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Descriptive Research Design On Information Assignment Sample

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Descriptive Research Design On Information Assignment Sample


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The relationship between communication and sociology has been described as abandoned by sociologists (Zolotova et al. 2021). This article historicizes the sociological abandonment of media and communication which is necessary to maintain ongoing relationships between goals and objectives (Zhong, 2021). Communication issues are the major business issues but there are some important options which are minimized article challenges. A growing discipline is important and allows necessary advantages to identify the structural performances of social media. The relationship in between the communication and the sociology is referred by the knowledge perspective. The communication and the community interaction are the other way to cope up with the social demand of the organisation.

History remembered and contested social media

The history of social media is necessary and is authentically considered to provide good content consistently. The beginning of social media is started by the blogger as well as an advertisement which is important to maximize social media strategy. The basic concept of the research process is mandatory which is necessary for the critical engagement process (Morgner, 2021). Communication strategy is necessary to maintain social media strategy and that can able to meet major requirements of sociology. Communications strategy, as well as knowledge, are a great way to attract a broad number of audiences. Now social media sites are available in mobile applications and defined with the traditional methods which are considered a social media strategy. The questionaries are important to identify individual researchers' perspectives.

Research communication is necessary which is maintain critical awareness and provide invisible structures. Sometimes individuals are adopted efficient techniques to manipulate mass media effects. During some period, there are limited opportunities that is provided and common bar5rier are provided to the individual for the structural forces that are necessary got the support for the particular individual. Sometimes non-academic contributions are necessary to identify major conditions of the social media strategy which is attracting a huge number of audiences to the process (Chen, 2018). Administrative research questionaries are important to identify major opportunities of social media and that able to involve invisible structures and show a particular roadmap to demonstrate economic viability. In order to, improved institutionalized communication is mandatory to predict future communication of the research.

Annual review of sociology

The annual review of sociology is involved by the journals as well as other publications which are necessary for significant development of the research. The annual review is allowed by individual articles and performance appraisals or performance reviews of the audience are published by the journals. The empirical evidence is involved by the sociological abandoned but there are some options that are developed more attractive to improve the communication of the research (Baecker, 2018). A quality control process is necessary to improve social media communication. Many accomplishments are necessary but major options are there that is decided by approaching the questionaries to the researchers. Discipline is a major requirement to improve communicational strategy and which is collected from the database. Cultural theory is another way to improve social media communication but there are some important terms and conditions which is necessary to maintain it (Risnandar et al. 2021).

Annual reviews are involved by the journals as well as other publications which are needed to meet the essential requirements of individual audiences. In order to, conduct an annual report identify the long-term goals and objectives are necessary which is need to be improved to involve individual audiences in the business. Audiences are more attracted to a particular product or service due to communication strategy and identifying the major needs of customers (O’reilly et al. 2018). A brief review of the social perspective is mandatory to identify sociological functionalism. Conflict perspective involves major business issues but there are some important options which are necessary to identify special business requirements. Pick a major topic based on the sociological review is mandatory to involve potential customers in the business. Standard scientific research is mandatory which is necessary to identify major business requirements and attract huge audiences.

Farther questionaries are essential to maintain the important role of sociology and discuss how to attract more audiences to increase future expectations. Providing particular feedback easily maintains the organizational culture and positive environment and meets major requirements in the future. Find out an alternative communication strategy that is helpful for the individual audience. Improve rating areas of the audiences are mandatory to involve the achievements of a successful project (Salamon, 2020). Ongoing achievements are mandatory to maintain essential requirements and can identify critical factors to maintain communication strategy. Conversations are the major step to improving communication strategy and social media uses a common strategy to attract huge audiences as well as satisfaction. A performance review system is mandatory to identify the strategic requirements of individual customers. In order to, maintain constructive feedback is important for social media and that can achieve social requirements by maintaining a communications strategy.

Multiple approaches to social media strategy

Choosing a social media marketing strategy is important and which is improves social media profiles. In order to, meet the marketing requirements of the organizations is mandatory and that achieve a media contractor strategy. Communicational theories are mandatory which able to maintain publication opportunities related to the topic (Zolotova and Efimova, 2019). Digitalization is mandatory which is identifying audience requirements and subjective performance can be involved by that. In order to, build multiple research approaches are mandatory to maintain generative work structures and which is played a massive role in using theoretical approaches. Successful competition is mandatory which is attracting a huge number of audiences by developing sociological approaches. Impressing the audience is the first approach to improving social media strategy. Interact all the time is second and which is considered an important approach to improvising social media strategy.

