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Destination Management Assignment Sample

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Destination Management Assignment Sample


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Executive Summary

Part 1: The overall study is about destination management and its effect. The main destination in this study is Kavala, which is from Greece, and this is a tourist place. However, there are many issues in these specific places evaluated here in this entire study. First of all, a short introduction about the effect of destination management has been given and then given a critical evaluation. This section discusses the proper impact of the Kavala destination as a tourist place and gives moral reasons that could mitigate those critical issues. They have identified all of the issues in a specific way that is very interesting for destination management.

Tourism development in Kavala is discussed in the report and selection of several issues related to the tourism sector is also adopted here. Identification and discussion of the relevant data is established here. Proper analysis of the issues with supporting data is provided here. This argument is significant to access all the true information about the Kaval tourism place and its destination management. The relevant data mainly used here in this study has given proper opportunity to assist all of them in deciding on their own business. This is also very significant for destination management. Most of the social data could think of all things that certainly explored the relevant data.

Part 2: This part of the research study mainly focuses on the effect of destination management on Kavala. Kavala is a tourism destination in Greece, and many effects are related to destination management. There are possible solutions to those issues discussed in this part of the study. It should execute all of the issues of the destination management and those as well evaluate here. People, place and products are three major parts to executing the issues of Kavala destination management. However, they have given a short conclusion related to the overall topic.

1. Assessment Task Structure 1

1.1 Introduction

A destination has several elements that are to be maintain for managing the tourist. Destination management refers to the management of all those aspects which influence the experience of the viewer of any particular place. Thus, in developing and improving the tourism experience for the people, it is essential to consider minute selection and management and the same is true for tourism development in Kavala. While discussing the management process of travel and tourism agencies in Kavala one can learn about the tourism and historical values of this city of Greece (Fyall and Garrod, 2019). This paper also points out some issues that this city is facing while developing the tourist spot management of this particular city. These issues had been discussed with the help of relevant theoretical models. In the discussion part, some arguments have been established in order to support the relevant data. Data that has been collected during the study of this study also has been discussed. Some industry reports also have been provided in order to support the discussion and arguments.

1.2 Critical Evaluation

As destination management deals with tourism and travel management strategies, in recent times this is a crucial thing to learn. As opined by Ivars-Baidal et al. (2019), smart inclusion of different aspects has been necessary to consider. The adaptation of smart approaches is necessary as this will have major positive effect on the tourists of Kavala. Natural beauty with comfort of technology is expected and is responsible for increasing numbers of satisfaction of the visitors. By learning the identification process of the issues one can get ideas about the possible reasons that might influence the issues to hinder the way of success for the tourist spot development companies (Gössling and Higham, 2021). The ways that lead to the reasons for the issues are also able to lead any travel development company toward the possible solution or mitigation strategies. This paper mainly sheds light on the tourism development in Kavala, a seaside city of Northern Greece. This city council in recent years has developed the whole city to establish cruise tourism that also focuses on religious values. As this city is well known for its religious history, it claims this city is the starting point of Christianity in Europe. In 2016, by UNESCO, Philippi, an archaeological site of the Kavala has been declared as a world heritage site (Kavalatour, 2022). There are some problems that the city council or travel spot development agencies or their government has been facing while developing the tourist spots of Kavala. Having a good and major natural travel spot in any company is the biggest flex that any country or state has. In these natural tourist spots, the country or the state does not have to spend a lot of money in the formation process. The country or state just needs to spend a comparatively little amount of money in order to modify or maintain the travel spot (Gössling et al. 2018). This city of Kavala already has that plus point, from which the government or the council of the coyote can earn a lot of money just by spending a little amount. Therefore, the chosen topic of destination management has an important role in providing a way to make money to the government. With the help of those solutions, the country or the state can mitigate the issues that they were facing while improving the condition of the city or the travel spot of Kavala. The tourism sector is important to maintain not only for the reservation of the site but also for its contribution in the economy of the country. Thus, the study of destination management will enrich the tourism department with proper managemental knowledge which can be implemented for maintaining the glory and increasing satisfaction of the viewers. Thus, the selected topic is important. 

1.3 Identification of the issues

As this topic focuses on the issues of travel spot development and destination management, this also has to discuss several obstacles that the development agencies and the local council or government have to face in the developing process (Haid et al 2018). This travel spot itself has some issues within this place that are putting blocks in the way of the development process and achieving success as a tourist spot. Here in this section, the issues will be discussed and that the management has to face in managing the spot of Kavala.

