of students. This is helpful in developing the competence and discovery of the reasons that are mainly wanted for the success of academics. Leveraging good and enhanced video conferencing features of the software is mainly important for live chat and polling. It mainly stimulates the real-time engagement important for participating in online classes. 

1.8. Simulation

  • Simulation is the approach that imitates parts of real-world activities and their process for development.
  • The approach is frequently made with the disciplines of the students and has been developed with experience and skills (Pickering and Swinnerton, 2019).
  • Tools and technologies are mainly made for the suitable simulation of the exercise that is strongly dependent on the scenarios. 

Simulation tools developed the approach that mainly involves the students in the range of the creation. This is mainly developed for the software and system pieces that are made according to the realistic designs that are specified with the changes and their refinement. It can be requested by the clients for the practices of development, an artefact for better aspects can be aimed at making the mediums that are the main requirements of the properties. A similar way of exercise is mainly made for disciplining the artefacts from the clients that mainly involves architecture, contract law and graphic designs. 

1.9. Theories, principles and models for informing resource development

  • Curriculum models provide a structure for teachers to “systematically and transparently map out 
  • The rationale for the use of particular teaching, learning and assessment approaches” in the classroom
  • They are regarded as an effective and essential framework for successful teachers

Feeding into a particular curricular stance, it is essential to recognise the multiplicity of sources which will govern this individual framework. Orenstein and Hunkins observe that, when designing a curricular stance, educators must first consider the “philosophical and learning theories” which will inform their “design decisions”. This approach is essential to ensure that the curricular approaches one selects are “consonant. 

1.10. Use of PowerPoint and interactive boards

  • Powerpoint can be used effectively for better development of the tools that are enhancing the instruction of teaching.
  • It is an effective tool for the presentation of materials and development in the classroom that encourages student learning.
  • The interactive board gives access to the tables that are made in the slides and ensures that it is not complex, including blank cells (Jeffery and Bauer, 2020).
  • Setting up the reading orders in the text based on the slides that make the text appear in the slide.

Powerpoint can be used as an effective tool for the presentation of materials in the classrooms. It is mainly developed with the forms of encouragement that is required in learning and education for gaining enhanced knowledge. Powerpoint and interactive boards give access to offer effective ways of enhancements. Its effectiveness is mainly made in the ways of enhancing the instructions and using them in the appropriate designs for the students' better development. 


From the study on the use and access of resources in learning and development, it can be concluded that the nature of teachings is a major concern for the quality of education. It is important for every educational instruction that they are using appropriate resources for giving education to their students. This is going to increase their knowledge and make them a good employees in the future. Accessibility to learning tools such as PowerPoint and interactive board gives access to proper and enhanced quality of education. It is important to present materials in the classroom to encourage them in student learning. 

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