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The Media Operations In Rio Olympic 2016 Assignment Sample

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The Media Operations In Rio Olympic 2016 Assignment Sample


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Current Olympic Games are a worldwide sporting, media, and various events based on the commercial purposes those assemble top athletes. On the basis of the technological revolution, mass communication has a very significant role to connect the global people with these sports events. Thanks to various mass communications, people are able to connect in the most amazing sporting events, observe results, and communicate the comments and reports from the game. In this context, assessments related to media operations are very important. Various operations including analysis of several principles related to the Olympic events, the contribution of social media and management theory and its implications, important terms of media operations, media operation in 2016 Olympic games, plans and information forecasting, and logical sequence setup are very important aspects. On the basis of the assessment related to the implemented methods and theories that are based on Rio Olympic events. The research observed major debates along with the future events related to the Olympic events. Various considerations based on ethical aspects are also very significant aspect in this context. The literary source assessed various aspects related to the media also very significant in this case. 

2.0 Discussion

2.1 Analysis of organizational, ethical, and philosophical principles of Rio 2016 Olympic gamest

On the basis of several tendencies of humanity, the Olympic movements are recognized as the categories of entities, institutions, organizations, and people. The objective of the movement is to organize a better and more peaceful world by educating generations through sports without any penetration (Cazorla , et al., 2020). The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are constructed on the basis of four principles for operating several systems related to sustainable development in events. These principles are liability, integrity, transparency, and insertion. These principles put down the candidate's applications for Rio Olympic Games. Various strategies are also based on sustainable development. 

On the basis of ethical principles, Olympic has been encouraged by the IOC dating back to several implementations related to the Pierre de Coubertin of the world. Various promotional videos and various advertisements played a significant role to provide a euphoric image of this game. Rio is the first host of the Olympic Games to promote green peace (Chen, 2019). On the basis of the green peace, fans supported the Olympic Games in an assertive way. In the context of the ethical principles, some core ethical principles are also very significant. Giving respect for the spirit of the Olympics that needed mutual understanding in the context of friendship, unity, and fair play. Managing melodious relations related to the state authorities due to giving respect to the principle of autonomy is very significant here. Several respects related to integrity, human nobleness, and various global conventions to secure human rights are very important aspects in this context (Törnberg, 2022). On the basis of ethical principles, rejection of discrimination, all types of harassment and abuse are also very significant in this aspect. 

On the basis of the modern movement of the Olympics, this game is a philosophy of life that promotes and connects in a balanced whole the qualities of all aspects of the human (Chen, 2022). Merging sport with culture and education, modern Olympism proposes to form a way of life on the basis of the effort, various values related to the several institutional, and social responsibilities and giving respect to the universal prime ethical principles are very significant. 

2.2 Ethical discussions on the basis of the media

The events related to the Olympics give a significant platform for different social media and mass communication to forecast to the masses based on online in different types of methods in the context of different purposes (Dell'Aquila, 2020). There were various mass media and social media outlets bringing attention to the transparency along with the validity of the Olympic Games. The committee related to the Olympic events had to do something for preventing social media during these events. It is very significant to note that the media has a great effect on the success of events when the economic part comes from the host country. After the Olympic events, the travel and tourism industry frequently increased in the context of inbound tourism. Various abilities related to the events of the Olympic Games, the host city Rio promotes media and visitors to visit this city. The use of positive imagery and failing to provide support related to the evidence-based on several ethical issues surrounding the various events of the Olympic games is equally censorship of the public (Fernandes, et al., 2018). 

Promotions are very significant in capturing customers in sports. Promotions have a vast range of perspectives regarding various aspects related to sales, acceptance of new products, manufacturing aspect of brand equity, formation of a corporate image, and so on. In this context, sports tend to do promotions through several tools and platforms (Rowe, 2019). These tools are advertisements related to social media, several mass communications, special events, discounts, and so on. In the modern context, there are trends in social media related to the sports marketing (Furtado, 2020). Various promotional platforms like live streaming, tweeting, illuminated reality and e-sports are very significant aspects. In this context, various platforms based on sports viewership like YouTube, Amazon prime, and various online streaming are very significant. In the present context, platforms related to social media regarding Face book, and Twitter form partnerships with several sports-related organizations. These social media platforms forecasted content based on real-time aspects. To manage the thirst of fans requiring to be updated on games in real-time. With the increasing popularity, live-based tweeting plays a very important role to manage the thirst of sports-related fans. The newest trend in mass media and social media, sports marketing is one of the concepts based on augmented reality (Gassewitz, 2020). This reality significantly changed the concept of sports. The ability of these aspects provides support for making several decisions on the basis of sports-related marketing.

