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The Flower of Hope Project in Venezuela Assignment Sample

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The Flower of Hope Project in Venezuela Assignment Sample


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 Project title slide

 List Team Members with their roles/responsibilities

  • Board of Directors The Project Board offers project guidance and administration. The Board is the project's governing body and is responsible for its success or demise.
  • Project Manager A project manager is in charge of organising, managing, and overseeing the completion of specific initiatives for an organisation while making sure that they are finished on schedule, within budget, and within the boundaries of their defined scope.
  • Financial Manager Financial Manager Assisting departments in anticipating and managing the project's projected outcomes. Analysing data to identify issue areas and give solutions for keeping projects on time and within budget.
  • Consultant and Field Staff Consultants provide their technical, operational, or strategic expertise to projects. The field team then produces evaluation documents to guide the research in that circumstance.

The Aims and Specific Objectives of the Project

The purpose of this initiative is to set up a public school that accepts around 170 kids with various impairments on behalf of Charity. Down syndrome, autism, growth-related issues and cognitive learning difficulties affect school-age children.

  • To identify the mental and growth-related issues among the targeted students
  • To arrange a health counselling and treatment campaign with the medical consultants and physical trainer
  • To provide the appropriate funding for their mental and physical health treatment

Project description

The purpose of these efforts is to build a public school for Charity that will accommodate around 170 children of varying ages and types of impairments. Down syndrome, autism, growth-related disorders, and difficulties with motor and cognitive skills are common among children of school age. In this regard, The Flower of Hope Project in Venezuela will contribute assurance and assistance to children who have faced mental anxiety and depression in their learning process. The counselling process with the assistance of a health professional will resolve their fear of mind in their learning process of individuals. Also, this project will assist in the proper health training program for children who are faced with physical disabilities.

 Competitive analysis & marketing

In Venezuela, there are many children who have faced such kinds of syndromes and most charity organizations have provided treatment for them. For Instance, Caritas Venezuela is one of the leading child charities in Venezuela that has assisted children who have learning disabilities in their schooling system. This market is monopolistically competitive (Islam and Idris, 2022). The majority of child care centres face competition from not just other child care facilities but also nannies and other individuals who run their companies from their homes. Because of this, there is significant market competition in this sector of the economy; yet, this specific project has the ability to apply its components deftly in this market.

Stakeholder Section

Internal Stakeholders

Internal stakeholders are those who have a direct financial or personal interest in a firm (Harvey, Osman and Tourky, 2022). In that case, in this project, there will be also the participation of the internal stakeholders who are the executive team, Management team and Project team. The executive team is with the board of directors who will assist the overall charity project with the proper execution of all the aspects. The management team will promote the main role which is to elevate the performance of the associated staff. The project manager and finance manager will be positioned as the management team of this project. The project team are also important to participate in this project. They are consultants and Field Staff who will assist the clients of this project and help the project board and management to complete the overall project of The Flower of Hope Project in Venezuela.

External Stakeholders

External stakeholders are those who don't work for the company directly but are nonetheless impacted by its decisions and results (Julin Nyquist and Ahonen-Jonnarth, 2022). In that case, the external stakeholders are Investors, Implementation Partners, Compliance and Other Parties. A Particular ratio of money will be invested by the investors. Investors have a financial interest in the business, which may lower the board of directors' financial risk. The implementation partners will be playing an active role in the business model of this charity project. They will confess the ultimate strategic choices for the project that will help to get the proper success in the project. The role of Compliance is to provide training that comprises informing the workforce, suppliers, customers, and other participants on the rules and regulations that are relevant to their sector and line of work. The roles of the other parties will be in the investment, association and sharing of the various concepts to complete this project. 

