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UK Adopting A Written Constitution Assignment Sample

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UK Adopting A Written Constitution Assignment Sample


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Constitution is a fundamental principal according to which a state or organization have to operates in every single nation present in the world. If expressed in the different ways, they together generate, authorize and bound the organization that controls society. Dissimilar to the other countries, the British constitution structure of order that forms the political control of the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland. All things being equal, I initially evaluate the substance of different recommendations for a composed constitution. I then problematise the course of constitution making by asking not whether the UK constitution ought to be systematized, yet by relating the constitution to individuals as the creators and to the state as its item. As the world is changing the problems are also getting hard to solve in every country as well as for U.K so in this essay we will discuss about whether the U.K should adopt written constitution or not.

Case against the written constitution

Written constitution on documents is helpful for the people to understand it easily, to implant and can be protected and also it removes the hesitation of the public that what is written in the constitution. Nevertheless, it can be quarrel that the United Kingdom has developing order of government that acquires the changes quickly whether politically or socially also written document can be damaged easily or can get fossilized. (Elliot, J., 2019)

The second point to be argued that the written constitution can limits the government in some ways. The written documents cannot be changed easily whereas the unwritten constitution can be adjusted or resolved according to the need of government. 

Minority government

As we are discussing the unwritten constitution provides the workability to acquire and answers the compound troubles in the fast changing world in which we are living. (Starkey, H., 2018) To revise the constitution and to adopt the changes whether that are socially or politically would be easier if the constitution due to the cause that it will only require the simple preponderance sooner than that of written constitution which will need the excellent preponderance of more than two thirds of votes. Hence not writing the constitution on the documents will benefits the United Kingdom current situation more in the temporary as the government at in the movement potentially in the minority government formed through a “reliance and give harmony” between the orthodox and DUP. A written constitution containing any considerable improvement would cause disturbance to the usual working of government.

Constitution convention

Constitution conventions are one of the various sources from which the constitution of U.K is made of. Constitution is defined as assimilation, routine or style which, though they would regulate the behavior of various members of supreme power… are not in actual laws at all since they are not imposed by the courts, while the purpose of practice can be described as it controls connection linking the dissimilar parts of the constitution and to dominate. The key point on convention is that it has to be followed but not with closed eyes.

Parliamentary sovereignty 

Writing of constitution on the documents also discloses a very serious issue which is parliamentary sovereignty. Parliamentary sovereignty renders that it is not questionable and no one can get bind due to this. Nearly all countries that owns a written constitution, the constitution is secured legally and politically, with the previous and most relevant and eventually through the constitutional courts. (Brown Swan, C. et al, 2020) 

Brexit and devolution

31st march 2019, the U.K has officially left the European Union. Later Brexit they are violently about 12000 EU order that need and 7900 legitimate instrument that needs to be implanted with the national laws. Although the written constitution might be more represented to be informed legislature as it authorizes them to keep hold on their administrative power (Real-Dato, J., et al, 2022).

Case favouring the written constitution

Whether the UK needs a composed constitution is a staple of British established discusses. Throughout the long term, the separation points have moved from whether to integrate a Bill of Rights to a lot further conflict concerning individuals and the focal force of the state. In this article the support for the moderate body of evidence for a composed constitution are classified. 

Professor Douglas- Scott described that the constitution set out the connection between the prime institution of the states, such as the decision making and the legislature as well as in the middle of the state and its citizen. 

The U.K. is different from others for not having the written constitution, in the way for not having the fundamentals rules are not in the written in the single document. It is one of the few democratic countries which lacks on not having their constitution written in the single document. Since 1688, Britain has not experienced a changing constitution or regulations. (Fontalis, A., et al, 2018)

It is taken into consideration that it would be possible to do an upper codified constitution for the country where it may be considered to be written in the royal commission. It also includes speaker’s conference constitutional convention or crowdsourcing which is argued that at this one of the most significant aspects which would be crucial to involve it is from across the country. It must not use video experts where it should be in the constitution. It would have the accommodation which includes and the protection of fundamental rights and also parliament is over. Finally it would revaluation of the electoral system where it should consider changing of the proportional representation with the majority of voting

Here this is identified that the UK constitution is not codified in a single document which means that the place of a certain mechanism is not entirely clear. There is a lack of clarity which has been recently considered to be a crisis in the UK. The legal status of referendums has never been properly set out where this has been regarded as a part of the UK constitution. The instrument of various factors includes identifying the principle of parliamentary sovereignty

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