Research design

Descriptive research design is considered for the specific research and that can be collaborated about the critical points to maintain social media strategy. Hence the descriptive research design has been integrated for the topic of research on school of media, communication and sociology in a large manner. Without proper research design, communications strategies are unable to highlight and develop the important business factors are easily attract potential audiences (Pink, 2021). Digital educational environment is effective tool is effective for social media communication which increases customer engagement through the multiple concept (Rumyantsevaand Tarutko, 2019). Sometimes future researchers gain important knowledge to highlight improvement mechanism which is necessary for individuals. In order to, maintain social media strategy to attract a huge number of audiences. Social networking sites are important and played major roles to identify the major issues of social media (Dasihet al. 2019). Descriptive research design aims at systematically and correctly explains situation, population and phenomenon. The research design is helpful and it is effective in examining the topic that are non-qualified and issues. The possibility that the situation is measured is natural and cannot be changed. It provides the opportunity for the qualitative and quantitative way of collecting the data. It makes the decision that is more informed. This has the disadvantage that it can cause affect to the relationship between the respondents and the person who is surveying. Social media requires qualitative research. This information is used in the counting, measuring and also sometimes uses the numbers to express.

Research sampling

Purposive research sampling has been used for specific research to find out and justify the research hypothesis. In order to, develop individual strategies is important, purposive research sampling plays an effective role to develop individual strategies to improve communication (Dasihet al. 2019). The background of the research is justified by the purposive research sampling which is able to find out some authentic processes for a recommendation. Identify the strategic requirements that are necessary to maintain sufficient supply chain management. Communication is mandatory which is applied to the research principles. Development skills are mandatory for future researchers which is demonstrate critical engagement during the research paradigm.

Advantages and limitations

Create organic connections to build brand awareness to build relationships against the social media strategy. Social media strategy is necessary to maintain relationships to engage a huge audience. In order to, develop communication and technical skills is important which is maintained the social media strategy (Spasi?, 2019). Developing a positive digital footprint is mandatory which is enhancing the technical skills of individual audiences. Social media connectivity is building relationships to enhance creativity and brand awareness. Social media platform involves individual employees to increase work flexibility. Social media interactions are mandatory and that can easily boost productivity to increase work flexibility. Social media empower individual audiences which are necessary to enhance work flexibility (Israpil and Suardi, 2021). Easily mobility, as well as better communication and cost efficiency, are involved in the communication strategy. Communication is necessary to increase production efficiency and maintain primary sources which are maintaining the curriculum framework of mass media (Vanet al. 2021).


Social media sites are necessary to attract potential customers and that can identify the true requirements of a social media strategy. Creativity is important to involve innovation and sociology learning is necessary to meet potential business requirements. Poor communication strategy is considered a major difficulty and cannot communicate with a large audience. The unsuitable audience is involved by the poor communicational strategy and which leads to misunderstanding. Communication difficulties can include: difficulty when communicating verbally, visually or in writing. Difficulty has been found in interpreting the speech and actions of others (Çelik, 2020). Lack of responsibility is a major difficulty but there is some effective planning which is necessary to maintain nonverbal communication in the business. Written communication is another way to maintain strategic requirements but that required too much knowledge and understanding.

Research methods

Secondary qualitative research methods are used for the particular research to serve typical aspects to maintain strategic communications. The questionnaires are important for enhancing the knowledge of future researchers. The research background ensures the beneficial perspectives of the research and that can be maintained to illustrate future opportunities by the technical approaches (Pollocket al. 2021). Secondary qualitative research methods are the use of existing data and find out answer to research questions (Huangand Chang, 2019). Secondary qualitative research methods are involved questionnaires to summarise the effectiveness of the organizational reports. The potential data are collected from the actual users which are answered by improving communication strategy in the business. A huge number of audiences are easily attracted by the individuals and SMART performance goals are identified by the individual audiences.

Data collection

Secondary qualitative data collection is used for the specific research to identify major issues and minimize them. A clear performance improvement plan is involved by the specific methods and numerous questionnaires are necessary to identify essential goals and objectives of the individuals. In order to, focusing on positive enforcement is mandatory to meet strategic requirements and established long-term business goals. Active participants are mandatory and can able to maximize managerial opportunities for business (Gonzales et al. 2020). Qualitative data collection methods are mandatory to describe non-numerical pieces of information along with the experiences. A graphical interpretation is mandatory for the individual and can meet potential requirements.

Data analysis

Qualitative data analysis methods have been considered in the survey and questionaries are important to identify the strategic requirements. Data analysis is an important tool and which is minimized major business difficulties. Data analysis is mandatory to provide ongoing relationships to maximize business performance. Most business organizations are focusing on formal reviews to maintain the ethical structures of the organization (Rafalow, 2018). In order to improve the sales performance of the organization is mandatory to improve sales performance. In order to, set economical p

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