On the basis of the 2016 Olympic Games, two popular social media contributed a significant role related to giving a wide range of information and statistics based on the procedures of the Olympic-rated conversations. In this context, Twitter generated huge total impressions of around 75 billion and promoted more than 185 million tweets. On the basis of Facebook, more than 250 million audiences had interacted with more than 1 billion. In the context of Facebook, through this social media people display their support for their favorite teams (Hoskins, 2018). The users of India, the Philippines, and Pakistan mostly showed their interest in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games through Facebook. With every Olympics, there are various social media platforms and advanced features related to the platforms like Instagram Stories, and Twitter moments that have a great effect on athletes in the Olympics. In the context of Rio 2016, the international Olympic committee desired to control the action of the Olympics is perceived that this committee did not even want athletes to capture photos. Platforms based on social media constitute a situation for some users (Hutchins, 2019). Aspects on the basis of various posts on social media and updates by athletes could at best be interpreted as incautious that proposed an outcome related to the individuals being questioned in the mass communication and sometimes being admonished and penalized. Several video channels and blogs related to social media change the characteristics of sports and athletes also. Enhancement of social media, in the form of the internet and various platforms, reflected the adverse effects on the Olympic games. Besides the adverse effects, there are also some positive effects of social media on the sports-related cultural industry. Due to the digital revolution, sports now use social media to include several actors in the context of the production of content (Kastrinos, et al., 2018). With the characteristics of create-and-collaborate of social media platforms, it changed the spectator related to modern sports. Media operations are those activities that manage several operations every day related to the sectors of the media. In the context of the Rio Olympic 2016, various mass communication operations supervised all 144 competitions in Rio Olympic 2016 and non-competition places (Rowberg, 2019). Throughout the game's time, the 800-square meter facility was observed by this mass communication and controlled by the media system that provides support for the running of the Olympic Games. 

2.3 Identify critical terms of media operations

Media operations management is a practice that is associated with employee ideas about decapitation. It starts from the assumption that operations can and also should be important assets. In this context, the knowledge of practical and technological importance to remove the gap between the plans and impact very instantly (Kim, 2018). It is also very modernizing propulsive growth; the cost of the ideas is cutting down, developing the business. The management of media should have to control the basis of information that is processing. The operational procedures and the software applications should have to be changed the subject strictly to control the managerial control. The changes in the operational environment have transferred from the development stage to active the phases. The required keys are to document the operating procedure, change the management, third-party service delivery, and the service delivery among the customers, and lastly they have to take protection against the malicious code of the mobile phone. 

In these media operations, the most effective media is social media. Social media is of the most effective communication medium in media operations. There are many social media terms which is very applicable in present days media operations. The popular social media terms are: 

Different types of aspects like engagement, Filters, Hashtag, Handle, Share, Lens, Story, Twitterati, and many more. Not only social media there are also many media broadcasting terms are also used in these media operations. The broadcasting terms are ASI, DAB, Feedback, Live, and many more which are used in these media operations.

2.4 prospects related to the media

On the basis of the Rio Olympics 2016, this Olympics was referred to as the Giga event. Based on the result, the perspective related to the report on the basis of the integration of sport is very important in the context of the media spectacle. Over some decades, the industries related to the cultural aspect have connected with various media spectacles related to the new places and locations (Leal de Oliveira, et al., 2020). Spectacles are considered a very significant aspect. This has become one of the greatest principles related to several aspects like finance, different types of government sectors, socio-economical aspects, and every aspect on the basis of day-to-day life. Aspects of spectacle are considered as a form related to the aspects of marketing, various sectors of circulation of assets along with the financial aspects on the basis of the internet. Various forms are connected with sports-related entertainment regarding various information are based on news (Lee, et al., 2019). In the context of the attraction of fans and interactions, extended media with the form of tabloid culture connected with the media is increasing traction. In this context, several; aspects related to marketing’s sales, profit, and marketing attributes are very significant. On the basis of enhancing cultural notions, the media spectacles provide support to develop the cultural notion with the spectacle of media. Various social media platforms used forecasting to increase the aspects of viewers, interactions, and fans in these Olympic events (Ribeiro, 2021). 

The media coverage of the Rio Olympic Games was more complex, more advanced, and with huge numbers of television and broadcast hours. Nearly about total of three hundred fifty thousand hours were broadcasted. More than 500 channels related to various mass communication and social media were connected with this Olympic Games. In this context, more than 250 platforms were forecasting these events. Digital reportage was more than closely double the television-related forecasting (Gutierrez, 2021). The aspects related to the live streamline are also very significant here. In this context, the NBC television network plays a significant role. NBC forecasted more than 2.5 billion minutes in the context of live streaming. This tv network also broadcasted more than 1 billion preceding the Olympic Games. Around 90 percent of the Brazilian audience was connected through television. Virtual reality is a very significant aspect event (Metcalfe, 2019). Around 8 content-related hours are forecasted on video players related to the Olympic games. This was the first time, an 8k super high vision was proposed by this forecasting system. In these Olympic games, communicating with a wide global audience in various languages on more than five social platforms. In this context, several billion impressions related to social media were forecasted and viewed. On popular social media platforms like Facebook, there were around 15 million fans that interacted (Nyanoti, 2020). More than 25 million people visited the IOC website compared to London 2012.

3.0 Conclusion

In the context of the analysis, every significant aspect related to the Rio Olympic Games is not included here. The overall length of this Olympic game is very vast and wide. In this context, an important portion of this analysis is context on the basis of the purpose of discovering ethics related to the several perspectives of ethical, organizational, and philosophical. In the context of managing several theories, mass media and social media play a significant role in the sports and cultural industry. In the context of this report, several uses of imagery are connected with media and showed a significant parts related to the aspects of culture that are significantly connected within the context of the social acceptance on the global range with a deeper understanding of media in comparison to past several Olympic games. In this context, the Rio Olympic Games were an amazing event. In this context, there were various ethical and philosophical aspects of this Olympics showing various factors of this game. In this context, different types of values, and principles are very significant. in the ethical discussion, there are several aspects like different types of social media like Facebook and Twitter \ that play a significant role in the context of the impact in sports in the Olympic games. These Olympic Games are very important in several contexts. A wide range of mass media, millions of people are connected with various social media platforms. Forecasting also play a significant role in this event. 

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