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Work Related Learning Assignment Sample

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Work Related Learning Assignment Sample

Introduction:Work Related Learning

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Work-related learning (WRL) is a subject of firmly raising interest in institutions of vocational education as well as business and industry organisations of today’s age. This is such a type of educational strategy that equips learners with experience of real-life work where they can use their academic and specialised skills and increase their chances of employability. It is a sequence of academic courses that incorporate the curriculum of school or university with the workplace to produce a diverse learning paradigm. Work-based learning consciously integrates theory with technique and recognises the juncture of straightforward and implicit forms of learning. Most of the work-related learning programs are typically accredited with particular university courses, aspiring to create a practical situation where the trainee’s requirements and the industry provision for competent and qualified employees both are satisfied.
WRL programs are formulated to bridge the void between learning in the classroom and applying those lessons in real-life situations. Work-related learning methods deliver awareness about career, present exploration prospects of career, planning career-related activities and aid students achieve skills such as optimistic attitudes towards work and competencies that help in being employable. In this module, a personalised work-related learning experience will be addressed and analysed with an actual scenario to give a better insight into the topic and its practicality in the overall growth of a student.

Key Competencies

Any business management student needs to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that one may choose the possible career opportunities and menaces that he/she may encounter in the professional or personal life. The objective is to help students to undergo their academic growth under thorough scrutiny flourish in terms of career prospects and unearth career options in future (Muir and Byrne, 2020).


  • Unwavering Commitment:Commitment towards work my key strengths include my commitment and devotion to the duties I am assigned. It won't always be the case where I might know everything about the particular task but with a dedicated nature to the work, I can dig deep into certain topics and retrieve the necessary information I need to fulfil the allotted work.

  • Calm and composed attitude: my problem-solving capability such as effective persuasive skills, maintaining a calm demeanour in an unfavourable situation to circumvent any potential tribulations that can appear unannounced during the work and finding a course to get out of the situation instead of worrying.

  • Leadership skills: My leadership qualities are quite adequate and acceptable. Good leadership skill is going to be a key element while handling a project with a team that involves several members of different backgrounds and experiences. The team leaders must ensure a smooth seamless workflow and quality of the work. Team leaders work to link the team member with the management and uphold a healthy work environment.

  • Management and interpersonal skills:My proficient management skills can be a stepping stone in gaining prospects to share work experience with many multinational companies. I have the endeavour to turn my long-cherished entrepreneurship idea into actuality. With my management and interpersonal skills, I can be a valued asset to not only my plans but also to any organisation that offers me work opportunities.

  • Integrity: Any organisation in the world looks for employees with a sense of integrity and that can put up with organisational decorum. My integrity and skillfulness help me to attain a status of an honest, faithful and dependable pupil who stands by his moral values and stand up for the right actions irrespective of the potential risks (Grosemans et al., 2021).

  • Adapting nature: Adaptability is necessary to work under various circumstances. In the workplace, the pressure can differ from time to time and often we need to work with people of different natures and different skills. My adapting skills allow me to work in different work cultures without any hassle and put forth the best possible performance.


  • Lack of self-confidence: in some cases, I suffer from lower self-esteem which results in a deficiency of self-confidence that can pose an obstacle by sabotaging my capability to go beyond my comfort area and grab suitable opportunities.

  • Lack of optimism: lack of optimism is one of the decisive backlogs in someone's work profile. It often happens when some tasks are not going at a certain speed or way, I tend to give it all up instead of working through it. So possessing a nono-pessimistic thought process and challenging my shortcomings are much needed.

  • Language barrier: in Europe, 24 official languages are used in various workplaces. Apart from that many Asian countries like China and Japan are presenting a vast amount of work opportunities with a luring salary package. But unlike my many classmates, I do not have much knowledge of any language but English. Sometimes this language boundary can lead to missed opportunities and even cause an unintentional blunder in the workplace. So learning new languages such as German, French, Japanese, Chinese are necessary to set the career for larger growth (Houben et al., 2021).

SWOT Analysis

During the lectures, we have received a comprehensive analysis of the Personal SWOT inspection and how to integrate this skill with our course of study and later in our professional life. SWOT is the abbreviation ofStrength, Weakness, Opportunity,Threat.

It directs one to assemble on what he/she does competently, point out in what one is inadequate, grasp new opportunities and minimize hazards.


  • Commitment towards work
  • Calm and Composed work demeanour
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational and Interpersonal skills
  • Integrity in professional life
  • Adaptability in different work environments


  • Scarcity of self-confidence
  • Inability to conduct communication in other languages
  • The dearth of optimism.


  • Possible leadership opportunities in Multinational companies.
  • Possible opportunities to build networks.
  • Skilful time management framework, precise planning and social and communicative skills can draw prospective investors in the future.