Project Governance

Governance structure

The governance structure is the framework for project management, specifically in terms of the procedures, responsibilities, and responsibilities that are assigned throughout the entire decision-making procedure. A PMO may be seen by this initiative as an inside strategic resource of the organisation (Hadi, Liu and Li, 2022), particularly as a source of a consistent competitive edge for fundraisers in the contributions market, by providing advantageous organisational capabilities for its institutional aims. From this perspective, this research will examine PMOs as an inside strategic asset that might provide a long-term competitive edge in project management. A strategic decision that results in the achievement of business goals in donor market activities and, as a result, in a lasting competitive edge is the intentional and prudent merging of the organization's assets.

Progress reporting & Financial reporting- methods and frequencies

Typically, throughout the execution of the majority of the projects, this project will be needed to write and present regular reports, monthly reports, total project reports, and construction project reports. Regular interaction with the team members will help to make regular reports of the implementation of the projects. Regular reporting will help this project to get the most favourable responses and track the overall process tactfully (Silvius and Marnewick, 2022). The monthly will help to find out the project improvement and associated other aspects of performance. In that case, this project will follow the financial ratio analysis.

Checking up on a project's finances is one of the most important components of the endeavour. In such instances, the project manager in charge of this endeavour will monitor both the financial commitment made toward the counselling process and the financial commitment made toward the execution of the necessary equipment for physical development.

Ratio analysis is a method that makes it feasible to compare and comprehend the connections that exist between the many components that make up a financial statement (Machado, 2022). Examining various different aspects of a business utilising profitability statements is a quick approach to figuring out how healthy the company's finances are. An organisation might benefit from conducting financial analysis because it can help it gain a deeper comprehension of key aspects of business, such as the relationship between debt and equity, price and earnings, profit and liability, margin and return on assets, and employee turnover and inventory turnover.

Therefore, in order to find out the different aspects of the project process, this method will help the management of the business to scrutinize their working and financial process. This process will benefit this project to determine the appropriate way to execute the overall project under observation.

 Phase sign-offs, Change Management & Issue Management

In the project implementation process, the management will continue to interact with the suppliers and stakeholders. In this project management process, there are many stages that will help to complete this project. In every stage of the project, there will be different associates (Stretton, 2022). The project manager will check all the activities stepwise and close every stage and completion of the stakeholders at the end of each stage of the project. This will help the board and Project Managers of this project to track the overall system easily.

The tasks required for successfully creating, managing, and implementing a program, effort, or technical solution are the focus of project management. The goal of change management is to help those who will be impacted by the change communicate, adapt, and execute it (Stretton, 2022). In that case, if the project will face something change like behavioural and demand from the clients, in that case, the approach of change management helps to adjust to the situation. The change management system will ensure the associated clients and stakeholders regarding the changes applied in this project.

In order to promote the proper counselling and health and fitness program for 170 children with learning disabilities, many risks will occur. In that case, the implementation of issue management will help to identify the associated risks in this project. Through the association of issue management, the project manager and team will resolve the issues of the project appropriately.

Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a program management technique that uses a stage process method to finish complex, multifaceted tasks. A WBS may combine scope, cost, and deliverables into a new tool by decomposing the project into its constituent parts (Dunleavy, 2022).

Project Plan

Summary of Project Phases with timescales and milestones for each Phase

The planning for the proper timescale and milestones for the project will understand each stage. In that case, the week-based timescale will help this project to complete this work as per the objective of the project.

Income or investment sources

The investment source for this project will be a loan and that will be taken to finance the project appropriately. In that case, the loan needs to be repaid, and the loan will be taken to start the operation of this project and to make the project successful.

In the case of income source for this project, the government support for the charities will be one of the major sources of income for this charity as well as there will be other options for the income such as donors and others.

 Project financial outcome

The outcome of this project will be better and the financial outcome will be considered better. The project will be successful and this project will easily achieve breakeven and which will earn also profit. The outcome of this project will be better and that will be beneficial for the charity so that the operations of the charity can be done without any trouble.

Conclusion Section

Reason to support or invest with reminders of the positive outcomes

Regarding the case, this is the best possible solution to provide mental and physical support to the children. The assistance with the children with their physical and mental strength will enhance their capability of learning. With the assistance of the medical team, this project will be capable to reduce their learning disabilities and get possible solutions.

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