Lack of Hospitality

This city of Kavala is a tourist spot that is still under development process. As the number of tourists is increasing on a regular basis so they need of hotels and restaurants to stay needs to be increased. The total number of travellers has increased almost by 170,400 in 8 years. As the total number of travelers has increased by a huge rate, this city needs to manage its hospitality as soon as possible (Ivars-Baidal et al 2019). The number of travellers who come for a night's stay is also increasing which increases the need for more hotels, restrooms, and restaurants in this city. This point is creating a loophole for this tourist spot. Thus, in Kavala, lack of several hospitality centre is marked. With the increased number of visitors, hospitality service is also to be improved. 

Transportation and Mobility

The city of Kavala is located in the northern part of Greece. The major part of this city is located at the seaside, as in, the major boundary part of this city is surrounded by water bodies. Therefore, this factor is creating a major loophole in the transportation system, as traveling or transporting goods through water is time-consuming. There in this city of Kavala the authorities need to improvise their transportation system around the whole city (Kebete and Wondirad, 2019). According to the Cruise industry development model, a travel spot that is related to cruise tourism has to focus on transportation issues. Another important thing is, though this city has an international airport, people or travellers mostly prefer to travel by their cars by road, which makes them face traffic issues. As major boundary parts are surrounded by the sea bodies, improved transportation system is to be included. Availability of all means of transport system to reach the tourists spots is necessary to arrange. Proper destination management will be helpful for bringing out the plans for it. 

Lack of variety

Travellers that come to this city to spend their vacation, to organise any event such as weddings or just to spend a good time, belong from different cities. Therefore, a variety in their cultures and food habits can be not inversed. This factor needs the city to improvise some cultural diversity among the facilities they are providing to their travellers. Among the whole number of travellers that Kavala has, 12% from Bulgaria, 7% from Romania, 11% from Turkey, 5% from Germany (Kurniawan et al 2019). The theory of Tourist Behaviour advises adopting every quality or diversity in the hospitality facilities that the travel spot is going to provide the travellers in order gain their satisfaction. These travellers sometimes want changes in the foods and other hospitality, so Kavala needs to adopt diversity in their habits and flooding system, in the facilities they have been provided to the travellers. Presentation of local foods and cultural events with considerable variety is essential to arrange for Kavala. Thus, more engagement of the visitors will increase the value of the spot as tourist spot. 

Pandemic Situation

In the recent pandemic situation of the Covid-19, every business sphere has to suffer a lot for inaccessibility and other problems. The tourism field suffers the most in this lockdown as their whole business depends on the travels. As in that Covid-19 situation travelling was prohibited, so their space of earning money has completely come to a pause. People were not allowed to travel or spend time in the hotels and restaurants so they were having a really hard time. Even after the pandemic or after the lockdown people are still scared to go outside of their house (Pino et al. 2019). They reduce to go out or travel or spend time on hotels or any other places that possibility of gathering. All these reasons made this travel spot of Kavala suffer a lot.

1.4 Discussion of the arguments and relevant data

The importance of travel and tourism hides in the fact that these have maximum control and contribution in the national GDP as reflected in the figure. The travelling aspects is also to be taken care of for increasing the importance of the place. In the field of destination management, development management had faced a transformation in this field because of social media applications and various metasearch engines.

1.5 Conclusion

As this paper has been designed to elaborate on the matter of destination management, this paper also discussed some identified issues the tourist development team is facing in order to manage the travel spot of Kavala. Destination management in any tourist place includes all the development processes, modification processes, and improvement or improvisation on the spheres that made this travel spot face a lot of problems. Repairment of the loopholes in the travel spots is basically the task of destination management. While doing this paper some issues have been identified that are putting blocks on the road to success as a tourist spot (Seraphin, 2019). Such issues are lack of hospitality, issues in transportation and mobility, lack of variety, recent Covid-19 situation and many more like this. Some arguments also have been established in order to support these identified issues are also supported by some collected evidence such as some industrial reports.

2. Assessment Task Structure 2

2.2 Introduction 

Destination management could provide chances for their product improvement, which certainly would increase the overall visitor experience and the identity of the destination and also the brand expression. However, the destination image of Kavala has given such limited attention to such stakeholders and their perspectives. The main aim of this study is to find the effect of destination management on Kavala, which is the place of Greece. This management has defined a proper procedure, which also involves such coordinated action in Kavala and the aim for controlling their economy, environmental dimension and socio-culture of the tourism place Kavala. This place is central to specifically sustainable tourism as they have taken such actions in that destination at the regional and local levels.

2.3 Possible solutions to the issues 

Before discussing the Kavala destination management solution, the common tourism improvement framework shall be discussed. However, the tourism pilgrimage from this tourism perspective improvement means discussing some proper preconditions. In the opinion of Stylidis, (2022), the improvement framework, particularly the governance structure, would be required. In this part of this study, the main discussion covers all aspects of the Kavala, with proper

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