  • Getting overlooked by foreign clients and missing opportunities.
  • Delinquency to evolve out of my comfort zone because of severe pessimism (Marcarini).

Career Prospects

This degree program wide opens the door for you to explore the career path of your life. One can pick the industry and job he/she is fervent about, and employing the learning of business practices enables the advancement of the track of the career and builds development for a company. Some prevalent industries to explore for business management include

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare operations
  • Finance
  • Nonprofit
  • Private companies
  • Government
  • Retail

Degrees in business management may support you in advancing your career on multiple distinct paths. There exist some famous options that many graduates are willing to pursue with this degree in the short term or long term. Some of the finest and most renowned business management careers include

Sales Representative: A degree in business management can assist you to prepare for being a sales representative who is also known as a sales manager. The work profile of salesrepresentatives includes exchanging communication directly with the clients to deal in various products or services with them, and after that often handling that relationship to help satisfy their queries and needs. Tons of companies appoint sales representatives that work on bringing their services or products out in the market. Some of the sales representatives trade products directly, like cars, electronic goods or furniture. Other sales representatives sell various software programs and consultation services. And other sales representatives can deal in more conceptual services like advertisement space on a website or conducting sponsorship opportunities.

Sales representatives administer their business management degree to comprehend finance, business and marketing strategies. Their lessons in their courses enable them to make contacts and explain skillfully about their product and the way their business is performing.

Operations Manager: A business operations manager is accountable for running all of the ins and outs of an organization. An operations manager analyses the procedures, strategiesand helps to consider the most suitable way to conduct them. Operation managers search for proficient solutions, develop associations within a company and supervise how everything functions together. For instance, in a manufacturing company, an operations manager must view the schedule of employees, the technique for manufacturing products, the procedure for storage and delivery and ensure that all of these procedures drive consistently (Striano, 2018).

Banker: There are multiple options in careers in the banking industry that can be a right fit for business management degree postgraduates. Personal banking, Investment banking, bank management and event management of wealth are all excellent ways for pupils with a business management degree. Bankers can offer services for personal banks and big investment firms that corporations and individuals operate. Personal bankers deal with clients on their financial needs, investments, mortgages, automobile loans and much more. Contrarily, commercial bankers are in control of supporting businesses to arrange accounts, obtain loans, organise the fund etcetera. Investment bankers assist large companies to expand capital and obey rules with the money. They examine the best possible methods to invest and benefit organisations in a financially useful way, for a payment.

Financial Advisor: Financial advisors assist individuals to understand their insurance, investment and explore various options regarding retirement. They usually work for independent institutions to aid customers to know about their investment choices, policies of insurance and much more. They collect finances from clients and guide them to invest in stock markets, mutual funds, Credit Default Swaps. They provide updated reports and let the clients acquire knowledge about the way their accounts and money are functioning. They are responsible to perform good research on investment opportunities, assisting in explaining retirement and insurance alternatives to clients (Yang et al, 2020).

Manager: Managers are held liable for strengthening an organisation and efficiency inside the institution. Managers frequently employ and prepare new workers, devise schedules, display presentations and reports to the higher authority to demonstrate how the company is executing the plans, arrange meetings with the team to boost enthusiasm, productivity and develop as well as maintain budgets. Managers may have a wide chance into a branch or area. Managers are required to maintain a hierarchical system in every endeavour.

Progression Opportunities

As a student of business school, I have already learned a lot of information regarding the career perspectives and the skills I need to imbibe in myself to get to the top of the industry I want to pursue. But graduating with a degree in business management is not enough in terms of getting established in a real-world industry (Ruhose et al ., 2019). There are indeed several hurdles that one may be facing in the prospective career path,

Competition: There are hundreds of business management graduates that want to avail of the same position. To achieve the coveted place I need to work hard on polishing my strengths and diminishing the weakness as much as possible.

Corporate politics: Corporate politics can often get dirty within an organisation that can be a hindrance in career growth. Besides giving the best performance one should always stay alert and dodge any chance to fall into the pit of corporate office politics.


This module aimed to provide the reader with a reflective approach towards Work-related learning. Work-related learning knowledge nourishes the possibility to amplify six fundamental soft skills that are important for any business management student to learn - communicative skills, confidence and enthusiasm, working in a team, networking, critical reflection on solving problems and professionalism. These types of skills provide a competitive benefit for accomplishing career objectives. The modules conducted by the business schools helped me by supporting entrance and progress in a career track, providing me with significant tasks and projects to build employment skills and knowledge.
While working on this report I have learned to recognise my target aptitudes and the way the lessons will be approved. The comprehensive support was given to the teacher throughout the module which encourages academic endurance and actualisation because, in addition to supplying postsecondary credentials, they can strengthen classroom education and equip students with required monetary support.

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