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Design of Mechatronic Systems Assignment Sample

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Design of Mechatronic Systems Assignment Sample


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Any kind of AC Voltage Controller is made up of 2 SCRS that are coupled in anti-parallel. Because generated voltage is regulated throughout both half-cycles, one is positive as well as another one is negative, this is referred to as a “single-phase full wave voltage controller” or this is also known as unidirectional voltage regulator (Fan and Miao, 2018). The figure 1 represents a standard circuit diagram of a full wave AC voltage controllerhaving a load R in its terminal which has been drawn in the PSpice software.

In the time of the +ve half-cycle of such I/p Signal, the anode part of the first thyristor T1 seems to be more positive than the cathode (Lee, 2018). T1 is triggered at ωt = α, & after that the resistive load is immediately coupled towards the source (load poweras well as the supply powerwould be similar).

That is, V0 = V

Throughαto ? that meansat ωt= ?, Whenever the supplied power is increased, a spontaneous inversion of the power supply arises along the very 1st thyristor T1, as well as commutation occurs at ωt = π.

Whenever the anode part of the 2nd transistors T2 is much higher than that of the cathode part in the time of the -ve half-cycle of the supplied AC i/p Signal, T2 is triggered at ωt = (π + α), hence T2 transmits through (π + α)to 2?. The supplies reduce to zero at ωt= 2? (Renoet al. 2021). As a result, spontaneous commutation of T2 occurs at ωt= 2?.

The gating networks for the first thyristor T1 as well as the second thyristor T2 within the Figure 1 should be segregated (Hannanet al. 2019). The first thyristor T1 along with the 2nd thyristor T2 triggering angles are fixed 180° away, when there are no restrictions upon that ranges of triggering angle α. The operating range may be adjusted between 0 to ?, as well as the rms o/p power could be adjusted between V to 0 (Kimet al. 2018). Figure 3 depicts the wavelengths for the i/p power, o/p power, as well as gathering signals for both of the thyristor.

The output voltage of the AC voltage controller is illustrated as


The power factor of the circuit can be calculated by PF = V rms * I rms * cos α

Or, PF = V rms * I rms[for α = 0]

Depending upon the input power supply the RMS value of the harmonics is represented as

E = V rms (ωt)

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